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OIY!!! I'm D. HI!!!

I'm a guy who is with out a reason. I'm very good at video games, and I hate school.

.....Just as the wind blows, just as birds sing, It is all because they're destined to do so, just as I am destined to die one day. But, my death shall be something I will be proud... .........

HI! I just found out that girls are scary!!!

And today, even the cutest girls can be sexy. ^_^

Some girls are just plain stupid.

And I miss Ruth......

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

   How screwed really am I?
Well, here are the results! ^_^


Borderline:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

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Friday, August 27, 2004

Kamiakume: KESSAN!
Kamiakume: KESSAN!
ch. 0 part.2

"ULTIMA FLARE SLASH!!!" screams Jubie as he parries Ilpalazzo arm and pierces his chest.

At the moment, all went silent. The rain stopped and lighting halted, and blood dripped off of Jubies blade, coming from Ilpalazzo's chest.

"H-how..." howled Lord Ilpalazzo in the pain of death.

Jubei just sneered at him "My name is Jubie Konnacha, remember it well, demon"

Jubie pulls out his sword from Ilpalazzo's demonic body and lets him fall to the cold, wet ground, lying there in a puddle of his own blood.

"I SHALL RETURN ONE DAY! AND WHEN I DO, YOU...SHALL . . . DIE . . ." Moaned Lord Ilpalazzo as his body began go disappear.

"....." Jubie fell to the ground. His body is torn, beaten and scared. He knows he shall now die, and he accepts his death greatly.

Moments later, a figure of a woman, glowing, appears in front of Jubie and say "Thanks to you, hero, this world will be at peace once again"

"W-who...are...you?" Jubie asked the woman as he lay dying.

"I am Quan Yin, Jubie" she responded, "I've come to thank you and reward you."

"Wh-what are you talking about?" Jubie questioned, choking on the blood in his throat and mouth

"You've done a great deed that even us Gods and Goddess's have fail to accomplish. I grant you immortality, Jubie." Quan Yin said to Jubie as she bent down to kiss him

Jubie's body began to glow, and all his wounds were gone, his bleeding stopped and his left arm was able to used again.

"...!" Jubie was speechless

"Now, please, return home and rule you country. You are a hero, and you deserve such an honor. Thank you... Jubie" Quan Yin spoke she began to disappear.

After that Jubie returned back to his country and told his story of what happened. The world soon found out about Jubie Konnacha, and his great deed he has done, and peace returned to the world was restored. Feast's apron feasts were done in Jubie's honor; he was also crowned king of his country, Johcino.

536 years later...

"HA HA HA..... I've returned Jubie... now you DIE! I'm coming for you too, Kamiakume!" echoed and evil laughter over the final battle ground where he faught against and died by Jubies sword.


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Thursday, August 5, 2004

Kamiakume: KESSAN!
Kamiakume: Kessan!
Chapter 0...... Preloude. (part 1)

BOOM as the lightning strikes the wet ground, drenched from the rain. The clouds of darkness loom over head as to powerful beings battle.
"KYAA!" shouts Jubie as he engages Lord Ilpalazzo in his final battle
"MHA HA HA HA!!!" laughed Ilpalazzo, "Do you really think you can defeate me, Lord Ilpalazzo? You're only a mere mortal!"
"I'm more than you think, fiend!" Jubie growled as he continued to fight one.
Jubie was already in terriable condition. He already has had his left arm crushed by Ilpalazzo, but he knew he had to defeate this monster, either way, he would die.
"I could crush you, FOOL!!!" shouted Ilpalazzo "I'm a Demon Overlord! What makes you think you can even survive me?!"
"THIS!!!" Jubie screamed
Jubie fucuses his remianing energy and lifeforce into his sword. The sword transformed into a large silver, orintal styled Bastard Sword. The sword started to glow, giving off a blinding, peircing light. As the light hit the body of Lord Ilpalazzo, it rang in intense pain.
"W-WHAT IS THIS?!! I-I'M IMMORTAL! I-I CAN'T D-DIE!!!" Ilpalazzo screamed out in pain "THIS CANNOT HAPPAN!!!! DIE!!!!"
Ilpalazzo lunges toward Jubie with his bladed arm.

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A new story...
I'll be writing a story here, and I'd like you guys to rate it. I'll post it in aout 5 min.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2004

It'll consume your soul....untill you no longer know that you even care for other peoples life. You will become an emotionless shell of what used to be a huamn. Never.....let your hatred control you life..........

It can never be tamed.

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Well....... Hi, Happy Easter, Pass Over, and what ever you celebrate.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

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