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Monday, August 16, 2004

Welcome to the Tsubasa/ Syaoran version of Duo's myO!!!
Well, everyone, what do you think? I decided to get rid of Akito already, since for one the bg didn't seem to be working, and for two, after reading that book on the trip, I just had to show my respects! You where all right, that book is wonderfull! I highly suggest it if your thinking about buy some manga this week, or maybe in this month. I think the new one comes out in Sept. I can't wait!

Thanks so much for your comments guys. Let's see...Duo's family reunion was interesting, boring, but was filled with good food.
1. boring part. This took place in a small town, a very small town. So there was nothing to do besides talk, and I run out of things to talk about pretty fast. Plus, I didn't really know that many of the people there, so I just talked with my cousins I hadn't seen for awhile, but they had other people to talk to so..I kinda got stuck watching the little kids.
2. interesting part. the day was Amelia's birthday. And what do you get on birthdays? Presents of course! So, me and Amelia played detective for about two hours nearing the end of the thing cuz we where so bored. Amelia saw her sister and one of our Aunt's talking to each other by the cars, and our cousin that talks WAY to much, told Amelia that she had a surprise. So, being sent to the van by Amelia's mom, we "accidently" locked ourselves in. From there, we surveryed the outside scene, and conveniately hid when people came. We saw our Aunt again, going to her car, and we came to the conclusion that she indeed had a present for Amelia. What it was, she had given it to Amelia's sister when she had gone to the car earlier. But we did have fun talking to each other, and then complaining about how much our one 3rd cousin kept going to his car to get a beer. *shakes head*
3. interesting food. Well, we had the normal sandwhichs for lunch, but then it was G-ma's and G-pa's 50th anniversary, so we had a special cake for them. It was really good. Then for supper we went to this BBQ place, and that was really good. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, so we had a good breakfast, and we had braum's for lunch, and Arby's for supper.

I had enough time to come home, throw on my clothes, and leave for work. We must all give props to Chris! He saved me from the crazy chinese man! He came up and talked to me right when crazy man was! And then I got to see Paul (a guy I used to work with) and he gave me a hug. So, all and all it was a pretty good day.

I'm going to try my hardest to get to everyone's sites today since it's my day off, but i might be a little busy. ^_~.

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Iko! Iko!
Well, here I am, on the computer, when I'm suppost to wake up in about 4 hours to leave for our trip. Is Duo excited? Not really. I mean, it's great that I'm getting out of town, and away from work, but I don't know half of these people, and if i even met them before, I was too young to remember it. I'll probably have people come up to me and say "Oh my goodness! Look how much you've grown!". I think it would be fun to start claiming one of my chibi cousins as my child. I wonder what kind of reaction that would get. *evil grin*.

Today work rather stinked. Crazy chinese man was there again, and since we have a lot of bread on sale, I had to keep going to the back to get some more. We finally sold out of our sandwhich loaves, so the shelf was completely empty. Oh well, I'm not the one that'll get yelled at for that one. I don't order it, I just put it out.

Besides going to work, I went to Border's with katie and bought the Tsubasa manga which I'll be reading on my trip, and got the Rave Master manga from the library. I can't decide which CDs I want to bring, cuz only have of them work on my shitty CD-player. Any of my burned CDs, it won't read.

Well, I think i'm going to head for bed now. Thanks for understanding guys, you are the best! *hugs everyone*. And yes, I relize it's not CN's fault Niko, it's just because of stupid copyright issues. But everyone needs a scapegoat. It's just common sense that way. ^_^.

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Friday, August 13, 2004

A want a new life.....a non busy one.
Well, I missed you guys yet again. This really stinks. No matter what happens, my life somehow becomes busy in some form or another.

Do you remember that girl I was talking about at work that did a NCNS (no call no show)? Well, she did it again today, so now she's fired. Yeap, that's right, fired. And guess who gets to take up all the slack. Not only was a called in today when I was going to go help Katie pick out her new computer, but now my hours for all of next week have been changed. there go my plans. I am going to get 37 hours next week. 37 hours!! I'm part time people! Not full time! I don't know how I'm going to do it, working 8-5 partically all the time. I'm just suppost to be closing, I thought that that was my job. Apparently it's not anymore.

