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Thursday, August 17, 2006

   okies, lets see if i can do this...
so tired...should have...gone to bed...ealier...bleah... @.@

btw, there's a lorra pics today, so bare with me. it might take a while to load.

okies, here is the update of the last couple of weeks...lets see if i can remember it all...

okies, first off, i have finally got myself a job again. Im back at the hospital doing catering work like i was last winter. its not brilliant, buts its a fairly easy job and it pays well. i go back next week.

yesterday i went up to London for the Royal Air Force careers presentation. i've gotta fill out a few more forms and arrange a filter interview now. im gonna be busy busy. i've gotta do a lotta research before the interview too. make sure im well prepared etcetera...
i also visited Forbidden Planet yesterday and picked up MegaTokyo vol 4, Gundam Lost War Chronicles vol 2 and Evangelion: Angelic Days vol 2. Im really enjoying Angelic Days, the alternate version of Rei is so fscking cute! ^^

I also picked up this lil fella...

Check Switch! Ignition On! Let's Fight To Find Our Future!

part of my recent Panda-Z obsession. ^^;;

today, if i get my act together and finish this off soon, i will be going off to do some gardening for my aunt, and get paid for it. ^^ which would be nice.

anyways, here are some photos from my recent holiday. im not gonna detail out exactly what i did all week, im just gonna show you a selection of photos and tell ya where they're from.
if you DO however wanna know what i did with my week in a slightly surreal and bizzare way, you can check out my Holiday Diary Comic. its weird, its messy and there six parts to it. follow the links, if you dare.

anyways, Photos! normal hidden goodies to be found. just gotta find the alt text... (EDIT: Damned photobucket has resized most of my photos, so you're gonna have to trust what i say when it comes to the details. DAMN YOU TO HELL PHOTOBUCKET!)

Typical English cottage...cept it was welsh...
The cottage we stayed in for a week. I had to share a room with my younger brother (*whispers* HE SNORES!) lol

FACT: Wales at one time used to produce more Slate then the rest of the World COMBINED.
This is an old slate quarry. there are trails around some of it and the other part is being used by a power company to house their Hydro-Generator.

These lil buggers were strong...they push carriages full of people up and down Snowdon ALL day, EVERY day, and have been doing so for donkey's years...
The Snowdon Mountain Railway. We decided to climb Snowdon to the halfway point. theres a lil house there called Halfway House that sells food and stuffs. we coulda gone all the way to the top, but we didnt have enough time and it got a lot harder on the 2nd half.

okies, im not actually doing this in chronological order...this was on one of the first days when we went to a zoo. this lil fella just waited patiently at the gate cuz he knew it was almost feeding time.

*sings* Its the- Eye of the tiger, its hidden by a bush...
The tigers were probably one of the coolest animals at the zoo.

Never smile at a crocodile...oh wait, im an alligator...carry on kids..
along with the alligators. Fantastic.

OMDays!!! ITS HUGE!!!
This was a huge water wheel found at the Welsh Slate Museum. It powered like...EVERYTHING in the workshops when the museum used to be the place where they processed the slate.
BTW, i know that the Welsh Slate Museum sounds like a hella boring place to visit, but i quite enjoyed it. I've always had an interest in the indusrial heritidge (sp?) of places i visit. i dunno. i just get a kick out of old places like this.

I liked Una...probably cuz its one letter away from Luna. ^^
Una, the steam engine. Used to shuttle slate back and forth around the quarry. IS OVER A 100 YEARS OLD. stuff like that is important. i think so anyway.

