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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

   FORT MINOR!!!! aka Mike Shinoda
Hey everyone
god its been so long since i've posted. SS u have u're wish, u can now stop nagging me to post.
i don't know why though, hardley anyone comments anymore
heh well i disappear aswell
Ravenfire 93 get your arse back here! lol
Anywho, i've been swamped with work, same old same old but i'm sure everyone in collage or ages 15+ is right now. stupid fecking teachers.
Put some more fanart up recently, some ones done on paint and my japanese temple done in watercolour for my art project that i'm quite proud of ^^
Hmmm nothing much to say really, theres a case of e-coli going around the schools in my area and i'm going mute for the first 2 seconds whenever i shout O.O yeah freaky lol
my hands and feet are freezing! lol Wales weather is so fucked up its unbelievable
Hopefully i'll have more drawings up soon, but like i've put, i got loads to do.
Have a good day night life shit...whatever lol
"I wish Mike and Joe would stop drawing on me while i sleep"- Chester Bennington, Linkin Park which, btw, ROCK!
OHHHH yeah. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park is having a solo career under the name "Fort Minor". So go to FortMinor.com and check out his 2 wicked songs "petrified" and "Remember the name" which i haven't been able to get outta my head btw. He's a brilliant emcee!!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

t.A.T.u are back!!!!!!!!!!
And they have a totally addictive song "All about us" which is mega fantastico!!!!!!!!!
hehehe, i was on the laptop (cos my computer has died and has to be fixed) when "not gonna get us" came on, and i looked and it wasn't the video for it. So i was like O.o; oookkkk and watched it. then well, i screamed lol OMG THEIR BACK!!!!
lol its a brill song! nothing can beat them coming back...well except Linkin park that is lol

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

   i spy with my little eye.......
Meh my back is killing me! anyway I WON!!!! I get to stay in my room! PLUS my dad says hes gonna get broadband plus *i hate aol but meh* so that way i won't have to go off when he wants to go on in work MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA fool! (lol) .........what was i saying again? *checks* OH YEAH i keep my room i keep my room, but i had to clean it. i had to go under my bunkbed *desk one* and clean when i came out i was sneezing from the dust for like 5 minutes straight lol
MY CHERUB IS BACK!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY *reality hits* oh no!!! not her *lol* joking silver stream!! i missed you really hehehe ^_^;;;;

you're wondering wtf i'm on about....

one word....


NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO that evil place will something something! damn dun ya hate it when you think of a good sentance and then forget? jesus nd on my previous post it looked like i had my own forum lol

jeep-mus (do not take thy lords name in vain...PFFT! lol) i haven't posted in a while, plus paint is spazzing so i can't submit any fricking work ohhhh moo moo's (hehehe fat mans dress i saw it on homer simpson lol)
Oh yeah........me and my mother made a pact a while ago, if i didn't eat as much chocolate *i was addicted* she would give up smoking. so i followed through and its been around 3 months or summit since then and i just looked out of my window *i sit on the windowcill a lot* and i saw her SMOKING!!!!!!! she LIED to me!!!!!!! HOW DARE SHE!!!! so now i am biding my time until i catch her in the act, so i'm "spying" on her now but come on i can't believe her, i asked her earlier as well cos i smelt smoke. people if you smoke you do smell, trust me my mam only opened the door and i could smell it!!!
LET THE SPYING BEGIN!!!! muahaahahahahahhahahahhahaha no one does that to me lol um yeah but welcome back cherub!!!


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Saturday, July 23, 2005

first of all HELLO!!!!!
second of all, um........oh yeah my stupid pc has fu*ked up yet again, so no pic's for a while dammit. um yeah i haven't really got much to say, oh my sis is moving out soon and my rents are nag nag nag NAGGING me to move to her room cos its bigger but i'm STAYING PUT i dun care if i have to sit against my door, i should have a say, their fricking control freaks!!!! um yeah hehehe i swear all i've been doing lately is ranting ^_^;
third thing....a quote!!!
"I'm so smart i scare myself, but i'm so brave i'm not scared"
yeah laterz bye bye cheerio um yeah just go now ^_^;

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

   Anger management
Right first of all let me vent outmy anger:
it woulda been longer but the page would fudged up. my mother is pissing me off big time, the heat is undbearlable and a certain friend of mine has pissed me off to no fricking end i feel like screaming rot in hell and f*ck off to them all but i'd regret it later!
not much to say i just needed to vent. But thanks to my sister i have calmed down thanks sis' even though you'll never read this ^-^;
no quote for now sorry (lol)

