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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

   ^_^ Whee!

[Currently playing Every Heart by BoA from Inuyasha]
^_^ I made a button for MrsTaraYuyMaxwell! I asked her in school and she said she'd like one.

She doesn't know HTML but she's learning...

^_^ Oh! Oh! I have updated my homepage! Go see! Go see! The only thing that I'm missing is an actual guestbook. Besides, the site is under construction! But, see, anyways!
Here's the URL! Go see! Go see!


Or clickie on the banner!

Some people just prefer being fancy! ^_^

=^^= Man, I felt stupid! It's the third day of school and I entered the wrong classroom. But, it's not my fault! At least, I got a KitKat bar!

First period was reviewing over the SI System. Second period was reviewing the basics of Spanish. Third period was fun! We got to try out this quiz in History and it was fun! It was what if the population was shrunken into 100 people? ^^ Weird... Urm... Then study hall came and lunch! Lunch! So much fun there! We got into a group and talked about various things! Laughing our heads off and everything!
MrsTaraYuyMaxwell keeps making new friends. ^^
After that, English... Fun! Just can't remember what. Gym! I played volleyball! My arms were pink but I felt the burn! Math was easy... The class was boring, not the math. >< Never the Math!

^^ Oh! I just made a button for Onizuka!

^_^ He's currently typing a story! Go criticize him! I do!

O_O I've been advertising those two a lot!

^_^ Maybe, I'll get something good out of it! Teehee!

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

   Comments for everyone!

Actually, there's something wrong with my connections so I'm gonna type your comments here! Stop by to see if I placed a comment for you! ^_^ Oh! chie, I already gave a comment to you. The connection problem starting afterwards. It's not like the problem was caused by you or something, in case you're wondering.

T_T Wah... I know how you feel... MrsTaraYuyMaxwell had a problem in school, one day. Turns out that she had heart palpitation. O_O *drops dead*

T_T I wish your mother the best of wishes to get better!

^_^ Idols are good to recall in bad times. It's kinda fun remembering how some of them screw up big time. *dreams* I hope you have a better day!

Dark Lord Koga:
^_^ Linkin Park fan, right here! P.Diddy's cool, too!

^_^ That's such a cool shop! It's so pretty! Cute blinkies!

O_O Ack! Distracted! Distracted! Umm... It's okay if you can't visit every site! XD No apowogies! It's not your fault! ^^

^_^ Whee! Fallen woke up late! So, I'm not the only one who does that! I feel really stupid now...

My birthstone is the Amethyst for February. Can you believe that my birthday is on the same birthday as Abraham Lincoln? ^^

Freshman years isn't all that bad. =_= MrsTaraYuyMaxwell, Onizuka, Chiimaru, and I at least made it past that bump-the-books freshman initiation. The sophomores at a church told us about it.

It's really fun! You'll make great friends if you talk to some people. Just don't get hurt by the higher classed ones and snobs. Some jockies and preps can be a pain, though.

^_^ Love the Cowboy Bebop theme. The thing I'm wondering is this: you no likie comments? >< Don't hit me! *ducks*

^_^ That diploma thing is funny!
The University of Blogging

Presents to
Dragonfaery Yume

An Honorary
Bachelor of
Psychotic Ranting

Majoring in
Comment Spam
Dr. GoQuiz.com


Blogging Degree
From Go-Quiz.com

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   My school days, thus far...

[Currently Every Heart by BoA from Inuyasha]

^_^ BoA is so awesome! They also played Duvet for Serial Experiment Lain. So nice and haunting... Perfect!
This song is called Every Heart. A beautiful melody worth of its name!
Wouldn't you think so?

School turned out okay, I guess. The teachers are pretty neat but it's the students. I can't stand walking into a classroom that stops talking the minute you walk in.

It's like I'm a curse.

Luckily, it's not happening anymore so I'm not complaining...

Good thing is at least I got gym, art, advanced math, and computer applications like I wanted.

And, I still can't believe that Onizuka came back to the high school. I thought he moved and everything. Guess not...
Makes me wonder whether or not he saw his girlfriend...

Well, gotta go. I have English homework...

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

   ^^ Try it!

How long can you hold it? HoldTheButton.com

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   Xibu, fetch me some root beer! >

This is Xibuxiang, the hippo! Nah... He ain't a hippo. Just don't know WHAT he is... Kawaii! ^_^

Yeah... So, it's Sunday, my last day of peace. Tomorrow will be Monday, the day I return to school.


How's this for the week?
I go to school for three days then have Thursday and Friday off.
Weird? ^_^

So I'm spending my time working on my fictions and pictures.
I'm bored.
And, I'm going to be working on my webpage. It sucks! Well, how it is, anyways...

