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Thursday, August 18, 2005

   i spy with my little eye.......
Meh my back is killing me! anyway I WON!!!! I get to stay in my room! PLUS my dad says hes gonna get broadband plus *i hate aol but meh* so that way i won't have to go off when he wants to go on in work MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA fool! (lol) .........what was i saying again? *checks* OH YEAH i keep my room i keep my room, but i had to clean it. i had to go under my bunkbed *desk one* and clean when i came out i was sneezing from the dust for like 5 minutes straight lol
MY CHERUB IS BACK!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY *reality hits* oh no!!! not her *lol* joking silver stream!! i missed you really hehehe ^_^;;;;

you're wondering wtf i'm on about....

one word....


NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO that evil place will something something! damn dun ya hate it when you think of a good sentance and then forget? jesus nd on my previous post it looked like i had my own forum lol

jeep-mus (do not take thy lords name in vain...PFFT! lol) i haven't posted in a while, plus paint is spazzing so i can't submit any fricking work ohhhh moo moo's (hehehe fat mans dress i saw it on homer simpson lol)
Oh yeah........me and my mother made a pact a while ago, if i didn't eat as much chocolate *i was addicted* she would give up smoking. so i followed through and its been around 3 months or summit since then and i just looked out of my window *i sit on the windowcill a lot* and i saw her SMOKING!!!!!!! she LIED to me!!!!!!! HOW DARE SHE!!!! so now i am biding my time until i catch her in the act, so i'm "spying" on her now but come on i can't believe her, i asked her earlier as well cos i smelt smoke. people if you smoke you do smell, trust me my mam only opened the door and i could smell it!!!
LET THE SPYING BEGIN!!!! muahaahahahahahhahahahhahaha no one does that to me lol um yeah but welcome back cherub!!!


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