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Sunday, June 26, 2005

   I HATE PLAGERISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phew! i haven't posted for ages, ne? Well i HAVE been busy. Have exams coming up (again) and lots of coursework, plus i have to write a chapter for my story (sighs)
Anyway i have found a plagerist! a girl on fanartcentral called AnimeQueen has copied off various otaku artists including Jennifer Li, 01vmccabe, fury and humanoid Kitten and probably more. I dun know about you, but i think plagerists are bsolutely disgusting. Jennifer Li and 01vmccabe have een informed and we all left such lovely little comments on the thiefs "work" and her profile, also she has been reported to FAC for the wall of shame and all the stolen art has been taken down. Plagerists are disgusting i respect even the worst drawer simply because its their original work. I'd rather be known as a crap artist with original work then a plagerist. Some people should really find some morals!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like to say sorry for those artists who's work had been stolen, i can't begin to imagine how sick angry and upset you felt and do feel, its something that should never happen to any artist!
I also feel sorry for the fools who were tricked by AnimeQueen (who again is of FAC if there is an AnimeQueen on the otaku please do not flame that person, i am on about the one on FAC)i just hope they realise who the TRUE artists are.
"Never cheat, for you only cheat yourselfs"
Wish everyone would take that advice, ah well i mght have a picture up soon, but i dunno (shrugs)
by far my sanest post yet!!!!! ."

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