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Sunday, November 23, 2008


ok ok, so i've been quieter then a dead person with laryngitis recently...i havent updated for two whole weeks...two weeks!! jeez.

to be honest though, there really hasnt been that much to talk about. i worked. i slept. i've made models kits. i've done a little bit of drawing. i even attended a Qi Gong session (who knew meditation was so uncomfortable?!) too. but really, there hasnt been a whole lot to write about...i havent got a new subject yet either. ^^;

it actually snowed today, briefly. but its pretty much gone now. oh well.

it was my brothers 18th birthday last week. he wasnt actually around to celebrate it (he was down on the south coast checking out universities for next year) but still, its a pretty big deal here when you turn 18. me and my older bro banded together and bought him this nice set of pens, cuz he wants to go into journalism. we got him a few old style pens, including a quill pen (how awesome is that?) and then we got him a couple of modern pens too.

i finally got a couple of days off, but im not sure what to do with them...probaby catch up on some my art...its really been lagging recently.

i am also now OFFICIALLY on the singles roster again. yup, i am back on the market. whether this is a good thing or a bad thing i am not sure. probably a bad thing to be honest...i had a pretty good thing going for a while, but i lost it. *Sigh* ah well. life goes on, no?

and uhm...yup. thats it. that pretty much sums up my last two weeks of my life. fun, eh?

hopefully i'll update again within the week, and i'll actually have something to show for it too. ^^;;;

till next time, take care!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

You and me, we’re going nowhere slowly…And we gotta get away from the past...There’s nothing wrong with going nowhere baby. But we should be going nowhere fast....
Heya folks. Just a quick update, and then Article the first (if you don’t count last times Article Zero… :q )

So I didn’t get the booster shots in the end. Apparently I didn’t need them. It was a bit of a wasted journey in the end. >.<

It was Guy Fawkes Night this week, our excuse to let off a whole bunch of fireworks. (Kinda like Independence Day, except we’re celebrating the failure of the worlds first recorded terrorist attack, not the declaration of Independence from Britain, funnily enough…)

Ironically, or perhaps not so much, the whole thing got overshadowed by a certain presidential election…go figure.

Also this week I received a whole bunch of new models… prominent amongst these are my new 1/144 scale GN ARMS TYPE D, which is HUGE. Seriously, the box is bigger than a 1/100 Master Grade kit. Its gonna take me a while to put that together. I also picked up 1/144 scale 00 Gundam, which is a nice little kit…when I finally get round to making my Tieren kit up, I’ll start on that.

I also received this morning three 1/42 scale Aestivalis kits from the anime Martian Successor Nadesico. These kits were originally produced between 1995 and 1997, and it shows…they’re so RETRO. Ha ha! They remind me of the old Gundam Wing kits…low pose-ability, lots of stickers and weird plastic colours. I willing to bet there is more technology in my 1/144 00 Gundam’s LEG then there is in all three of my Aestivalis Kits. Still, I’ve made one up already (that’s how simple they are) and it’s a nice kit all in all. ^^ I like it.

I seem to be breaking all my Type 2 flight stands though. this annoys me, cuz I now have a lot of 00 kits and they all seem best posed on a flight stand. >.<

Anyways, enough about models for now.

Work is going annoying as usual. Especially seeing as we got a humongous delivery on Friday and we HAVE NO FREAKIN ROOM FOR ANY OF IT. seriously, our stock room is full of crap that we don’t sell any more and our shop floor is full of crap that nobody buys. I’d like to send an email to the warehouse telling them to stop sending us merchandise, but I don’t think that’d go down well.

I also have to stay behind at work tonight to attend “Customer Service Training” in which we eat pizza and listen to our assistant manager tell us the correct way to greet and serve customers, and then the store manager will bitch at us for being incapable/forgetful/unmotivated/apathetic to do any of the stuff outlined by the Assistant Manager, and we’ll ignore him and go home. I think it’s a fairly simple, if inconvenient way to spend a Sunday evening.

This week also marks me starting to write my Christmas List. I know it’s still a little early to be thinking about Christmas properly, but last year I didn’t have ANYTHING for my list, so this year I'm being smart about it and putting down stuff that I see that’d I’d like instead of just buying it there and then. ^^;

So that’s the news.