Hello tiny people!
Welsh Slate Museum, from above (we were standing on a hill...)

here are some pretty good views of the valley in which Snowdon is a part of.

to your right...a huge lake
Snowdon covered in cloud
The drive through that bit of the valley was WAY impressive.
The lil town of Llanberis. Say it with me folks.
the last pic is of the town of Llanberis. The welsh language is about half english, half celtic and some words sound the same as they do in english, but are spelt completely different. Place names are the best. Some of the places we visited included Conwy and Llandudno. The best place is this lil town called...ready?


i am NOT kidding you. it means ""St. Mary's Church in the hollow of white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio near the red cave." and really does exist. (Random Fact: if you think that name is hella long and un-pronouncable, theres a place in Thailand called
Krungthepmahanakornamornratanakosinmahintarayutthayamahadilokphopnop- paratrajathaniburiromudomrajaniwesmahasatharnamornphimarnavatarnsathit- sakkattiyavisanukamprasit.

so there.)

now we get on to my fav part. This was a trail we walked around part of the old quarry. When the quarry was shut down about 40 or so years ago, they practically just dropped everything and left it where it was. so around the trail are all these trucks and buildings and train tracks that have just been abandoned. It was really surreal, but i loved it. I love the concept of something thats just been abandoned and left un-used for ages. i know, im strange.

This reminds me of the anime Place Promised where the protagonists have set up a work area in an abandoned train station
Abandoned wheel house.

didnt check this one out closely. looks cool from this angle though.
another wheel house. they used these to get trucks of slate up and down the side of the mountain.

BAA, i say, BAAAA
a totally unexpected and random Mountain Goat we saw whilst walking

HELLO DOWN THERE THere there there...
This crevice was created purely by dynamite blasting. the lake at the bottom is this freaky turquoise colour and is used by a dive club for scuba divers and stuff.

The funny thing was that half of these were falling down, but ALL the chimneys were intact...
Anglesey Barracks. why they had Barracks halfway up the side of a mountain, i dont know, nor do i know why it was called Anglesey Barracks, because Anglesey is an island off the coast of Wales, and a blooming long way from here.

these were just so surreal, i cannot even begin to describe it to you
I think this is my Fav picture out of all the wheelhouse pictures. i dunno why. I think its just the way it came out.

so thats it for photos from wales. we did other stuff as well, like going to see my Brothers show in Conwy Castle, going to see "Cars" at the cinema, going bowling, going to the beach (tho it was really windy and cold) and of course, it was my brothers 22nd birthday whilst we were away.

so thats it from me today. im now wide awake, and need breakfast. i leave you with todays CDD

NO, he wasnt recording the weather...he was recording a funny show about men in berets which was on yesterday before YESTERDAYS weather show.. duh!

if ya cannae see it all too well (damn you Photobucket!) click on the image to see a better version.

welp, until next time my friends, see ya, toodles and sayonara...

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

hi peeps. im back and hopefully will be regularly updating in the next week or so. Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, i really appreciate it.

Wales was awesome, and it was really nice to get out and clear my head somewhat. HOWEVER, the downside of being out of it for a week is that i got this huge-MON-gus pile of backlogged crap to wade through before i can get back to normal. i got some job stuffs to get back to and sort out, i got mail to sort through, i got a tonne of pictures and a few comic ideas to sort out (if i get the time), i've also got to reaarange driving lessons, fill out some forms, unpack, go to a meeting and do a hundred other things i'd rather not do ut dont really have a choice. a few hours sleep would be nice too. i got home at about 2AM last night. its now 9:45AM. heh. im too wired to sleep much anyways.

welp, i'll be updating soon with pictures and whatnot but for now you're gonna have to maedo with a simple "hi". i had a buncha otherthings i wanted to do online this morning but my internet is being a butt-munch and won't stay connected.

oh btw, i wont be updating on wednesday cuz i gotta be up London at 8:45AM so i'll update y'all on thursday instead. hopefully by then i'll have some proper material for you guys.

welp, ttfn.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Huh. I actually have stuff to talk about today.
hiya folks. lotsa stuff to talk about and piccies to show ya today.

where to start...okies, first off on Sunday I discovered that the National Film Theatre in London is doing an anime event during August, showing a range of anime films including Pom Poko, Spirited Away, Patlabor, Place Promised, Karras, Mind Game, Area 88, and a couple of others i cant remember. i kinda want to see Place Promised on the big screen (i've already got it on DVD) but i wanted to go see a film with Nic, so i asked him what he wanted to see, and he said "Mind Game" so we'rre gonna see that. Im also gonna watch "Patlabor" there beforehand, cuz its showing on the same day. Its another one i've already seen several times, ut i think will be awesome experiencing it on the big screen. I would go and watch Place Promised as well, but it would mean having to go all the way up to London on a different day, and besides, it costs like £8 (approx 12.5 US Dollars) for a single ticket. expensive, yes, but the experience will be worth it, and plus i'll get to go out and actually do something with my friend this summer.

