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Thursday, June 3, 2004

   The Day (Sounds plain)

*whistles* Been a bit quiet here.

Yeah... Got exams. Luckily, ain't got one for gym. I'd hate to have something like that happen again.
(Whoever heard of a gym written test?)

I finally saw the 5th DVD of Final Fantasy Unlimited that I bought! Yesh! Makenshi was sweet!

Tennis was fun today! It was me (alone) against Chiimaru and Tara. I won... Heheh...

Booyah, Chiimaru!
And, no, I have nothing against you, dude!

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Friday, May 28, 2004

   ;p *Faffle!*

^_^ This post has been modified. *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

^_^ Got the internet to work again! New version: Dark...

All thanks to a friend who introduced me to DNAngel!

>< Dark is so friggin' funky and sweet! Not to mention good-looking... ^_^

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

   =_= Tiredsome day...

Holy whack, I didn't work on Reflections much! Ah well! Thing's been uptight around this place:
There's love between my friends...
People want to hurt me and my friends...
I have the urge to knock someone out...
And, I still can't get over the fact that Kakashi-sensei was knocked out by Itachi! T_T How could you, Itachi-san! Come near him again and I'll kill you! ^_^ Or is it Itachi killing me?

Ah heck...

My days been hectic. At least, it's almost the end of the week. (Thank God!)

I just realized something. I'm a sadist... Not a good thing.
I just gotta find a way to fix that flaw of myself...

T_T Wah! I watched Haku die! My idol died! (again... Actually, my fifth time seeing it...)

Gotta go... Homework...
And, excuse ME for the random blah!

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Saturday, May 15, 2004


Life's been a fun time! But, somehow, I feel that people have changed around me. I'm empathetic so I can tell. Most of the people just turn against me with hidden anger and hate. There are some people that I know holds me as an idol. A couple who has a crush on me. And, several with mere admiration.

It's a little weird lately but fun!

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Friday, May 14, 2004


I'm going to chill out from writing Reflections for awhile. I have it on FictionPress.com if anyone wants to know. It's under the pen name of Shadow Nights

Yeah... I got my bang cut short, half-length! It used to be at least two feet long! @_@

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Sunday, May 9, 2004

   ^_^ Just to say...

Happy Mommy's Day! ^_^

Yeah... So we went out to eat at this restaurant with Mother. The place was big-time crowded. The manager had us seated in the smoking section! -_- I hated it. I just don't like smokers, that's all. I don't have anything against them but to say their weak to have a rolled paper with weed control them. (No offense) Anyways, we had a great time, driving around. (Not much to do in Ohio.)

I'll continue my story when I get through Chapter 7. I'm slaving over Chapter 5 right now. O_o

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Monday, May 3, 2004

   The Rest of Chapter 1 (OMG)

(O_O What just happened to MyOtaku? Was it updated or something because suddenly, my browser isn't supporting the feature for the music so now, I have silence... Oh well! XD)

The morning bell rang. Mirror sat quietly at her desk. In her hand was a book of poems by her pseudonym, Nin Hyacinth. Still, her peers have not let her off from attacking the new student. She does feel guilty in a way. But because of her self-concealment, she doesn't want to apologize. Gratefully, the tauntings and the menace in the classroom settled the minute the instructor, Mr. Renalds, stepped in. The aging man flapped his book open upon the pedestal and checked for attendance. After closing the book, he called with a voice of furiosity, "Mirror Lake...!"

Mirror rose from her seat and faced the teacher. "Yes, sir?"

"Word has it that you scared off yet another new student!" Mr. Renalds marched down the aisle of desks. He ended beside her desk. "Why do you keep doing this, Ms. Lake? For one thing, you've already earned the title of being the renowned Vampy. For another, you are the ghost of our Taruna. Now, you have the love to frighten students away from this facility. I'll have you know that I will report this to the principal and have you expelled!"

The class snickered in her demise. Mirror wasn't going to take this lightly. "Sir," she said firmly, "Whether or not I have terrorized the new student's thought of attending this school, you have no right to accuse me of something that has not yet been proven." She knew what she's done, but she's not going down without a fight.

Mr. Renolds's face flared up with a deep red. His limit has been reached. "That's it! I've had it with your incompetence, young lady! You want proof!? Where's the new student?"

"I'm here..." All eyes aimed at the doorway. The young man from before was breathing heavily and gripping on the edge of the door for balance. "Please don't scold her, sir. I offended her."

"It is alright..." The teacher calm down then faced Mirror. Embarrassed, he strolled to the front of the room. The stubby man cleared his throat before continuing. "This is Rorrim Lake. He moved from Venice, Italy with his father to find someone, am I correct?"

Rorrim nodded.

"This man here is grand with the arts and has quite the intellect. Please welcome him warmly. And Mirror..."

Throughout the introduction, Mirror had not sat. Her concentration was zoned in on this Rorrim. Something about his name makes her feel peculiar.

"Mirror, you may take your seat. As for you, Rorrim, please take a seat by Isabelle."

