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Friday, March 17, 2006

* quietly steaming*
.....lets just say im REALLY in a fucking pissed off mood right now. I dont really know why im so mad right now...i guess emotions dont mix well with hunger. And hunger gets me really pissed and combine it with other emotions,which include some more anger,is not a good thing.My friend Amber,has some family problems which sent her in foster care in Anderson which is like 3hrs away.Shes been coming school everyday like usual only wakes up real early,and it was ok i guess. But now the court has decided for her to transfer schools to Anderson and stay there instead stay with her grandparents HERE in our hometown..And this is the last year with all of our friends still together...i wanted us to be together for graduation,end of the year trip,and the dance!!And its really pissing me off just typing about it..I guess right now the fact their leaving at the end of the year hasnt really hit me until now,when Amber is leaving on Monday..*sigh* i cant even eat and the last time i ate was breakfast yesturday..life is only getting worse for me.I...i just RIGHT now want to beat the crap out of something..or just walk for a very long time.
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