Uh what should i say now...okies, after i updated on Sunday, i decided to go up to this lil place where i used to go as a kid. Near where i used to live there is this big field, and behind the field is an allotment. well, it used to be an allotment. i dont think it is anymore. anyway, this Engineers Club set up a Minature Railway in this allotment and during the summer months on certain Sunday afternoons, they open the gates and allow people to ride on the trains. its a way of raising funds, and getting to do something productive with what the club members make. ^^ As i said, I used to go there all a time as a kid, but since we moved (like...8 or 9 years ago) i havnt been there, cept maybe once, but it was right after we moved. the other day my dad found a list of dates they were running, so on sunday i walked up to where it was and spent the afternoon riding the lil trains. These things are like ACTUALLY steam powered, and require stuff like coal and water to run, like an actual Steam Locomotive does. they have a small area for maintenance and a small area where there's a refreshments shop. its was vaguely nostalgic, and a tonne of fun too. i like steam trains, its one of my lesser known things that im in to. I also took some pictures to show you guys. normal piccie pressies apply...just hover your cursor over the pics to see the alt text...

The track itself is quite long. you can get three trains on the circuit at any one time. here's one coming on the return trip

when i was a kid, i wanted to do so much what this guy was doing. 10 years on, not much has changed, other then the fact i know im useless at the kind of engineering it takes to build these babies

 *imitates station announcr* The train now approaching platform 0 is the three thirty service to...

The area where they make sure their lil trains are working. With real working turntable!! OMD. seriousl, when you were a kid who was into this kinda stuff, this was a lil slice of heaven

This gives you a pretty good sense of scale of the trains, not to mention how powerful the lil buggers are to pull all those people using nothing but steam

this was one of my fav engines there that afternoon. there was a couple of others i realy liked too, but this one gets mentioned cuz its so good looking. ROFLMAO

I think this is more to warn the trains that giant clumsy humans might damage them rather then warn people there are trains moving around...though i suppose that a kid could get hurt quite badly...

anyway, that was my Sunday afternoon. and we all now know that Darke was a nerd as a kid as well as now. it never leaves you...

anyhoo, on Monday things took a decided turn for the worst. initially the gasman was supposed to come to do something to our boiler and he never showed, but thats not the bad thing that happened.

the bad thing that happened was that i managed to get myself SUSPENDED from my Air Cadet Squadron. it was mostly my fault i guess, but im really pissed off and upset at the fact that after 6 years of service and all it takes is one mistake to get me booted out on my arse. granted that mistake was roughly manhandling a female cadet. see, what happened was that i was bored out of my skull and not in a good mood anyway and i had been asked to do something with a group of cadets whilst the other group did a first aid exercise. so whilst i was trying to get a team building exercise underway this one female cadet didnt wanna take part, and nothing im saying is making that much difference, so i grab her by the arm and make her join in. From that point on she keeps on challenging me, with stuff like "OMG i can't believe you just touched me" and "if you touch me one more time i will hurt you", y'know, as if she felt like she was better then me. So in the end i push her a lil too far and she tries to "hurt" me and i throw her on her back on the grass. anyhoo, she gets all pissed off and tattles on me, and result, im suspended. i didnt really fight the desicion since im not really supposed to touch the cadets and actually throwing one of them to the ground is considered bullying which also is not allowed, but thats not what bothers me. What bothers me is the fact that i should have known that weak pathetic lil girls are more likely to tell then the guys i normally roughhouse with and should just left her alone. BUT iwas was bored and fed up with young upstarts challenging my authourity.

so anyways, im suspended for a month, but seeing as i was going to be leaving soon anyway, there's no point in going back. It sucks major ass, and im really bummed about it. Yeah, i always complained about going there, but this wasnt how i wanted to end it after 6 years.

anyway, enough with the Emo cr4p.

some of you expressed an interest in seeing my Original Keyblade design. and here it is...