Subject 001: History: The Making Of. (this article can also be found on my V.V. world…)

So, obviously the big deal of the week was the record breaking turnout to the American Election Polls and subsequent election of Barak Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Now I hate to litter my blog with Politics, so I'm gonna keep this article short and to the point. Like him or Loathe Him, whether you say he’s black or Hawaiian or of Mixed Ethnicities, the point of the matter is that Obama is the first person to be elected President of America that isn’t an old white man. And whether you agree with his policies or whether you think he is going to fail miserably, it still doesn’t change the fact that HISTORY was made this week. And when future text books tell the generations to come of this monumental occasion, will you be proud to turn to your kids or grandkids or disfranchised youth and say “I was there!” or “I witnessed this point in history”?

The point I'm trying to make here is that you don’t often witness history in the making.
“Ah, but Darke!” I hear you cry, “Isn’t every moment we experience history? Doesn’t the mere acknowledgement of time passing itself the creation of history?”

Well, yes, its true that every moment passed is a moment consigned to history, but how often do you get to witness a social-political event that marks a turning point in the chronicles of the human race? How often do you experience something that will make the history books, will actually make a difference to generations yet unborn?

I don’t normally follow Presidential campaigns, but I followed this one because back in January I was certain that by the end of this year either a Black Man or a Woman would be elected President. That made it exciting. It made 2008 a crucial time in the first decade of the 21st century. Sure, 2008 might be remembered for other reasons too… the Beijing Olympics. The worst financial crisis since the crash of Wall Street in the 1930s.

But I'm going to choose to remember it as the year Humanity progressed. In as little as a Century a man like Obama has gone from “White Man’s Slave” to “Leader of the Most Powerful Country on Earth”.

It pleases me to think that Humanity is capable of advancing like that within 3-5 generations…it gives me hope for the future and the other things we might achieve.

Be proud. You witnessed the dawn of a new era. How many times will you be able to truly claim that in your life? Sure, I don’t know if Obama is going to live up to our expectations. But isn’t it fantastic we gave him a chance?

* * *

I'm still on the lookout for more topics. Preferably stuff that makes you think rather then any old stuff you could look up on Wikipedia. XD

Anyhoo, have a great week! till next time!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another year...
it occured to me the other day that about three posts ago i should have celebrating my FIFTH year here at MyOtaku. FIVE FREAKIN YEARS blogging here at good ole MyO. and what do i have to show for it?

well, quite a lot actually. a host of good friends. anime, manga, music and film recommendations up the ying yang. hints and tips at this that and the other. and a whole half decade of memories.

heh. Half a Decade of blogging, on and off. when a put it like that, it seems like quite a long time. it really hasnt been though. it only seems like yesterday (or maybe a few moths back ^^;;; ) when i was pulling in about 12-15 comments A DAY, and posting regularly about the most inane and random stuff. i guess i can safely say i've lived through MyO's effective lifespan. as much as i dont particularly like it, VV is doing a pretty damned good job at keeping the Otaku community alive. heh.

im still not done though. i figured i need a project to keep me motivated and posted regularly. Through the "Golden Years" as i like to think of them, i had Chibi Darke Days to keep me busy and to share with the Global Otaku Community. Whilst i dont really have time now to think up and create a full time comic strip here any more, thats not the only thing im good at. ^^

on and off throughout the last few years i like to think i've written some really good articles or editorials or some insightful observations about the world at large. and so i unvail my next MyOtaku Project...


there was this thing going around D.A for a little while called the 100 Pictures Challenge. basically you had to write down 100 random words and draw a picture for each one. and so im going to do the same, except im going to write down 100 subjects and write my thoughts and feelings about each one, doing one subject per post, and ergo giving me 100 posts to write. should keep me busy, no?

anyway, i havent decided on 100 subjects yet, but if you have any suggestions or anything you want me to write about, nows ya chance. you can submit as many or as little topics as you like.

anyways, now to the local news...

i got Luna back from the shop yesterday. She's all tuned up and fixed up and working again. yay! now i just gotta await her tax disc to arrive and the roads once more belong to me!! ha ha.
It's funny, cuz she needed new shock absorbers for the rear wheel, and now she's got them, they're the shiniest part on her! ha ha! it got me thinking though, how much of a machine can you replace until its still the same machine you started off with...

for example, to date i have had to replace Luna's rear tyre, front panel, rear shocks, her spark plugs, her air filter and her head-light bulb. not a lot, i know. she's still the same bike, she has the same engine and same chassis. but if i held onto her for a long time, and had to replace more parts, when would be the point where she wouldn't be Luna anymore? When i replaced her engine? When i replaced her chassis? (although replacing her entire chassis would be an extreme move.. ^^;;; )
i mean, when you get a Heart Transplant, which is arguably the body's powerplant, you're still you. just with a different heart. ok ok, so nobody has ever undergone a brain transplant, and there is no equivalent "brain" part in a motor scooter and this is all really just a flight of fancy, but think of this...

