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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

   Updates!(Finaaly,i know)
Im sooooooooooooooooooo sry i havent posted anything since last year....ive just been doing alot and my computer wouldn't work.And ya..-_-..anyways...um..its the end of my school's 2nd quarter!...Ya and no one really cares when my school's quarter ends or starts.*cough*..uh..i drew some new pictures and they are really cool and i gave them away to my friends,because the recommended me to draw them for them.So i cant keep those wonderful drawings *weeeps*..lol,no im kidding.I dont mind,as long as i can draw.And um my cousin's came over and then their car broke down,so they had to stay 2 days longer than planned.Which was cool in a bad situation,but i got to spend a longer time with them.Seeing how they live in the mountains and i live down here in the valley.Well...*thinks*..thats all i can think of typing on this site..*thinks harder*...yep,thats it!Well ill talk to you all later!

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