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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Hey,ppls!! Heh,sry for the wait...i was updating stuff on my myspace account, im a new person oon that site so with all my efforts my profile page still kinda sucks but i atleast got a background,right?Anyways, i hope you guys like the new clubs i added and the changes i made here. ( see its easy to update here) Well since this is suppose to be those posts that talk about your day, i might as well as talk about my day.Today or this morning my head was still hurting from the night before with a HUGE sinus headache,and i couldnt see right (everything was blurry) and it was hard to move around or it would hurt. Well like anyother normal morning i was like 10 min late to school,mom gave me and my bros a ride to school,but when dropping off my youngest brother, our babysitter was sick so my mom said i had to stay home and watch him. Seeing how i was sick and she couldnt stay home to watch him...and for the fact my cloths were dirty since i was in a hurry to look in the mirror. On the outside i was " awwwww...well ill try my best to feel better and watch him" but on the inside i was" HECK YES!!!! I GET TO DITCH FROM SEEING THAT WHITE HAIRED ARROGANT BA#$%! OF A TEACHER!!!..too bad ill be leaving my friends though.." You see i have this jerk teacher named Mr.Yates,he SUXS!!! He always has a rude attitude with everyone and a look that just said 'oh i am soo much better and you guys dont deserve respect' cuz he never gives us any! Treats me friends like idoits who just got out of preschool,or somethin...and since morning are bad for me having to wake up everymornin just to see his face and smell his breath is enough to make my day go in the garbage or atleast my breakfast...anyways when i got home i cooked my bro some breakfast and let him watch his shows and i watched " The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and " The Last Samurai" (my favorite movie) and cleaned a little....then my mom came for lunch..uh...she went on a rampage saying "THEY DIDNT GET OUR TRASH AGAIN! AND THE PHONE WONT WORK!" its like ok...dont say thanx for cleaning the house..and then 10 min later after talking(more like yelling) at the garbage place and phone place on her cell shes all" hahahaha..thats how u work the buisness world,honey. Do you Taco Bell? I bought some sweety..are u feeling better now?" its funny how she can switch moods so fast...i remember when she was pregnant..now those were some CRAZY mood swings..after that she left to work and then my sister and other brother came from school and i had to skip piano practice cuz my mom was out of town for an appointment...then i called my Best friend Elisa...tho when i did (as predicted) she was all
Elisa: Hello?
Me: Hey Elisa.
Me: oh, im sor-
Elisa: Oh hey listen! When i came home today my parents wernt here..blah blah blah..
ok she didnt say the blah blah part but thats her story.Anyways she has her mood swings too cuz she was all mad and then went off the subject before i said i was sry..well thats all that has happen so far..ill try keep updating as often as i can. Well talk to whoever actually comes to my site later!

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