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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Freedom for those affected
They take your life easily,
they hurt your hearts,
be free in death forever.

REST IN PEACE.........

There was a terroist bombing today in London, there have so far been 30+ dead and many injured, i give sentiments to all affected.
Terroists have gone to far, they actually affected the building for make poverty history and targeted normal people.
This post may not be much but at least its something. Sentiments to all those affected and rest in peace to all who died. Know that you are not forgotten.

Today is a dark day for Britain

Not just the parliment.

They aren't affected like us.

This is a dark day for the normal people.

The ones who have to live with this, with the fact they had done nothing to provoke this.

No buisnesses or important buildings, just the ordinary people.

People truely disgust me at the fact they do this, what kind of world is this where these things happen. The sad thing is, everyone knows what i mean by that......what kind of world is it where people under 15 knows that.

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