The Heart's Refrain

The "Heart's Refrain". Handle is a treble cleff, blade is a triplet of notes. is more powerful when weilded by someone with a creative heart. waddya think?

okies, lets wrap this up. i have another CDD for you, but you wont really get it unless you see THIS PIC first. A friend of mine on DeviantArt did this awesome fanart of her Original Character "Neo" sleeping with Chibi Darke. So i did todays CDD so as to return the favour.
I like Neo. She rocks!

ah, innuendo. ^^ LMAO

today we finish with another video. Its a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Vid, but its just of some credits. the visuals arnt really important, its the sound that is. The mst3k Crew do a rendition of popular songs to a Native American Indian beat. enjoy.

till next time!

EDIT: ah triple Shit! i totally forgot, Im going on holiday on Saturday for a week to Wales to see my brother in his show and just to take a vacation. So you wont get an update for over a week. i will be taking Ms. Midori (my laptop for the uninitiated) with me, so in the unlikely event of me encountering a Wi-Fi hotspot amongst the Sheep and stuff, i might get the chance to pop online and say hello, else you're just gonna have to wait.

And also, next Thursday (10th August) marks my Third Anniversary of being a MyO member! its been a wild three years!! Thanks to everyone who's made it special (you know who you are!!) ^^

see ya in over a week folks. i'll be back on the 12th!!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

ach darnit...why dont i jot my ideas down?
im pretty sure at some point between wednesday and today I had something to talk aout or something significant that i did with which to regail you with, but i'd be danged if i can remember any of it now.

uhm...okies, i'll give you the play by play as i remember it...

thursday: Nic randomly called me out of the blue. Wants to go see a movie uptown. preferably an anime type one, but will make do with an obscure one at a smaller theatre. we make plans to look out for such a movie. went to cadets, got new trousers because my old 94 pattern combats were suddenly and with no explicable reason were not allowed anymore. so now i have a pair of funky 98 pattern combats.

friday: spent way too much time looking up stuff about Kingdom Hearts. Found a teaser trailer for a potential 3rd game if they ever get round to making it. wished i was a chosen weilder of a keyblade or something similar. Designed my own keyblade. looks like a musical score, with a treble cleff for a handle, and with a triplet of notes for the blade. started to draw a picture of it being weilded in battle, need to finish. went to snorkelling, had fun. spoke to Kyrie, which was nice, havnt heard from her in a while. ^^

Saturday: Went to Bromley to see if i could purchase Megatokyo vol 4. nobody had it. I'll have to go to London. Finished re-reading Azumanga Daioh. will watch anime all the way through at some point soon. Spent the afternoon watching stuffs on Youtube. watched "Mind Body and Kick Ass Moves" on BBC 3 for an hour. had a late dinner. browsed through a deviants gallery. wished i had ideas like her. remembered i hadnt done a CDD for today. Waited until mum went to bed, then quickly drew up and inked a DOS for you guys. went to bed at 2AM.

and thats the last few days for you guys. pretty random, ne?

okies, thats it from me. Im gonna leave you with a Darke One Shot (DOS) and a lil video from Youtube.

I pulled out all the stops for this DOS. it was gonna be a full CDD, but i didnt have time, and it works better as a single panel anyways.


Next time on DOS: a game of dodgeball goes horribly wrong when Luna utters the immortal words: DODGE THIS!

matrix references are FUN. ^^

and a YouTube video.
its entirely in Japanese with no subtitles, but you can pretty much get the gist of whats going on.
bare with me with this one folks. ^^;

Panda-Z ROCKS!!!