Every cell in the Human Body is constantly dying and being replaced. it's just a fact of life. i can't remember the exact time frame, but it happens repeatedly over the natural life span... your entire body gets replaced. The person you are now has no remaining cells from the person you were, say, seven years ago. But you're still you. Because the process happens over time, gradually and not instantaneously, you retain your memories, your skills, your personality. what makes up you remains, the software if you will, even though the hardware has been totally replaced.

of course this all boils down to the debate about the existance of the Immortal Soul, the indefinable element, the "I" in Human BeIng. Whether it exits physically in the body (and if so where, and where does it go after we die?) or whether it exists elsewhere, unknown and unseen but still real.

i know, in the "real world" i cant compare scooters to humans. i cant compare anything mechanical to the glory and splendour that it homo sapiens. that postulating about the existance of the Ghost in the Machine, particularly in one that is purely analogue with no trace of digital awareness, is pure fallacy.

but i like to wonder. Where is Luna's soul? and sometimes...just sometimes...is it more real than my own?

heh...i guess we can call that Subject Zero in our 100 subjects List. i'll be posting this on VV too, just to see if it makes any difference.

other news this week, i bought a bunch of plastic shelving units for my room, and have now removed all manga and anime from my floor! yay! so that makes me happy.

today i have to go and recieve some booster shots for some innoculations i got two years ago. It's been a while since somebody stuck a needle in my arm, so that should be fun... -_-;;;

and thats it from me today. i'd like to leave you with this last thought...

sometimes the best ideas come at you two minutes before you have to get a train to work...

till next time!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jump, Jump, hmm hmm, yeah yeah! Oh, Oh, sparkle sparkle, Yeah Yeah!

any questions?

hey folks. another relatively quiet week for me.

so i took Luna in for her MOT (see last post) on monday. and she failed. @_@

basically her rear shock absorbers need replacing. which i kinda knew about anyway, but never had the chance to get them properly looked at. anyways, i left her at the Honda place and they're gonna replace the shocks, give her a full service (which she's long overdue for anyway) and redo the MOT. its gonna be expensive, but it should mean that she's back at full fighting strength when they finally get her back to me. hopefully by next wednesday *fingers crossed*

today im heading into London, like i do everyday, but today im hanging out with Meredith, my friend from Camp who's now living/working over here. we havent quite decided what we're doing yet, but it should be fun. ths weekend is also the London Expo, but i had already made plans (and im working tomorrow) so i miss it for yet another year. *shrugs* im not that bothered i guess.

been doing pretty well anime wise this week... Gundam 00 is going strongly. I finished watching Shugo Chara (51 episodes! took me a while!) and they've just started releasing Shugo Chara Doki! (see video) so i've started following that. ^^ good stuffs.

also this week i dug out one the very first anime dvds i ever purchased...Martian Successor Nadesico vol 3! classic anime. ^^ the reason for this lil trip down Nostalgia lane was because Hobby Link Japan were selling off their old stock of Aestivalis Mecha kits at a reduced rate, and i really wanted these when i was watching Nadesico back in 2003/2004. and now im older and can afford to have them shipped all the way here, i am! ha ha! but still, it was great to watch that old series again. ^^ well, i only watched the one DVD, but its still all good. i used to be able to recite episode 12 line for line from memory when i was younger. ^^;; NERD!

well, thats all from me today. i'll try to update with something interesting at some point. ;p

ciao fer now!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

insert subject here
its been a pretty dull week all in all. mostly just working.

