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Monday, March 20, 2006

   Farewell Amber,and i WILL see u again!
*sigh* today,Amber left.It was her last day here,we had a party,but its was sorta small.Though some people begain crying and me and a few others were like "hey its ok". I kept telling people its not a good bye but a cya later. They and when i say "they" i mean the foster care said that she can come and visit every friday! Though theres a possability she wont graduate..which sucks!Oh and today i brought my digital camera,well its my mom but still,anyways i took pictures of like everyone.And my friend Forrest is like as determined not get his picture taken as i am determined to GET his picture.I almost got his picture in the hall but he moved at the last minute and i only got the back of his head...i was SO CLOSE!!~sigh~ then i got a picture of Zach with his face all weird it was funny. Though i will miss Amber...until Friday anyways ^_^.The only thing that makes me a little sad is that soon the year will end and and all of us friends wont be together.But i WILL SEE THEM AGAIN!
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