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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

hiya everyone. hows it hanging?

not a lot to talk about today i guess.

oh yeah, about Naruto... yeah, Im not going to watch it. I dont actually like Naruto that much. i've seen enough of it to get the idea. Its one of those animes that seem to get really really popular and then attract people who think Naruto is the greatest anime ever and never try anything else. all we ever see is naruto fanart and naruto fanfics and naruto this and naruto that. There's a simiar problem amongst Gundam fans. It started with Gundam Wing, but has become even bigger with SEED and SEED DESTINY. You get a lot of supposed "Gundam fans" who have only ever seen the one show and think its the be all and end all of Gundam existance, the greatest Gundam show ever. They dont acknowledge that Gundam has actually been around for almost thirty years now and there are countless titles based on the original that was released way back in 1979. a true Gundam fan (or more to the point, a true anime fan) checks out the other titles and puts themself into a position where they can regularly try new anime. especially alot of the old-school stuff of the 80s and early 90s. there was some good shit back then, even if some of the animation was a bit crappy.

phew. thats my lil rant. its just my opinion, feel free to disagree with me. i'll just call you a moron anyway...lol j/k

I called the RAF yesterday and arranged a meeting at the Armed Forces Careers Office later next month. I also booked my Practical Driving Test for the first week of September. So i have a month to get my l337 driving 5k1ll5 down.

Yesterday I spent alot of time watching Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu on youtube. Fumoffu is kinda an inbetween series. There's the original FMP (26 episodes), and its true sequal, FMP: the Second Raid (14 episodes) and in between theres Fumoffu (13 episodes i think). Whilst FMP and FMP: TSR are more serious in their content, Fumoffu focuses more on the humourous side of the series (and despite the fact it does get really serious, the first FMP was actually pretty damn funny).
why is it called Fumoffu? its after a phrase spoken by a giant Plush named Bota-kun. what does it mean? Uhm...im not entirely sure. ^^;
whats it about? The very weird and strange goings on at Jindai High, where Mercenary Seargeant Sagara is working undercover to protect Kaname Chidori. and his totally serious miitary apporach to the qualms of everyday life. in the first episode alone he blows up a locker room (twice), stakes out a girl who he thinks is trying to kill him (she actually has a crush on him), evades arrest by a psycho police woman, and DEMANDS A FRENCH ROLL! (with a gun)
its a weird anime to be sure, but if you liked the first, you will probably enjoy Fumoffu. I've never been too sure when i've seen the DVDs in the shop, and never bought any up till now, but i've seen up to episode 8 online, so i shall probably by the complete series. ^^ when i have the money to do so. ^^;;;

okies, thats it from me today. enjoy a comic that i managed to churn out for you last night...

Inking this was a bitch...

if you can't see it that well, click on the image to see a better version.

welp, enjoys. i shall see you anon.


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Sunday, July 23, 2006

   I've got crisps and i've got cake and i've got the sandwich that i did make...
heya everyone. welcome to m regular update. phew.

its been a pretty nifty half week since i last updated. no, i havnt got a job and no, i havnt got a cdd for you guys today (gomen!) but generally things have been going pretty well.

Thursday i was in a pretty good mood generally, and i actually enjoyed myself at cadets for a change. lol. tomorrow im probably gonna snap and kill someone, but we shall see...

On Friday i had my driving theory test. I had to go to the test centre in Sidcup to answer a buncha questions and do a unch of Hazard Perception clips. The questions were multiple choice answers and i got 33 right, and the pass mark was 30, so i managed that ok. The H.P section is where they show you video clips where you have to imagine you are driving the car, and you have to click the mouse button everytime you spot something that could be a hazard, and then again if it becomes a hazard. i did ok i guess. It was really hard! the pass mark for the HP section was 44 points. I got 45!!! barely made it. phew. i was really getting stuck into it though. Everytime someone pulled out infront of the camera or did something monumentally stupid, i had to bite my tongue from yelling obsenities at the screen. ^^;; i wanted to yell out "Oi! what the hell do ya think you're doing? get outta my way!" ^^;;;; i guess i have too much road rage in me. ;p

but i passed that so now i can take my practical. i'll probably do that sometime before september. ^^ the theory test is valid for two years after all...

what else...oh yeah. Guess whats finally found its way onto television across the United Britain... NARUTO.
yup, the ever so popular Ninja Anime has finally found its way onto British TV. Its on Jetix on the 8pm slot on weekends at the mo. (which is weird, i thought it would have been claimed by toonami but whatever) I was genuinely surprised that it hadnt been released here, even on DVD, seeing as it is so popular in the US. welp, now its here. lets see if it makes an impact.

