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Friday, April 21, 2006

KONNICHIWA!! wassup,ppl? I just came back from my trip to the mountains with my bestfriend, it was fun!I got these new sunglasses, and we walked around town and watched Scary Movie 4 , which was pretty good but some stupid parts. But overall i had a pretty good time over there. Now im home (unfortionally) but atleast i had my time away from home! So i guess my Easter break wasnt wasted just sleeping, tho that would still would be nice...just sleeping....and sleeping..*head begins to fall and eye lids get heavy* ...uh....ok im not going to sleep now but believe me im sleeping in tomorrow! And...uh...well thats it! OH! Also when we were there me and Elisa went to watch her little cousin practice in baseball and was sitting on a bench.When some random guy keeps staring at us and uh...he wasnt good lookin and was probably 13 or 14......and not to be rude but hes was big and out of the blue he just introduced himself as Anthony. So we were like " o..k...hi?" and then 5 min later he just said "do u 2 have boyfriends?" and we tried soooo hard not to laugh. I just kept a straight face and said" yes.....yes i do. His name is Andy. ^_^" and turned and he just walked away. I kno it was mean but after we started laughing,but why would he just ask us that even tho we didnt kno who the heck he was.But thats not the first time its happened to us...so saying i do have a boyfriend has always worked for me. Even tho i really dont have one..heh.
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