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Monday, July 11, 2005

   ,MNFY9EPHSZUD hello muahhaha
hehehehehheh hello MUAHAHAHAHJ LET ME TYPWE TYPW DCVNLDJVLJSDVLJSDVLJSD HAHAH ME VWRY DRUNK i mean me very drunk rightnow!!! whahahahahhauxlcljszdvsdfhvheheheh prettifuk buttons!! muhahahhahaha hsdovhdvhsvjb hahahahaha wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee its fun to press 1 key at a time MUSHSHSHHSHA i think...........O.O"
the smiley is PRETTY muhahahahahhah i jusdt wanna say hello to the parsnips"!!
plus i have a new FRIEND its a ballon that not spelled right meh!!!!!!! but the rest are envious they try to take balloon away!!!!!!!!!!!! evil EVIL muhahahahahaha o i p o i o i p o p o i o p a b c d efg h ijlklmnop q r st uv.......uh me forgotted meh weeeeeeeeee hehehehhehehehe

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   Ohhh lookie ice-cream
Hiya Peoples!!!! I don't know about you lot but it is BOILING here, phew!! and my mother didn'twake me up for school so i had to clean the WHOLE entire house, yes the WHOLE entire house (lol) I am officialy 15 today, not bad, i suppose the highlight is where i got a hand-me-down ring of my nan and grampi with their names either side of a northen star, which i will protect with my life, it means so much to me! But anyway back to the point at hand its BOILING here!!! (lol) ok see ya
"Someone who understands, admires and loves you isn't a fan; it's a friend"
Said by our very own Kai, yes KAI (lol) v-force He said it (lol) Ok the heat is getting to me

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Freedom for those affected
They take your life easily,
they hurt your hearts,
be free in death forever.

REST IN PEACE.........

There was a terroist bombing today in London, there have so far been 30+ dead and many injured, i give sentiments to all affected.
Terroists have gone to far, they actually affected the building for make poverty history and targeted normal people.
This post may not be much but at least its something. Sentiments to all those affected and rest in peace to all who died. Know that you are not forgotten.

Today is a dark day for Britain

Not just the parliment.

They aren't affected like us.

This is a dark day for the normal people.

The ones who have to live with this, with the fact they had done nothing to provoke this.

No buisnesses or important buildings, just the ordinary people.

People truely disgust me at the fact they do this, what kind of world is this where these things happen. The sad thing is, everyone knows what i mean by that......what kind of world is it where people under 15 knows that.

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Friday, July 1, 2005

   i'm innocent on the terms of drinking
I'm slightly drunk right now, had budweiser.........brother came home from navy with girlfriend, she's nice i think. yet i'm swaying side to side while writing this, though that may have something to do with my chair being spazzed....going for a "family" meal on sunday....oh unrivalled joy.....pfft!
um.........yeah..........uh.........wweeeeeeeeeeeeee.....sorry had to get that out.........uh....hmm....ok maybe i'll post when i'm more sober (lol)
"You're not drunk if you can still hold onto the floor with out falling off"
please, someone try and make sense of that quote.........need sleep!

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

   I HATE PLAGERISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phew! i haven't posted for ages, ne? Well i HAVE been busy. Have exams coming up (again) and lots of coursework, plus i have to write a chapter for my story (sighs)
Anyway i have found a plagerist! a girl on fanartcentral called AnimeQueen has copied off various otaku artists including Jennifer Li, 01vmccabe, fury and humanoid Kitten and probably more. I dun know about you, but i think plagerists are bsolutely disgusting. Jennifer Li and 01vmccabe have een informed and we all left such lovely little comments on the thiefs "work" and her profile, also she has been reported to FAC for the wall of shame and all the stolen art has been taken down. Plagerists are disgusting i respect even the worst drawer simply because its their original work. I'd rather be known as a crap artist with original work then a plagerist. Some people should really find some morals!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like to say sorry for those artists who's work had been stolen, i can't begin to imagine how sick angry and upset you felt and do feel, its something that should never happen to any artist!
I also feel sorry for the fools who were tricked by AnimeQueen (who again is of FAC if there is an AnimeQueen on the otaku please do not flame that person, i am on about the one on FAC)i just hope they realise who the TRUE artists are.
"Never cheat, for you only cheat yourselfs"
Wish everyone would take that advice, ah well i mght have a picture up soon, but i dunno (shrugs)
by far my sanest post yet!!!!! ."

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