i have to put Luna in for an MOT tomorrow, (Luna = my scooter, MOT = road worthiness test) but i cant get her to start...well, thats not strictly true...i got her to start once, and now she wont start again. i suspect the battery is pretty much flat, so im gonna try it again in the morning, to see if it makes any difference.
i ought to be able to start her with the foot crank, but for some reason it aint working. i know Luna is 4 years old and i know she hasnt had a proper service in over a year and a half (she hasnt reached the appropriate milage yet) and i KNOW shes been in storage for about 6 months, but she should still run. i really really hope she'll start in the morning, otherwise i wont be able to get her to the test.

my brother is out today looking at Universities. well, one Uni anyway...he and my parents have visited a number already. it'll be weird if he finds one he wants to go to, cuz the ones he's looking at are all pretty far away...at this rate he's going to move out the house before i do! and what with my brother being out in LA now, its gonna be pretty quiet round the house. it wont be lonely though...i barely see him as it is!

started reading "Cloud of Sparrows" again...i bought the book out in Malaysia in 2006, and really enjoyed it. it is a very good book about Samurai and Japan in the mid-19th century, near the end of the age of samurai. it also has a string mystical element to it too. ^^ its a good read.

started watching Gundam 00 second season...its shaping up to be real good! and im also coming close to the conclusion of Shugo Chara...again, many exciting things be happening!! XD

well, thats it from me. nothing interesting to say or make comment on at the moment....i'll try to come up with something sometime..



one of my friends from Camp just uploaded this video onto youtube. this recorded after the staff dinner when a few of us got together at someones house for a mini after-dinner party. after a time, some of us decided it would be a good idea to re-enact the Harry Potter Puppet Pals video from youtube. so here we have it in all its glory.

the cast:

Snape: Joshua Lewis
Dumbledore: Megan Gibb
Ron Weasley: Curtis Hammer
Hermionie: Marta Haruko Senn
Harry Potter: Jonny Pelly (a fellow english man)
Voldimort: Garret Crispin

and if you look really carefully, you see my arm rise up from the couch in the last few seconds of the video...

good times. XD

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

hey look, im updating on Sunday! woo~
im getting back into the swing of things. maybe i wont leave, but i defintely cant promise a regular updating schedule...i'l update when i feel like it. at least once a week, if i can.

This week hasnt gone too badly i guess...work is boring the crap out of me already, but it has been really quiet this week, so there hasnt been a whole lot to do. it'll perk up in a few weeks when the christmas rush starts to get going.

watched the first episode of the second season of Gundam 00 this week...its got off to a good start and im looking forward to the remainder of the series. also this week i have resumed viewing Shugo Chara...im now in the second half of the series, and enjoying it very much. And this week i saw the first episode of Yozakura Quartet. i really liked the manga (well, the first two volumes that i have) but the anime seems to be kinda different. the basics are there, but i feel like they revealed way to much in the first episode. *shrugs* i'll watch the second episode and decide whether i wanna keep watching it. like i said, the manga is really good, and besides, the second episode of an anime almost always is better than the first.

i got my prize for competing in the Mecha OC tournament on Deviant Art this week. the tourny host, Dire-Musaera, did a colour-marker version of my mech from the tournament. it looks pretty awesome! check it out here: Lunaris Royal Guard Mechanoid

*shuffles through paperwork* what else... oh yeah. real world news: CREDIT CRISIS!!

it has absolutely no effect on me at this moment in time. XP

so anyways.

i think i have to help bring in the apples from off our trees in the back garden today. always a fun job. -_-;;

well, thats all i can think of today. you can skip to the bottom to comment, or you can read this rather amusing character meme i did a while back.


Character Tag

Choose 10 of your OCs

1. Gabrielle (teenaged superheroine, “Earth Angels”)
2. Seraph (Blind dude, “See no Evil Speak No Evil”)
3. Kira (Assassin, “Stacked Deck”)
4. Tessa (solider, commander VIRTUE: HOPE)
5. Kayleigh (a girl)
6. Shadow (negative energy)
7. Rachel (were-cat, “Earth Angels: Heaven and Earth”)
8. Box Man (weird hero)
9. Luna (mecha girl)
10. Jess McHeath (Scottish mech pilot, “Gundam SCROLL”)

1.) Your characters get screennames.

Gabrielle: Wingz_of_Love
Seraph: Sightless123
Kira: Ace_of_Spades
Tessa: Jack_Daniels_Lurv
Kayleigh: Duos_gurl14
Shadow: ShadowH8
Rachel: Kit_E_Kat02
Box Man: ThinkOutsideTheBox
Luna: MeTaL_gUrL2004
Jess: Black_Jess

2.) Describe a typical conversation between any two of these characters.