Today at work I had to package the bread for a catering service that comes by and well, buys it. Then I had to run the bread, and then I had to pull frozen. After that, I had to do pan up, which means that if you actually where to come into the store today, I could actually say I baked those cookies. Only problem was that we ran out the jumbo peanut butter and oatmeal rasin, so I had to put two of the 18 count ones together. It took longer then it was suppost to. Then, after that, I had to package the cookies, run bread again, and in the mist of all that close my department, write on some cakes, and take a few cake orders. *sighs* At least I got to finish my night by watching Nadesico with Katie, and I did get to see my little brothers today. *shrugs*

This weekend is my family reunion. We're going to Cawker City (is that how you spell it?) Anyways, it's where the Big Ball of Twine is. I can happily admitt that my great-grandpa helped build that ball. If you're even in Kansas, you should go see it. That and "The Big Well" the US's largest hand dug well. I can't remember where the Well is but it's somewhere in Kansas. If you really want to know I can look it up for you.

So once again I must say sorry that I won't visit your sites this weekend, or not even today. (friday). Today I have to go shopping, go out to eat in our last outing before my friends leave for college, and then work some more. At least I'm going to buy the Tsbasa manga today. That should keep me company on the trip.

And now, to hopefully pay up for not going to your sites, another picture of Heiji, whose named was changed thanks to CN. why can't they keep the japenese names? Really, I like Shinichi a lot better then Jimmy. *sighs*

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Heiji is expressing how I feel about right now. It's been a long day!

So, I woke up, and had to go get my check. It turns out that the lady was at lunch when we got there (we passed her in the hall but she didn't recognize me), so another lady went into her office and gave it to me. Wohoo! Duo was $500 richer! So I took the check, and put it in my checking account. So, Duo had $500 for about 30 mins.

I went to my campus, and talked to the finanical aid lady about how much I'm going to have to pay and when to pay it. It's turning out to be around $2,000 per semester, which isn't really bad considering my school tuition is $14,500. Thank you financial aid and scharships! Listen to me kidos, apply for those things when it comes time too, they REALLY help you out! Alot!

So then I went to the bookstore, and used all the $500 on books. Expensive things they are! My Anatomy book alone cost $139!

After that I came home, and did chores most of the night. I watched the newest episode of FMA, and re-watched some episodes of D. N. Angel. now, I'm just watching some more DC, of course ones that have Heiji in them! ^_^.

I hope that everyone has a great day tomarrow!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Well, lets see, what happened today. Not much really. Had to work, which was kinda interesting. I had to go to the freezer to pull some stuff out, and the crazy chinese kitchen guy was washing his dishes, (its on the way to the freezer), so I said hi, to be polite, and subsiquently shut myself in the freezer. (dont' worry, I had a jacket on). Then when I came out, I almost opened the door right into him, (which was kinda wierd at the same time) I said sorry, and hurried to my part. There, I accidently spilt the kids cookies container (which only had about three cookies left anyways) due to the fact that one of my wheelie things got stuck on the paper it sits on, and then the wheelie thing broke. So I had a bunch of kids come up asking for cookies, and I had to tell them we didn't have any. Oh well, those kids where hyper enough as it was. After that things where okay. I came home, and watched some more Naruto. The prelimarinaries are finally over! go Naruto! And Shikamaru!!

Well, some of you wanted to know what kinda of car I got. It's a 2003 Ford Taurus SES. It's color is called Arizona Beige. ( I think that's how you spell it). It's kinda a creamy color, which is a good break after my red car. It's only got 18,000 miles on it, so it still has factory warrenty.

We have a new member of the FMA fan club! *throws confettii into air* Everyone please help me welcome Philfoula to our club! *passes around cookies* I had my sign updated, but it was huge, and totally blew up my intro so please give me time to resize it and such. I should have it up by tomarrow, but you guys can hound me till I do.

tomarrow, I have to go get my scholarship check, and then turn right around and spend it all on books. It really stinks, I was hoping to use that money for something else. *sighs* oh well, thus is the story of my life.

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Monday, August 9, 2004

Duo's busy week.
Sailor Moon. You all care about each other very
much and would do anything for each other.
Although there is the occasional argument
between two of you, you always find a way to
work it out.

