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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

   FORT MINOR!!!! aka Mike Shinoda
Hey everyone
god its been so long since i've posted. SS u have u're wish, u can now stop nagging me to post.
i don't know why though, hardley anyone comments anymore
heh well i disappear aswell
Ravenfire 93 get your arse back here! lol
Anywho, i've been swamped with work, same old same old but i'm sure everyone in collage or ages 15+ is right now. stupid fecking teachers.
Put some more fanart up recently, some ones done on paint and my japanese temple done in watercolour for my art project that i'm quite proud of ^^
Hmmm nothing much to say really, theres a case of e-coli going around the schools in my area and i'm going mute for the first 2 seconds whenever i shout O.O yeah freaky lol
my hands and feet are freezing! lol Wales weather is so fucked up its unbelievable
Hopefully i'll have more drawings up soon, but like i've put, i got loads to do.
Have a good day night life shit...whatever lol
"I wish Mike and Joe would stop drawing on me while i sleep"- Chester Bennington, Linkin Park which, btw, ROCK!
OHHHH yeah. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park is having a solo career under the name "Fort Minor". So go to FortMinor.com and check out his 2 wicked songs "petrified" and "Remember the name" which i haven't been able to get outta my head btw. He's a brilliant emcee!!

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