Box Man: So I was totally thinking outside the box and bashed him on the head with a box and then he told me it wasn’t a box, it was a crate so I lost all control over the box, which wasn’t a box, it was a crate, and he smacked me in the solar plexus but totally got him back with his lunch box and so that’s how I got the kid to hand over his pancakes for my lunch today. Do you want a pancake? I got plenty.

Seraph: Nani?

3.) 5 (Kayleigh) takes 6 (Shadow) to the zoo.

Shadow would hate it. He hates everything.

4.) 4 (Tessa) and 7 (Rachel) enjoy a leisurely picnic lunch. What do they eat?

Tessa would favour some kind of barbeque, or perhaps just a bucket of chicken wings with a pitcher of beer on the side. Rachel would partake in the meat-fest, but have milk as her beverage of choice.

5.) What is 2 (Seraph)'s favorite read?

Well, seeing as how he’s blind, it would have to be something in Braille or an Audio Book…and he’s Japanese, so some kind of Japanese Author…

6.) 10 (Jess) is asked, "Where is Waldo"?

Jess is the reason Waldo is hiding.

7.) 3 (Kira) is stranded in a desert. Who would she rather be stranded with, 1
(Gabrielle), 4 (Tessa), or 8 (Box Man)?

Kira hates people. But she’d probably most likely want Gabrielle for company because Gabrielle can fly her out of there, and they have similar hair styles.

8.) 9 (Luna) is asked to be a spokesperson for a company/cause. What does she
choose, and why?

Luna would be a big advocate for some kind of Automobile Company or Aircraft Manufacturer. She’d probably choose Honda, partly because she is a Honda Model herself, but mostly because she thinks ASIMO is cute.

9.) 1 (Gabrielle) and 2 (Seraph) are in a Disney movie together. What is the title?

“Lady and the Blind guy who is slightly unshaven but totally not homeless.”

10.) What is 1 (Gabrielle)'s biggest nightmare?

Losing her wings, probably.

11.) 8 (Box Man) orders a pizza. What's on it?

He’d probably be too obsessed by the box it came in to notice.

12.) 6 (Shadow) and 3 (Kira) become arch enemies in a comic book. What're
their alter ego names?

Uhm… The Shadow and The Ace of Spades. They really wouldn’t go for alter egos.

13.) 5 (Kayleigh) has an irrational fear of:

Depends which variant of the character you ask, but on the whole, most versions of Kayleigh really really don’t like being isolated anywhere for extended periods of time.

14.) 2 (Seraph) asks 8 (Box Man) on a date, y/n and why.

Seraph’s gay? It’d be a definite N, partly because neither of them swing that way, but also cuz Kida would turn Seraph into pulp.

15.) 4 (Tessa) gives 1 (Gabrielle) a present. What is it, and why?

Probably a bottle of Liquor or something, despite Gabrielle being underage. Tessa really isn’t good at figuring out what other people like.

Now choose ten characters belonging to someone else to answer the next few
questions. (I don’t know many other people so I'm just gonna choose random cartoon/anime characters, apart from the first one)
1. Miss Neo (miss_Neo)
2. Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
3. Ed (Cowboy Bebop)
4. Revi (Black Lagoon)
5. Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo)
6. Duo (Gundam Wing)
7. Chise (Saikano)
8. Dolores The Orbital Frame (Zone of the Enders)
9. Souske Sagawa (Full Metal Panic)
10. Tachikoma (GITS)

1.) Your 4 (Tessa) and someone else's 1 (Miss Neo), 5 (Ryoko), and 9 (Souske) are
stuck in a carpool in traffic. How do they pass the time?

Miss Neo would be driving, and Tessa would be discussing military hardware (particularly guns) with Souske. Ryoko would have buggered off early and flown to the destination.

2.) Someone else's 10 (Tachikoma) and your 6 (Shadow) are having a contest. What
is it, and why?

If anything, a battle of wits. Shadow and Tachi are so diametrically opposed though, I doubt they would find anything to contest about.

3.) Your 8 (Box Man) and someone else's 8 (Dolores) are asked to save the world.

It would be cute, funny and epic. And they would succeed! Yay~!

4.) Someone else's 2 (Vash) and your 5 (Kayleigh) are having a chess match. Who
wins, and why?

