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Monday, July 11, 2005

   Ohhh lookie ice-cream
Hiya Peoples!!!! I don't know about you lot but it is BOILING here, phew!! and my mother didn'twake me up for school so i had to clean the WHOLE entire house, yes the WHOLE entire house (lol) I am officialy 15 today, not bad, i suppose the highlight is where i got a hand-me-down ring of my nan and grampi with their names either side of a northen star, which i will protect with my life, it means so much to me! But anyway back to the point at hand its BOILING here!!! (lol) ok see ya
"Someone who understands, admires and loves you isn't a fan; it's a friend"
Said by our very own Kai, yes KAI (lol) v-force He said it (lol) Ok the heat is getting to me

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