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Monday, October 18, 2004

   New Theme!

I know it's not Valentine's Day but it's for my friends.

^_^ Lately, I've been thanking those I have met; barely knew, knew well, took a glimpse, or hated their guts. Without them, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Along with that thought was the thoughts and memories I had when a few of my friends died, one in front of me.
She jumped off the roof, giving up her life.
The song that was playing, sadly, at that moment was this MIDI: Light-Shaded Dream.

My goal from now is try to get back up where my courage was the most annoying thing in the world and to live for the present.

^_^ That way, I can be proud of what I am.

^_^ So, my thanks to those who I have met.

Not only that, but I pray that those whom have died in the war in Iraq find their peace wherever they are.

Everyone needs peace, after all. The only problem is where to find it. ^_^

snow fairy
You are like the snow fairy, she is very beautiful,
she has the power to make things beautiful, but
She is sometimes quite selfish, and spends most
of the time she should be using her magic
staring at her self in the mirror. Other than
the fact that she is vain and selfish. She is
a nice person, when she IS actually using her
magic, her powers are great, and she is very
helpful. Well that's most of the tings about
the snow fairy, can you relate to some of them?
You probably can, because that is what this
quiz is for!

**The ultimate Fairy quiz**(anime pics!) for girls, but if you are a guy you can take it too! !**being improved more**!
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Friday, October 8, 2004

   My day off... Not much.

That is Lucif Cavalier, one of my characters from Back Alley.

^_^ Hey! Hey! Hey!

How's everyone? Well, today's a day off for students in Boardman, Ohio so I'm off for a day! ^_^

But, it feels like I'm still at work since someone requested a Chinese Dragon. That takes me FIVE FREAKIN' HOURS!!! Argh!

However, I am obligated to finish up my work! ^_^

now, if only my obligation applies to all else. *sighs*

Schoolwork can be a drag... =_=

So, I can't really post at your sites.

I just gotta find a way to post later. ><

You are Hanajima. Though you prefer to stay in the
shadows, you know whats going on.

What is Your Fruits Basket Alter Ego?
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  • My #1 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Final Fantasy Dating Game, is Vincent

    theOtaku.com: What Flame of Recca Character Are You?

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    Thursday, October 7, 2004

       ^_^ New stuff!

    This? This is an oekaki that I drw recently from this board.

    Took me an hour to finish it. ^_^ It's much better than my other oekakis.

    Well, anyways, last time I was on, I had somewhat of a breakdown. Yeah... Anyways, here's a button I made for X Seshoumaru X:

    Gorgeous, neh? My latest achievement in work! ^_^

    Yup! And more in my site! ^_^ Yup! I updated it! Here's my button:

    ^_^ Once again, I advertise my own site. Forgive me for my vanity.

    Anyways, here are some quizzes you'd might want to take! ^_^

    You came from the water. Calm and shy, you know
    what you want, but sometimes are afraid to
    stand up for yourself.

    Where did you come from?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    theOtaku.com: What CLAMP Heroine Are You?

