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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Scattered Among The Wings::Prologue+Ii::


One peace...

That's all that I really needed.

One peace with the one whom I loved and longed...

But looking back at her, falling, bleeding, I saw no peace. She had fooled me and hurt me.

My heart, it aches. It aches far too much.

Looking back at her, I accepted something that I had wished not.

I truly can never have that one peace.

Chapter I Part i::A Mystery

Beyond the mountains towards the north, Periole stood and florished as the quiet yet thriving city. The roughly-paved streets were trekked by cars and pedestrians going to and fro. Restaurants and clubs crowded with the people of the limelight. The occasional quiet citizen visited the library and cafes. In Periole, there was a place for everyone. Even, the central park, which surrounded a gentle lake, was commonly used for merriment and a few bums.

Such a grand city could only be the success of their accomplished mayor, Mr. Haftkon. The old man was gentle as a deer and sly like the fox. Sadly, he passed on, leaving everything in the hands of his carefree grandson, Von Haftkon. Many of the Council were not sure whether it was a wise choice to simply hand everything to this young man, known to be leisuring and disappearing, especially in these harsh times.

As the snow continued to accumulate, so did the number of deaths. Within the walls of Periole, a disease was spreading slowly, affecting the adults and killing them one by one. Each victim had shown symptoms that did not add up to anything. Each were different: one would sneeze, the other would cough up congested blood. In their frail conditions, many could not work to continue Periole's florishment. That is what the Council worried about.

To slow the spreading, Von had called for the victims to be placed in a secured facility to be treated, leaving the youth within the city. All of the pressures of work and maintaining the city were placed on the youth. And, the city was quieter than ever.

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