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Friday, April 21, 2006

KONNICHIWA!! wassup,ppl? I just came back from my trip to the mountains with my bestfriend, it was fun!I got these new sunglasses, and we walked around town and watched Scary Movie 4 , which was pretty good but some stupid parts. But overall i had a pretty good time over there. Now im home (unfortionally) but atleast i had my time away from home! So i guess my Easter break wasnt wasted just sleeping, tho that would still would be nice...just sleeping....and sleeping..*head begins to fall and eye lids get heavy* ...uh....ok im not going to sleep now but believe me im sleeping in tomorrow! And...uh...well thats it! OH! Also when we were there me and Elisa went to watch her little cousin practice in baseball and was sitting on a bench.When some random guy keeps staring at us and uh...he wasnt good lookin and was probably 13 or 14......and not to be rude but hes was big and out of the blue he just introduced himself as Anthony. So we were like " o..k...hi?" and then 5 min later he just said "do u 2 have boyfriends?" and we tried soooo hard not to laugh. I just kept a straight face and said" yes.....yes i do. His name is Andy. ^_^" and turned and he just walked away. I kno it was mean but after we started laughing,but why would he just ask us that even tho we didnt kno who the heck he was.But thats not the first time its happened to us...so saying i do have a boyfriend has always worked for me. Even tho i really dont have one..heh.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well......its been raining for like the WHOLE freakin month! Not that i dont like the rain or anything its just on those mornings that its already raining hard and i have to walk through it,then my shoes get SOAKEN WET!!! It bugs the hell outta me all day...T_T...my socks get wet too,it suxs. Also in P.E. until the field is dry we keep running minutes, first week 8 min, then next week 10,now 12.....our couch is going to keep adding 2 min each week til the field is dry! I mean come one! Ill run 2 miles NOW, if i dont have keep running minutes...plus cuz of rain our whole open house thing was canacelled so our band has to wait til next month to perform....like it will make a difference, we still suck. Um...OH! I got my braces off yesturday, it roxs! Only when they took them off they LITERLY just ripped them off! They HELLA hurt when they did that...now my teeth are really sensitive for now and a little swollen. Man years almost over...but i really dont want it to go by so fast...this may be the last year with all my friends! PLus...i dont wanna wear the dress at the end of the year for graduation...
Well thats it for today...

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Hey,ppls!! Heh,sry for the wait...i was updating stuff on my myspace account, im a new person oon that site so with all my efforts my profile page still kinda sucks but i atleast got a background,right?Anyways, i hope you guys like the new clubs i added and the changes i made here. ( see its easy to update here) Well since this is suppose to be those posts that talk about your day, i might as well as talk about my day.Today or this morning my head was still hurting from the night before with a HUGE sinus headache,and i couldnt see right (everything was blurry) and it was hard to move around or it would hurt. Well like anyother normal morning i was like 10 min late to school,mom gave me and my bros a ride to school,but when dropping off my youngest brother, our babysitter was sick so my mom said i had to stay home and watch him. Seeing how i was sick and she couldnt stay home to watch him...and for the fact my cloths were dirty since i was in a hurry to look in the mirror. On the outside i was " awwwww...well ill try my best to feel better and watch him" but on the inside i was" HECK YES!!!! I GET TO DITCH FROM SEEING THAT WHITE HAIRED ARROGANT BA#$%! OF A TEACHER!!!..too bad ill be leaving my friends though.." You see i have this jerk teacher named Mr.Yates,he SUXS!!! He always has a rude attitude with everyone and a look that just said 'oh i am soo much better and you guys dont deserve respect' cuz he never gives us any! Treats me friends like idoits who just got out of preschool,or somethin...and since morning are bad for me having to wake up everymornin just to see his face and smell his breath is enough to make my day go in the garbage or atleast my breakfast...anyways when i got home i cooked my bro some breakfast and let him watch his shows and i watched " The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and " The Last Samurai" (my favorite movie) and cleaned a little....then my mom came for lunch..uh...she went on a rampage saying "THEY DIDNT GET OUR TRASH AGAIN! AND THE PHONE WONT WORK!" its like ok...dont say thanx for cleaning the house..and then 10 min later after talking(more like yelling) at the garbage place and phone place on her cell shes all" hahahaha..thats how u work the buisness world,honey. Do you Taco Bell? I bought some sweety..are u feeling better now?" its funny how she can switch moods so fast...i remember when she was pregnant..now those were some CRAZY mood swings..after that she left to work and then my sister and other brother came from school and i had to skip piano practice cuz my mom was out of town for an appointment...then i called my Best friend Elisa...tho when i did (as predicted) she was all
Elisa: Hello?
Me: Hey Elisa.
Me: oh, im sor-
Elisa: Oh hey listen! When i came home today my parents wernt here..blah blah blah..
ok she didnt say the blah blah part but thats her story.Anyways she has her mood swings too cuz she was all mad and then went off the subject before i said i was sry..well thats all that has happen so far..ill try keep updating as often as i can. Well talk to whoever actually comes to my site later!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ugh....ive been in the science fair for about a month,and its torture!And boring....i only join for the extra cradit that will bring my "D" to a "B"...hopefully.Well that shows if im going to join next year....~sigh~ well im almost done...even though i just started it last week.Im turning it in tomorrow and present it on monday,i think.Anyways im doing it on how the moon and sun effect the Earth. Its pretty long...anyways i MIGHT spend the night at my friend's house! WAHOO! Watch i wont be able to....oh well. Thats all for now.
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Monday, March 20, 2006