Probably Vash…Kayleigh would get impatient real quick and try to tip the board over…

5.) Your 7 (Rachel) and someone else's 7 (Chise) are trapped in an
elevator. What happens?

They’d probably chat cheerfully for a while until they got bored or tired or needing to pee. Then Chise would blow a hole in the side of the elevator and they’d both hop out.

6.) Someone else's 6 (Duo) and your 3 (Kira) are invited to a tea party
hosted by your 9 (Luna) and someone else's 3 (Ed). Result?

It would be interesting, to say the least… Kira would leave early, Duo and Luna would probably turn up some music and get funky with it, and Ed would be Ed…

7.) Someone else's 1 (Miss Neo) and your 2 (Seraph) take a vacation to...

Somewhere quiet. I suspect Kida would be jealous.

8.) Someone else's 8 (Dolores) and someone else's 9 (Souske) meet up with your 1
(Gabrielle). What happens?

Gabrielle would wonder how she got stuck in a mecha cross-over fic…

9.) THERE'S A SURPRISE PARTY FOR YOUR 5 (Kayleigh)! Who is it hosted by--someone
else's 3 (Ed), someone else's 4 (Revi), or someone else's 10 (Tachikoma)?

My money is on Tachikoma, though I suspect Revi would turn up if there was an open bar…

10.) And finally, your 10 (Jess) and someone else's 2 (Vash) have a staring
contest. What happens?

Vash would lose. If only to let Jess win so that he might flirt with her.

any-hoo, till next we meet!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So I know last week I said I was going to post more regularly…well, I guess posting one week after the last time I posted is more regular then I have been updating over the summer, so….YAY!

I also said I might have pictures and stuff up, but I really don’t feel like it… not at the moment anyway.

I miss the old days of myotaku… I might quit blogging here. Most of my old friends have gone, and I just don’t feel like updating all the time. I still don’t like VV either. I’ll stay on theotaku system, contributing to the odd caption competition and wotnot, but I think my blogging days are effectively coming to an end…we’ll see.

Ah well.

The last week went pretty well for me. I met up with a couple of very good friends on Saturday. The first, Ines, I used to work with back in spring. It was really good to see her again, and we had ice cream at this Italian place and chatted for about two hours. Then I met up with Meredith, who I worked with at Camp over the summer, and we walked around London for a bit, and then went and chatted at length over several pints of brew. It was enjoyable.
It was also quite a good day for me, partly because I managed to get my old job (more on this in a minute) and partly because I managed to get Junk vol 7 manga (which completes that series) and Appleseed vol 3 manga. I also picked up the Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu box set for a decent price too. I love Fumoffu, it makes me laugh so hard. I managed to resist buying the series until the box set was released, unlike a whole lot of other series which I collect and then the box set gets released at a later date for so much cheaper…take RahXephon for example…the series was originally released way back in 2004. I didn’t even take an interest in it until earlier this year. they were selling the series off cheap (about £10 a disc for about 7 discs in total), so I thought “sweet”. Then the other day they released the Box Set, WITH the movie, for about £30. that’s a £40 loss on my part. And this was 4 years after they originally released the series on dvd!!!! WTH people?

Anyways, got my job back. I started on Monday. Its kinda nice to go back to a job that I know how to do and don’t have to worry about looking around for a new job, but I already know I'm gonna hate going through the routine over and over…still, if it means I can get out to America again next summer, so be it. the other thing that depresses me a little about going back to the store is that 90% of the people I used to work with there have left, and the other 10% are pretty much only working there part time now. So there’s all these new folk I don’t recognise. I'm a little sad that I wont see my old colleagues any more, but I guess I can always flip it around and look at it as an opportunity to make new friends…we’ll see how that goes… -_-;;;

Today I went for my CBT, which is basic training so I can ride my scooter….i got about another 5 things I have to do before I can ride my scooter on the roads again. Its gonna take a while, and cost a whole bunch of money. >.< but the CBT went well, and it was nice to get to ride on the roads again, even if it was only on a crappy 50CC scooter that I hired for the day.