"I would like to sit next to Mirror if you don't mind, sir." Rorrim tilted his head in her direction. The classmates fell silent to his decision. In Taruna, to sit next to an outcast was considered odd. Instead, the teacher trusted his choice and accepted his decision. The man followed down through the aisles to reach her area. He slipped onto the chair of a nigh desk. "Hey, Mirror... Guess what?" he started.

Her eyes glared from her book to him. This he took as, 'I hear you but I don't care.' Alternatively, he continued on with his rhetorical question, "My father and I are living in your mansion."

What Mirror had just heard caused her book to slip through her fingers. Right away, her hands slammed against her desk as she stood. "What nonsense are you speaking of, Rorrim? There is no way you are residing in my quarters!" In truth, she didn't care as long as they didn't bother her. Her Korat, though, was what she worried of the most. After all, there are people who dare to skin and kill cats. Not only that but this man sitting by her happens to know her. He could be a pervert or a stalker, also. "You speak of me as if you know me. How is it that you know?"

There was no answer from him but mere silence.

"Mirror, you do know that the English lesson is in progress," was the statement that was addressed to her, not Rorrim. She glared to Mr. Renolds, pissed off from these sudden news.

"Why don't you tell us a poem and I'll excuse you from today's lesson?" Mr. Renolds whimpered from seeing her facial expression.

Her rage had not subsided. "Sweetness is but a pity; one that is given to a mortal enemy." Her glare shot through Rorrim. Nothing changed about his expression but a stare. His eyes, though, shimmered through his black bangs. They glowed with a scarlet color.

"Thank you, Mirror. You're excused," announced Mr. Renolds.

Mirror reseated onto her chair. Her legs had grown numb from seeing that haunting stare. Slowly, Rorrim faced forward, his innocent smile returning. And, all events fell into another silence as if the world was meant to be silent itself.

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Saturday, May 1, 2004

   Half of Chapter 1: Cynical Grin

“Korat, I’ll be at school. You be a good boy at home, alright?” Mirror snatched her bag and silk vest from the coat rack, hurrying to the front door. The black cat scaled the railings of the staircase until it landed on the satin couch. He followed her to the entrance. "Kory," she smiled. "Kory, I left food for you in the kitchen. The phone is set so that you can call me. As for the remote, it's in your basket." She slipped her feet into her shoes. Tapping the toes against the floor, the shoes were nicely tucked. "Oh! And, one more thing!" Mirror knelt down and kissed the feline's forehead. "Have a nice day, Kory." Standing, she turned and fled out of the door, locking it as she left. Korat gawked and meowed.

It is Monday, another day of school. To the rich and the sophisticated, going to Fourmann was a great chance of being with their friends. To Mirror, it is nothing but torture. The students have resented her; the instuctors have learned to ignore her. Besides all of this, she is forced into this high school even if she knows every bit of information. It is only torture. For Korat, school time was his hell. To be seperated from the only one who cares was horrible especially one whom took him in when he was orphaned. All the cat would think of doing is lying in Mirror's bed or staring at the photos of the girl. Lunch came naturally.

Alas, Mirror has entered the campus of Fourmann, the high school for the rich and the sophisticated. All citizens in this town were all filthy rich and cocky. These traits will soon be passed on to the offspring. From this blooms their ties with reality. Yet, their nature to love nature itself was calming even to Mirror. Students relaxed by the blossom trees. Lovers held each other in one another's arms. Friends lied under the pink and white branches. Others walked the white pavement to the building.

Only halfway did Mirror ended her trail to eye the beautiful Angel Wings. The lake, so distant, emitted a warm glow of blue at this time of the morning. Such a loving light... Words cannot even speak of its serenity. The mesmerizing effect broke from Mirror when someone stood next to her. She looked with surprise: this was the first moment that anyone stood even a half a meter near her.

"Beautiful, isn't it? Such beauty wasted upon this stubborn town." The young man smiled innocently. Facing her, he asked, "Why is it that you like it so much?"

Mirror grew speechless. Her throat became dry. She has never spoken to a fellow student before. Finally, she answered coldly, "I just do."

"Good enough for me." He faced to the lake once again. "Are you always alone?"

No word escaped through her lips. Her mind was confused: why would a stranger want to talk to her?

"You must have been. Your silence says it all."

"My silence...?" Mirror looked up to the tall student. Her eyes widened when she saw his raven black hair that swayed gracefully similar to hers.

"Ah! Speak again, bright angel..." The student grinned, knowing his imitation of a line from a play. He had her full attention. "I see that you have such sweet long hair. Black as the raven that so does describe you... More eye-catching is the way that every part of you create this illusion of a vampire."

Her gaze fell onto the pavement, painted in petals.

"That could explain why everyone is calling you Vampy..." He glanced behind to some gossiping girls. Most giggled to see him; a few glared indifiently. Turning to Mirror, he found her mesmerized again by the lake. The distant glow seemed to reach out to them and surround his 'friend'. She almost glowed the same blue as the lake; the wind brushed her waist-lengthed hair. Her scarlet eyes revealed themselves to him. The student smiled even more with joy. But, his smile faded when he noticed the pale scar on her arm. "Your arm..."