Which anime group do you and your friends resemble?
brought to you by Quizilla
This quiz is so true it's kinda scary....

Anyways, I think it's about time I filled you guys in on what I've been doing lately. It's not that exciting really. Let's see, I think all this mess started on Thursday.

T: I woke up around 10 am, cuz mom had to do some stuff, then she said "Let's go look at some cars." So I said sure. I need a new one anyway since my car was 14 years old and basically about to fall apart, the power steering was just about to go out. So we went to one ford dealership, and the guy there was really mean, and just all-around j-hole, so we left, and went to Lubber's. (another ford dealership). So we went in, and the people there are all really nice. So we looked around and came across a car. We looked it over and decided that we need to bring dad to come look at it. So we headed for home, but we first had to go downtown to pay some bill or something. I think i should mention that Lubber's is in cheney, about a 20 min drive from my town. So then Dad came home and we went back to Cheney to look at the car again. We all liked it, so we decided to make an offer. And well, to some up that story....Duo Gots a New Car!!! we came home around 11 pm from there, and I had to clean out my old car, so we could trade it in. At least I got to see my favorite episode of DC. Did you guys like it?

Friday: Friday was a very busy day. I had to work from 8-5, and then had to go trade in my car after that. After that, I went to a going away party for a couple of my friends and after that I spent the night at a friends house.

Sat: after waking up early to leave the friends house, I got called into work. I worked till 4:30, went to 5 o'clock mass, and then went to see "The Villege" which I have previously talked about. So yeah, there's my busy week.

I'm starting to get to some of your gb entries, and I'm almost half way done. I'll get to your guys' sites today hopefully. Lost Soul, I shortened my days down to two, and took off my song (which I didn't think anyone but me could hear anyways). I hope that works! If not, let me know and I'll try something else.

I hope everyone has a great upcoming week. Me, I have to work today, but at least it's only for a couple of hours. Oh and Katie-chan, tuesday is my day off, so I'm free. Happy Trails all!

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Sunday, August 8, 2004

Welcome to the Akito version of Duo's myO!
Hey everyone, just checking in again. Today was another hetic day. I was suppost to spend the day with a friend of mine who is moving to college on Monday, but that didn't quite work out the way it was suppost to. I spent the night at a friends house, but woke up a 8 since she had to work. I came home, and fell back asleep. Then, I am woken up by my mom with the phone in her hand, saying it's my manager, and she's asking me to come in to work with someone who did a NCNS (no call no show). So, I told her I'd have to check with my plans that I had already made. So I called Lyndsey and it turns out she couldn't do anything till tonight anyways. (her mom is like freeking out right now). So I went to work. It was okay, I got to work with Meghan and Lisa again, and those two are a fun combination. So I came home around 4:30, and then went to church. After church, I HAD (according to my parents) show my grandparents something that I'll talk about when I get more time. So then, it was time to go to the movie theater, with Lyndsey since she got her stuff done, and we saw "The Village".

Duo's rating of "The Village":

Well, I thought this was going to be a scary movie. Ha! was I wrong! There was only like three really scary parts, and I scare easily if that tells you anything. It contains a cute little love story, and that's really the only thing I liked about it. Oh, that and the music. The music was great. I would buy the soundtrack if I could afford to buy anything right now. I don't know...I just thought it was stupid, I didn't like the ending. And I understand that his movies are wierd and stuff, I guess it's an okay movie to see once, but I wouldn't waste my money on it again.

So, now I must be off to bed so I can wake up early again tomarrow. Sorry I didn't get to your sites AGAIN today, (i'm getting bad at that, and it's making me feel bad), but hopefully tomarrow I can have mroe free time. I'll tell you more of what I've been up to in the days to come. I hope you like my new theme changes, please tell me what you think. *hugs everyone* Night!!

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Saturday, August 7, 2004

To all those, an apology.
I am tremendously sorry that I haven't been able to get to anyone's sites these past couple days. I've been so busy it's not even funny. in fact, I barely have time to write this post. I just wanted you guys to know I'm doing fine, and still alive. ^_^.