I finished watching Macross Frontier the other day…talk about an AMAZING series. And the finale! Stupendous!! If you had to ask me which camp I belonged to, Gundam or Macross, I’d probably say Gundam everytime, but DAMN, do those Macross guys know how to make a series. Music was FANTASTIC. Animation was EXCELLENT. Storyline was INSPIRED. Character designs were WONDERFUL. Mecha designs were OUTSTANDING. And the homages to earlier Macross series were a nice touch too. I give this series a full 10 thumbs up. Pity it wont ever get released in the West.

I wish I had a Macross F VF-25. T.T

Also, Gundam 00 season 2 has begun in japan…I am frantically trying to find a site that dispenses the Fansub for it.

Anyhoo, that’s it from me. I’ll leave you guys with some comics I drew.


Katamari Demacy is an annoyingly fun game.

I hate Blackberry Phones, but I love Blackberry Pie…that’s actual blackberries. As in the fruit.

Ha ha, Box Man returns. And he doth smite your stupid capitalist device of communication.

Till next time!!

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

ok, so i had a post all typed out and written, and then something epic-ly stoopid happened and i lost it all....


so, in abridged format...

- Im now home. i hope to update regularly.

- Tennessee was fantastic. Thanks guys.

-stayed the night with Red Tigress in Virginia. (Props to her and Dirk for Pizza, Rock Band and MST3K)

- drove over the CBBT, which was a mini adventure in and of itself

- stayed the night in delaware visiting a friend.

- went back to camp/my dear friend Loretta's house (and Ashleigh was there too)

- did a few challenge course groups, including one in heavy wind and rain

- painted Loretta's kitchen green

- went to Megan Shitama's birthday. good times.

- returned the rental car. T.T

- went out with J.R to have drinks and dinner (he owed me a beer)

- went to church a coupla times.

- ate lots of ice cream, watched lots of Scrubs, chatted about many a thing.

- watched end of Gurren Lagann (epic!!) and all of "5cm a Second" (very sad, but animation BLEW. MY. MIND.)

- was very sad to have to say good-bye to both Loretta and Ashleigh. they are AWESOME people.

- now back home! fighting off jet lag and an 455-tonne of stuff to do.

That pretty much covers me. ^^;;;

im gonna try and post more regularly from now on. on saturday im heading up to London to meet with some friends, and also to see if i can get my old job back.

full details/evaluations/some pictures of camp will be up next post, or some time soon. :q

so anyways, IM BACK! W00T!!

see ya round kiddies.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

heya folks. tis another update of wonderness!

so i finally have left camp. but its not really saying much since i'll be going back there next week to help out with a few more groups before i head home. :q

but anyways, i have rented a car. and its a really nice car. like...so much nicer then my one back home. i'll be sad when i have to return it. It's a cherry red chevvy coblat. it is a nice car. a very, very nice car.

anyways, first place i went to was the university of delaware, cuz i have a few friends there. UD is absolutely HUGE! and damned expensive too...it cost me $54 for three nights parking. WTF?! insane.

i did enjoy hanging out with my friends though. ^^ and i also got the opportunity to do a little shopping. I bought Black Lagoon, 2nd Barrage vol 1, Gurren Lagann vol 1 and 5cm a Second, a movie by Makoto Shinkai (of Voices of a Distant Star/ The Place Promised in Our Early Days fame)

I also bought two Dragonforce cds. "Vally Of the Damned" (their first one) and their latest one (i cant remember what its called.)

I've already watched Gurren Lagann. Its really good, i can see why it is so popular. Its the sort of nonsense Giant Mecha show of Hot Blooded Passion and Burning Righteousness that just doesnt get made any more. Its kinda like the movie 300. its real manly and really fires you up. Good stuffs.

ha ha, speaking of Gurren Lagann and 300

ha ha!!!

anyways, getting back on track, after UD i headed north to Philadelphia, to see another friend. Philadelphia was kinda awesome. One the first night, we hooked up with two of our hungarian friends, and we went to a Jazz Cafe. there was a Jazz Trio performing there that night, and they were really good!

on the saturday, we went back into the city to look around. It was just me, my friend and one of the hungarians, but at the train station, we found this random german student who was visiting the city for the first time, and looked a little lost and confused, so we invited him to come along with us. we went down to the museum of art, and went into the Franklin Institute of Sceince, and we also had a Philly Cheese Steak! it was a weird day all in all. and it was raining like crazy too. thanks hurricane hanna. >.<