>< Yet, I still crave for badmiton!

Q: Why is it that blue has to be sour?

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Computer Problem

I'm having a little trouble with the computer again.

This time: there's a blue line across the screen going at a vertical path.

I ask for help and assistence. Respond if able.

Thank you for your time.

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Monday, August 23, 2004

   Why am I last to know? T_T

I was commenting at other people's sites and found out that MA JR went poof from MyOtaku!

Is it true?

I'm so slow... In life and online... T+T;;

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   Where the Herald Arks! Was that how it went?

My what a vision... I am seeing red roses and blossom branches. What about you, Yuki?

**Note: These lines are not from the anime! They're just stuff off my head! ^_^**

Finally! I've finished Houshin Engi! Also known as Soul Hunter in the America! ^_^

Ah... Now, all I have to watch is that second volume of Kaleido Star, Hidalgo DVD, and other stuff I may have missed out.

=_= *sighs*
It's been several weeks since vacation and still I'm not settled in! There are things still unpacked and junk around the house unsnuffed.(sniffed out... ^_^;;)

^^ As for online, I decided to relax from TextRPGing and my online friends...
I disappeared from their buddy lists until later times. But, those who catch me on Yahoo!... Good job! Good job! ^_^

Oh! One of my friends has finally joined MyOtaku! She was influenced by Onizuka (check friends list. He doesn't update often.) Her username is MrsTaraYuyMaxwell (again, check the list.)

Got it?


As you can tell, she's a Gundam Wing fan, writes fanfics, and is hyperactive. VERY hyperactive! ^_^ That's why it's never boring being around her!

I got in 2nd place in Lie74's caption contest! There were two piccies! ^_^ It's my first one I've ever entered so I'm so happy! I'm too happy, I'm gonna show off the awards I won! 'Cept one of them... Keeping that as a later show. Heheh...

^_^ And, here's the Thank Card I decided to stash away! Also from the caption contest!

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

   A day without a mind...

Oh! What tragedy! What shall I do? I can't even imitate a good Shakespeare accent, let alone seeing people pop into animals!

The subject is merely something that I thought I outta write. Don't know why...

Today's Sunday. I haven't got much to do. Actually, I am deliberately allowing myself to listen to some people complain about boredom... =_=

^_^ Well, a little rambling...

It's been several days and, already, things are starting to change. The town has gotten quieter. Many people are anxious for school.(That's the only thing exciting here.) My friends are becoming distant in some way and manner. I am more attached to my personal matters and tend to be assertive if someone gets in the way. Oh. What a life.

Yes. And, just like anyone else, boredom hits me hard.


^_^ But, AngelOfPig has really nice piccies of Kratos. Oh so cute and adorable. Makes me want to catch him for myself. Unfortunately, something stands in between that and I ain't spoiling it!
CUZ I already beaten the game! ^_~

I decided to make my own button to save myself even further. Thing is: I don't know if it'll appear. My shattered brain can only find Geocities to host my files. Sucks...

Games are addictive. I just played Animal Crossing a few days ago and now play it like a drug. (Bad comparison) Tales of Symphonia is so beautiful... *sighs* I'm thinking of playing Xenosaga Episode 1.

If only I wasn't living in a neighborhood of seniors, then probably, I'd find someone who'd play soccer or badmitton or basketball or fencing.

Long post. So probably, you wouldn't read it...

Q: What is your favorite sport?

I personally like badmitton and swimming. ^_^

More to come once I get back.

^_^ My parents noticed that my siblings and I were bored so we went out! It was like any ordinary shopping except Father kidded around.
He's a strange one but is so kewl!

Oh! There's something I'd like to tell Angel Of Pig. I'll do it here first then on her Comments tomorrow! ^_^ Just to make sure she gets it!

My Response:
You're on, girl! ^_^

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

   ^_^ Heyo!

It took awhile but I found something that was able to solve my comp problem.
More of contain the situation in an easy order! ^_^

Right now, I'm trying to catch up with plenty of things like e-mails and posts.

I had a great time during my absence though. I went to my friend's birfday party. For those of you who might know her, she's Mrs.TaraYuyMaxwell. (Not an MyOtaku Member)

One of my best friends came down with pneumonia. I worry for her well-being.

Anyways, let's see...
I completely understand your decision. We don't talk very much so I guess I wouldn't mind! ^_^
But, I'm still holding your username in my list so nyah!
Can't make me take it off! ^_~

Ha! How stupid I am... Thinking that he's here reading this. I just want to type it I guess.

I finally have my hands of Weiss Kreuz Gluhen! ^o^

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