    The Sleeper
    At midnight, in the month of June,
    I stand beneath the mystic moon.
    An opiate vapor, dewy, dim,
    Exhales from out her golden rim,
    And, softly dripping, drop by drop,
    Upon the quiet mountain top,
    Steals drowsily and musically
    Into the universal valley.
    The rosemary nods upon the grave;
    The lily lolls upon the wave;
    Wrapping the fog about its breast,
    The ruin molders into rest;
    Looking like Lethe, see! the lake
    A conscious slumber seems to take,
    And would not, for the world, awake.
    All Beauty sleeps!--and lo! where lies
    (Her casement open to the skies)
    Irene, with her Destinies!
    Oh, lady bright! can it be right--
    This window open to the night?
    The wanton airs, from the tree-top,
    Laughingly through the lattice drop--
    The bodiless airs, a wizard rout,
    Flit through thy chamber in and out,
    And wave the curtain canopy
    So fitfully--so carefully--
    Above the closed and fringed lid
    'Neath which thy slumb'ring soul lies hid,
    That, o'er the floor and down the wall,
    Like ghosts the shadows rise and fall!
    Oh, lady dear, hast thou no fear?
    Why and what art thou dreaming here?
    Sure thou art come o'er far-off seas,
    A wonder to these garden trees!
    Strange is thy pallor! strange thy dress!
    Strange, above all, thy length of tress,
    And this all solemn silentness!
    The lady sleeps! Oh, may her sleep,
    Which is enduring, so be deep!
    Heaven have her in its sacred keep!
    This chamber changed for one more holy,
    This bed for one more melancholy,
    I pray to God that she may lie
    Forever with unopened eye,
    While the dim sheeted ghosts go by!
    My love, she sleeps! Oh, may her sleep,
    As it is lasting, so be deep!
    Soft may the worms about her creep!
    Far in the forest, dim and old,
    For her may some tall vault unfold--
    Some vault that oft hath flung its black
    And winged panels fluttering back,
    Triumphant, o'er the crested palls,
    Of her grand family funerals--
    Some sepulcher, remote, alone,
    Against whose portal she hath thrown,
    In childhood, many an idle stone--
    Some tomb from out whose sounding door
    She ne'er shall force an echo more,
    Thrilling to think, poor child of sin!
    It was the dead who groaned within.

    *~*~Which Edgar Allen Poe Poem Are You*~*~
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    Your beauty is all your own! You don't like to be
    the same as everyone else and find that being
    unique makes you more attractive. The normal
    trends just don't fit you and things are just
    more fun when they're upside down. You love to
    be the one that turns heads with individuality
    and spunkiness. You're kind of beauty, I would
    say, could be characterized by your confidence.
    Though it's not a physical trait, it
    deffinately shows on you. Rock on!(If you can't
    see tje pics, go to my homepage and look near
    the bottom and find your result)

    What kind of Beauty should you have? (girl) (PICS)
    brought to you by Quizilla

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    Friday, October 1, 2004

       >< Heart ish aching...

    People admire your Coolness!
    Coolness! You are a peacemaker. You are able to
    smooth every fight. You are neutral and you
    don't see just black and white.Nothing worries
    you, you're always cool and calm.

    Why do people admire you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    O_o Is that how I am in THIS situation?

    Yoshimi -

    What would your Japanese name be? (female)
    brought to you by Quizilla

    You are the most important person in his life. He would do anything to see you smile. Actually, he would be the PERFECT boyfriend. Always getting lost in your eyes, always treating you
    You are the most important person in his life. He
    would do anything to see you smile. Actually,
    he would be the PERFECT boyfriend. Always
    getting lost in your eyes, always treating you
    like a princes and always saying a joke to make
    you laugh your head off while he smiles at your
    hysteric laughter. Yup, he is the person you
    were destined to fall in love with.

    What kind of boyfriend would you have?(with pics and obviously for girls^^)
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    *sighs* I've been going loony about missing Alex, my lovely. Everytime I see something about him, it makes me go loony. Even seeing my friend, Tony, hurts me...

    I already try consulting with Jessey but my heart still aches.

    you're too far away yet I hold you near with me. And now that smile of yours is starting to fade away, all I can remember is our first meeting at the Holy Cross Catholic Church.

    I'm a pitiful person. But, I need a little help.

    So helpers?

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    Monday, September 20, 2004

    ^^ 50th Guestbook post

    You are an angel of love. You are someone who cant
    help but look for someone to love. When you
    find that person, everthing in the world is
    perfect to you. you have no reason to worry
    anymore once your soulmate has been given to
    you. The other problem is that you are too
    nice, and your heartbreaks tend to be a
    horrible thing. Just wait a while for it...