On sunday (yesterday) i drove all the way from Philly to Morristown, Tennessee...it was a 9 hour journey. fortuntly it was pretty much I-81 the whole way, so it wasnt very difficult, just kinda tiring. ^^;;

and so im currently in tennessee, hanging out with some of my bestest best friends in the world: Chrissy, Amber and Mindy (who some of you may know as Cee-Kari, Flueky and Mitzy respectively)

im here for about a week, with plans to head into Johnson city to meet up with Mindy, and perhaps head into Knoxville or something later in the week. should be good times all round. ^^

After TN, im heading back to Maryland, heading up from the bottom. Im gonna briefly head back into delaware to see another good friend fo camp, then im heading back to camp proper to do a few more days of Challenge Course work. ^^ oh and to attend a birthday party too. ^^

and then after that, i head home. cuz. y'know. i have to. *sigh*

anyways, i hope y'all are having a good time with your various pursuits and whatnot. i may try to post again before i leave the states, but i suspect the next time you hear from me will be when i arrive back home.



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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

huh...that was fast...was it?
So here i am again. and camp is over. T.T

BUT im still on site. i got a whole bunch of outside groups who come in to use the challenge course or other facilities here at Camp Pecometh. i have been a lifeguard, worked maintenance, done my regular challenge course job, done a whole slew of other things too...i am a veritable Jack Of All Trades.

the last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting. The final week of regular camp ended well with the Staff Dinner, and that was very enjoyable.
Then the week after that was Day Camp, which was very chillaxed and fun. It is only run with about half the staff as regular camp and we get the evenings free. So we did stuff like zip-line and tubing in the evenings.
One evening 6 of us went and did a "Photo-Scavanger Hunt". two teams of three, and we had go down a pre-arranged list and take pictures of what was requested. stuff like "roadkill", a "pink bowling ball", "as many people in a shopping trolley as possible", "in a strangers car" and many other random things. it was hilarious tearing through Chestertown trying to find these things, and we got a few weird looks too. ha ha!!!

we also went out together for dinner as well that week, and it was a lot of fun. (as well as a lot less formal)

and now it is officially "the week after camp" which basically looks like "the week before camp" only a lot less busy and in reverse. it is so freaking quiet here, it is redonkulous. i remember being here back in may and thinking "hmm, its quiet here. its nice." and then it got hella busy. now all my friends and everyone have left and its gone back to being quiet, except now its more of a "hmm, there's not much to do," quiet.

which is lies and slander of course, there is a tonne of stuff to do. on sunday and monday i had Salisbury University on the ropes course, and those guys are fantastic, i love doing challenge course stuff with them. I was in charge of Team Teal, and i even got a complimentary team bandana!!! ha ha ha!! and we got a few more groups coming in over the next week, so im gonna be busy. and even when im not doing challenge course, there's the rest of camp to break down and pack away, and other groups to life-guard and stuff, so im pretty busy. AND im not alone here either. Ashleigh, Office Assistant and Canteen Queen extrodinaire is staying on camp for the next few weeks too. She's also Challenge Course certified, so i spend a lot of time working with her. She's the fun kind of certifiably crazy, and its fun to hang out with her. and other people come to help with the challenge course too. so its all good. ^^

i got up early the other day and went kyaking. (at like, 6 AM) it was pretty sweet, after i spent 10 minutes convincing myself to get out of bed and go. the sunrise over camp was amazing, and i also found a quiet little hideaway on the river. it was something special.

i've had a good summer. its been a lot of fun, i've spent good time with good friends, and i am more then a little bit sad that its pretty much over for this year. not gonna lie. ^^; maybe i'll do the trifecta and come back for a third year. do the trilogy. ha ha!

in other news, my brother is moving out to L.A, of all places. my parents are taking out a loan to pay for his new place, but they need my signature to allow them to do this (its complicated) so they faxed me over the form i need to sign. I signed it, and understandably they want it back ASAP, so i tried sending it right back.



first off, i have never, ever sent a fax in my entire life (hello? email?) and secondly, there was a problem with the line that camp's fax machine was on. it seems to have been sorted now, and *fingers crossed* my dad should have the signed form by tomorrow when he goes into work. So then my parents can get the loan and my brother can move out to L.A. so there.

i have a metric tonne of pictures to upload, but camp's net is crappy, so it's gonna have to wait until i get home. oh well!

well, there was probably more i wanted to say, but i've waffled on too much today i think.

till next we meet!

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