To all those who sent me a PM, I got them, and I will reply as soon as I am physically able too.

To all those who signed my gb, I always return the favor, just please be patient. For those I talk to: I'm sorry I haven't been on.

I have a ton of things to tell you guys, but it's going to have to wait till another day. Akito's takeover has been pushed back as well. I hope that everyone is having a great weekend, and seeing as how "its' only just begun" I hope the rest of it goes well for you.

*hugs everyone*

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Thursday, August 5, 2004

Duo's almost-as-close-as-you-could-possible-get-to-great day.
Wow! thanks for all your comments guys! I think that's the most I've ever gotten! I feel so loved right now.

Today went pretty well. I woke up with about an hour to go before I had to work. So, I had to hurry to the shower and eat something quick. The funny thing was, mom was sitting right here next to my bed on my computer the whole time. You think she could have woken me up. *shakes head*

So then I went to work, and spent 1 and a half hours in the freezer. It was really cold, but don't worry guys, I had a jacket on. Then I had to put out all the stuff I had gotten from the freezer, a whole cart full of stuff. After that, I came home for lunch. Then, when I went back, things started to get busy. I had to package the cookies, run the bread, then I had to take all the cookies that where in front of the dairy and get rid of them cuz they where basically burnt. It was really bad. Whoever baked them is going to get in trouble. I mean, come on, who is going to buy burnt cookies? I sure wouldn't.

After that, I had about 5 cake orders, and I had to make garlic bread. I almost didn't finish on time again tonight, but oh well.

When I was taking back my trash, the crazy chinese kitchen guy put his boxes he had just used in my trash cart and said "I owe you one." *runs and hides behind SG*

Speaking of whom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SG! I'm glad you liked your presents from me! *giggles*

Your probably wondering now why today might be considered a great day. well, to tell you the truth, I can't really figure out why I feel so happy right now. Maybe it's cuz I got to talk to you guys tonight, and whenever I do, I always seem to feel better. Maybe it's because I got my manga book! Or maybe it's because we might be looking for a new car for me tomarrow.

I'm really sorry I didn't get to many of your sites today. As you can tell, my day was quite busy. I shall try my hardest to get to them tomarrow. But now, I think I'm going to head for bed, or maybe read a little bit of my new book before I do. Have a great Thrusday everyone! Oh! And everyone watch the DC episode that is coming on tonight! You won't regret it!

No VA tonight, we'll continue this series on Friday. Also, new theme friday as well. Take care!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Good news...and bad news....
Thanks for all your comments yesterday guys! It really cheered me up again! You are probably wondering about my subject...well...I think we'll start with the bad news, and get that out of the way.

Well...after driving all the way to the east side (to get something that is apart of the good news), the bookstore did NOT have D. N. Angel vol. 3., and to boot, they didn't have Tsubasa either. So...no manga books for Duo today, which made her quite sad at one point...but.....

Good news: Now for the good news. I didn't have to help my aunt pack today!!! I got to sleep in late, and didn't have to lift anything heavy, which greatly helped my back feel better. Then, I got to watch some more Naruto! Yayness! Mom and me ordered pizza for lunch, which I shared leftovers to have for supper with Katie. We then went to buy some anime, and guess what I bought! Martian Succssor Nadesico Box Set! And it was cheap too! only $60! I saved about $10 thanks to the sale they where having.

I think I'm going to check our west side bookstore to see if they have it, cuz I know it came out yesterday. I finally got to all of you guys that have signed my gb recently. Thanks for visiting! Tomarrow i work from 2-9 again, but I don't know how much longer I'll be working in the bakery, but that's something I'll leave for tomarrow, since I might have more facts by then.

And now, for Duo's 2nd favorite VA! Scott McNeil! (i apologize for shittyness of pic)

Okay, this guy has too many to list, so I'm going to name my favs, and the one's you might know him best for. *cough cough* Duo!!!, Piccollo (DBZ), Principal Kuno (Ranma 1/2), Koga (InuYasha), Wolverine (X-men Evolution), Jajuka (Escaflowne). That's all I'm going to list, the guy has 96 total! Okay okay, I admitt he's not that cute. (no where close to Josh), but come on! The guy has an awesome voice!! I love you Duo!!!

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