    What Different Kind of Angel are you...? ( Anime-ish pics )
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Silent Demon
    You are a Silent Demon. You are the demon in the
    shadows. If you kill, you do it without mercy.
    You have no emotions whatsoever. You cant even
    enjoy the suffering of others. In a nutshell,
    you are there just to kill and nothing more.
    You are somewhat of a child too. Once you are
    turned to kill people... you do it on an basis
    on who is the weakest.

    What Kind of Different Demon are you...? ( Anime-ish pics )
    brought to you by Quizilla

    ^^ I got my 50th guestbook post by miko of light!

    ^^ Whee! Though, I got lots of works to do, I am hoping that you all are fine! Best wishes to those with troubles and many great wishes to my friends for their ways in their happy life!

    Toodles! Can't reply to your sites today! ^_^

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    Saturday, September 4, 2004


    ^_^ As happy as I am to be her guardian and kitty sister, I am proud to announce that MrsTaraYuyMaxwell and XSesshomaruX are lovers! ^_^

    And, I'm their guardian so don't be messing with them!

    Thinking about it makes me wish Alex was still here with me...

    Meanwhile, here's some results I got:

    You are Hatsuharu! You have a split personality,
    and just about any problem can trigger your
    black side. You also are a fuzzy cow O_O

    What Fruits Basket Character Are You???
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Violet: You are very intuitive. Spirituality is
    something you hold very dear to your heart. You
    have an understanding of higher self meaning,
    and are very aware of the things in and around
    you. Dreams mean a lot to you as they help you
    in figuring out your consious self. You have a
    very peaceful and kind nature. You probably are
    even a little psychic.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!What colour is your spirit?(with great pictures)
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Clear blood! Pure and fresh. You love the nature
    and you are very honest and kind person.
    Sometimes you are a bit naive but you are free.
    you have the blood of the independent ones,
    enjoy this!

    What is your true blood color?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Angel of Stength
    Angel of Strength
    Your very powerful. You NEVER let anything get
    in your way. If there is something you care for
    you will do ANYTHING to protect it.

    What kind of Angel are you?!?!!?(anime pic. & girls only)
    brought to you by Quizilla


    Which Naruto character do you fight like?(pics)
    brought to you by Quizilla

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    Thursday, September 2, 2004


    The whole day I was teaching two of my friends HTML.

    They wanted to create their own site and everything.

    Uh... Gotta go! Can't visit your sites today! ^^ Bye!

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       Results on Quizzies

    Green Goddess
    Goddess of green. You probably prefer to be outside
    where you can get some fresh air!

    What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
    brought to you by Quizilla

    KICK ASS! You fight! You don't want to let someone
    make you afraid! So you laugh at the fear and
    fight it! It's probbably a bit careless and
    dangerous but better than do nothing, because
    than you'll loose anyway! Go you!

    How do you react when you are afraid? ( ...with pics... )
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Your weapon is a Dao!
    Dao! The chinese Kung-Fu Sword! This attack weapon
    is wild and powerful. Used by the soldiers in
    the old chinese Army. the Dao is often compared
    with a furious tiger.

    What's your Weapon? .._..contains Anime pictures.._..
    brought to you by Quizilla

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    Wednesday, September 1, 2004


    Life is pretty hard for an anime otaku, neh?

    They share hardships and pains beyond what the "normal" can handle... It's so difficult.

    I can tell. Everyone here has their good days and bad. Their bad past and their worst. All of my friends and I experienced tough times.

    We were always outcasts and rejected. But, each of us have our own individual problems.

    And, one of these days, a larger group will accept us and we'll be free to act the way we are.

    Being ourselves...

    Is that how your life is at some point, in some way, where you're forced away by others because of anime or some other reason?

    What is your reason for watching anime in the first place?

    Mine was to escape reality and find a world where I belong. Where my loved ones belong...

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       Patita is going poofy!

    T_T Wah...
    I finally caught up with the status of people, at least.

    Yes, another is leaving. Her name is Patita.

    >< Go see her site and comment! Or I'll haunt you! Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!

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