Mirror followed his line of view then turned away.

"I see. Your scar is proof that you have fallen into the earthquake."

Her temper got the best of her. Immediately, she smashed her bag into him and ran to the building. The male watched solemnly. As Mirror dashed through the crowd, her ears picked up traces of her nickname:

"Did that Vampy hit the new guy?"

"Vampy was always rude."

"I don't get that Vampy."

"Vampy, you're a b****!"

"Go to h***, Vampy!"

Her feet sped faster. With the first sign of glass, her hands reached out and pushed the doors open. For the rest of the way to her first class, she merely ran... Running from her confusion...

No one knew about her. Mirror wasn't one to speak of her past, not even to the teachers. The couselors tried to break through her walls but none succeeded. They all gave up on finding the truth. And, now, a young man speaks of that ill-fated incident.

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Thursday, April 29, 2004

   Reflections: Prologue

The pain hadn't resided yet. It still ached as Mirror attempted to ignore it and go on with her morning. But the pain... It was unbearable. Standing before the sink within the bathroom, Mirror landed her forehead onto the reflecting glass. Her hand gripped the scar immediately when it struck another sudden pain. What bothered her was that it was aching more than before. But, why, she would wonder. It was merely a scar from falling into a crack in the earth, according to her memory. She remembered the cold iciness of the snow under her bare feet, the sudden shaking of the ground, the pain after hitting the bottom of the crack during an earthquake, and the grinning boy. The scar ached again when she tried to remember how she got out of that situation.

It was to no avail: she could not remember anything.

After suffering just to brush her hair and teeth, Mirror staggered to the drawers for a change of clothes. Her scarlet eyes widened in surprise to see her framed, burnt photo standing on its legs. It has been faced down for about five months after awakening in this bedroom, seeing a nurse and a doctor. That day, March 28, was the day the doctor said that it was her birthday. Ironically, the day of her awakening was the same day as the day she fell during the earthquake. The nurse, during that time, kept silent with a mournful face. All she did was attend to Mirror's medical needs and check on her health. It was the same for the doctor. He didn't say anything about what happened. Now, that routine had ended. Mirror had demanded to be left alone.

The photo stared at her with the smiling face of a young girl holding a teddy bear. Beside her was her twin brother. The parents were burnt out from the photo. Mirror gave it a long glare before she pushed it down once again. After dressing into random casual clothing, she noticed that the pain left. The scar had turned back into its usual pale white. Sighing from relief, Mirror opened the bedroom door. Through the slender crack in the door came her black cat, Korat. He sat by her foot, gawking her with his beautiful silver and blue eyes. His sight gave her a pinch of joy. "Hey, Korat," she greeted with a depressing smile, "would you like some meow chow?"

The cat meowed.

"Let's go then." Mirror opened the door wider and exited, alongside her Korat. They took the stairs at the far north end of the second floor and turned left into a hallway. Within the hallway were framed photos of her unrecalled childhood. Images of a smiling girl gazed upon them as the two made their way through to the kitchen.

This haunting mansion never did cease to leave Mirror's mind. More than often, she would write about this shelter of hers. In her words that were published, others empathize about this feeling.

Mirror is a poet in this rich town of Taruna. But, unlike many celebrities, the town resented her. Outcasted, her only friend is the cat, Korat, who would walk with her to the lake at the northern side of town, Angel Wings, a lake that looked like wings of an angel. This lake is her way of freedom yet a way of complete emptiness.

That is what she will do for this Sunday: take a walk and write.

~Prison~By Mirror
Walking in these halls and crannies
Cold yet untouched
Life cannot chain me
This place is prison enough
Open the door
Let me out
I cannot take it anymore
I feel the need to shout
One that I dare to fear
Is the depression that should
All that one would wish to hear
Is lost in their childhood

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Monday, April 26, 2004

   Reflections: Prologue

"Hey, Mirror..."
Mirror spun around while gripping tightly to her teddy bear. In her view was a boy in rags, eyes of scarlet exactly like hers; his raven hair was similar. To her knowledge, this boy must be her twin. A childish thought, maybe, but it was a warmth. Mirror smiled as she reached to him. Suddenly, the ground broke between them and shattered. The girl fell into the darkness, watching her twin brother from above. Tears flowed down her cheek when she found him grinning cynicly.

"Brother...! Help! I don't wanna die yet!!!" Mirror hollered as she jolted upward into a sitting position. Her lungs felt dry of air. A sudden shot of pain struck her right arm. Mirror tugged her sleeve to her shoulder. The scar from the shoulder to her elbow glistened in pink. It was swollen again. This was a signal to her. Today must be Sunday.
Every Sunday was like this: starts with that aching nightmare and a swollen scar. Mirror was used to it, though. For ten years, she has been living alone. Not once did she grew close to anyone. A loner with no recollection of her history: that's what she was.

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