   Farewell Amber,and i WILL see u again!
*sigh* today,Amber left.It was her last day here,we had a party,but its was sorta small.Though some people begain crying and me and a few others were like "hey its ok". I kept telling people its not a good bye but a cya later. They and when i say "they" i mean the foster care said that she can come and visit every friday! Though theres a possability she wont graduate..which sucks!Oh and today i brought my digital camera,well its my mom but still,anyways i took pictures of like everyone.And my friend Forrest is like as determined not get his picture taken as i am determined to GET his picture.I almost got his picture in the hall but he moved at the last minute and i only got the back of his head...i was SO CLOSE!!~sigh~ then i got a picture of Zach with his face all weird it was funny. Though i will miss Amber...until Friday anyways ^_^.The only thing that makes me a little sad is that soon the year will end and and all of us friends wont be together.But i WILL SEE THEM AGAIN!
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Friday, March 17, 2006

* quietly steaming*
.....lets just say im REALLY in a fucking pissed off mood right now. I dont really know why im so mad right now...i guess emotions dont mix well with hunger. And hunger gets me really pissed and combine it with other emotions,which include some more anger,is not a good thing.My friend Amber,has some family problems which sent her in foster care in Anderson which is like 3hrs away.Shes been coming school everyday like usual only wakes up real early,and it was ok i guess. But now the court has decided for her to transfer schools to Anderson and stay there instead stay with her grandparents HERE in our hometown..And this is the last year with all of our friends still together...i wanted us to be together for graduation,end of the year trip,and the dance!!And its really pissing me off just typing about it..I guess right now the fact their leaving at the end of the year hasnt really hit me until now,when Amber is leaving on Monday..*sigh* i cant even eat and the last time i ate was breakfast yesturday..life is only getting worse for me.I...i just RIGHT now want to beat the crap out of something..or just walk for a very long time.
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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Man,im lazy...i havent posted in a long time..heh,sry if anyone actually comes to my site. Ive been busy...no i havent...ive just been really lazy lately. AND im starting to failsome of my classes...and if i keep this up...and dont get at 3.0 on my next report card there is a HUGE chance i may not graduate or go on the 8th grade field trip..-_-..it sucks. To make matters worst my friends are moving!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *huge echo in my empty heart*...its really sad.My 2 best friends are moving...and then another close friend.~sigh~ Well they better write and call me EVERY DAY! Or else i will go over there and force them down and get a peice of paper and pencil.Today was pretty good..i got back at some of my emnies..*evil laugh* it was cool...cuz im no sucker to be messed with and especially when its messing with my friends..well thats it,ill try posting more often.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

   Updates!(Finaaly,i know)
Im sooooooooooooooooooo sry i havent posted anything since last year....ive just been doing alot and my computer wouldn't work.And ya..-_-..anyways...um..its the end of my school's 2nd quarter!...Ya and no one really cares when my school's quarter ends or starts.*cough*..uh..i drew some new pictures and they are really cool and i gave them away to my friends,because the recommended me to draw them for them.So i cant keep those wonderful drawings *weeeps*..lol,no im kidding.I dont mind,as long as i can draw.And um my cousin's came over and then their car broke down,so they had to stay 2 days longer than planned.Which was cool in a bad situation,but i got to spend a longer time with them.Seeing how they live in the mountains and i live down here in the valley.Well...*thinks*..thats all i can think of typing on this site..*thinks harder*...yep,thats it!Well ill talk to you all later!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

   Happy New Year!!
Christmas has passed and i got loads of gifts! Art stuff,now 2 skateboards,rollerblades,a giftcards,and lots of candy!Im also visiting my cousins in the mountauins right now,where its suppose to be snowing..but its not just raining.Im going to be here til Saturday i think.I cant go on my home computer at my house cuz some file is missing.So im using my cousins.Well im having fun here and i hope everyone had a great christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I also hope my best friend,Lui or Elisa isnt sick anymore and is able to laugh without coughing.Well i gotta go soo CYA!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yes there is no more school for 2 weeks! Yes! I have finally seen the meaning of life itself! *gets ready to sleep in* I never got enough sleep last week!I stayed up till 11 everynight finishing up reports and essays for school...also we had a party at school in the bandroom for my friend Nicke.We had a Christmas performance in band and since it was a mini day on Friday we left at like 8:40 and didnt get over til lunch.We had to play twice first for the 7th and 8th and then to the 5th and 6th graders.After the perfromance we could go back to class but since most of my friends were in band we stayed behind to have a party for Nicke's b-day.He used someone elses cell phone and ordered pizza to the school!It was sooo funny! He got in trouble though but since we have such great persuassion ( Shawki*other friend* got on his knees and begged for mercy i bet) he got off with a warning since it was for his b-day.Then i gave all my friends their christmas gifts they were all " oh no! u shouldt have,i love it" i was all " uh...ya sure no big deal."Also i went to the movies last Sunday and watched King Kong! It was a great movie!But know since theirs no school i have time to catch up on my daydreaming...and my art as well.
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