Thats pretty much all the main news from me.
I havnt done any Chibi Darke comics recently, mainly cuz i've been working on my Art of Otaku competition entry, and partly for other reasons too. i'll try and have one ready for wednesday, but dont hold ya breath. i've got a number of projects lined up, and its trying to find time for em all amongst looking for a job, doing chores, watching Scrubs, avoiding nagging parents. ^^;;

welp, i will leave you with the last section of my Original Character report for your entertainment. And i'll even throw in a Haiku for free. you cant say better than that.

chibi darke: "better than that." there, i just said it.

darke: *boots the chibi wiseguy out the window*


* * *
Moving away from the graveyard we have a small world inhabited by four very, very small characters. For this is the world of the four panel gag comic known as Chibi Darke Days. It started as a small comic I was gonna try and do as a webcomic, although it never got to that stage. But it kept on going anyway, and is very popular.
It follows the adventures of 4 miniature angels and their human friends.

Chibi Darke: A Chibi version of Darkeangel (see below) in character design only. The actual personalities of the two are quite different. Chibi Darke is mischievous, fun loving, and down right cheeky. He stands at 3 ½ inches tall, as has a tail, black halo, and bat wings and wears a black bandana. His tail appears to have shape shifting properties. Lives with the “Heaven and Earth” crew, three female teenagers, who in this world, are not vigilantes. (see “Earth Angels: Heaven and Earth” section)

Chibi Laura: Darke’s best friend, a Chibi version of Laura (see Holy Guardian Angel Police Force) Laura is sensible and mature, an older sister figure to the rest of the Chibi cast. Has blonde hair, a normal halo and feathered wings. Stands 3 ½ inches tall.

Chibi Rose: Another friend of Darke’s. A Chibi version of Rose (see below) Rose is quite girly and likes cute things. Has short white hair with a blue bow, normal halo, feathered wings, stands 3 ½ inches tall.

Chibi Luna: A cyber angel created by Darke, a Chibi version of Luna (see below). Luna is also kinda girly and also quite inquisitive. Has long grey hair in two pigtails, with a cyber halo, mark 82 anti gravity wings and a host of USB ports, Ethernet connections and other computer gadgetry. Stands 3 ½ inches tall.

Also: Rachel, Jen and Faye (see above).

* * *

Finally we come to the last world on our tour. This isn’t a world like the others, in that there is no story here, Instead this is the world of the creators. This is where the line between fiction and reality begin to blur. This…is the world of Mista P! This group of people have many adventures of their own yet these are never chronicled. They are:

Midori: Green hair, green eyes. Wears glasses and a beret. Quiet and intelligent. She is the personification of my laptop computer and is worked really hard. Responsible for the storage and cataloguing all the important data required for maintaining many of these worlds.

Tessa: also appears in “Unfinished Business” (see above). However, her main job is being my Muse. The one who gives me all the ideas and inspiration. Frequently blamed for the amount of unfinished ideas left lying around the place that I don’t have the time to pursue. Doesn’t get enough credit for her efforts, to which I am sorry. Has a lot of sass.

Luna: Long silver hair. Amber eyes. Hard dedicated worker. My baby. Luna is the personification of my Honda SCV100 Lead motor scooter. Half sisters with Laura. Occasionally temperamental, but mostly fun loving and carefree. Is skilled on the roads.

Laura: Also appears in my Earth Angels series and chibified in my Chibi Darke comics. The characterisation of my guardian Angel. Sensible, Mature, yet always willing to help out if you ask. Has wavy blonde hair, and a halo.

Rose and Shadow: Twins, one the personification of my good side, the light in my soul, the other the personification of my bad, the raging darkness. Occasionally seen as separate entities but more often then not seen as part of Mista P! manifested in his wings. Shadow materialises from his right wing, a dark demonic bat-like wing. Rose appears from the left wing, a more traditional angel-like wing. Shadow is hatred, anger, jealousy, sloth, greed and lust. Rose is kindness, happiness, hope, charity, serenity and Love. But as light cannot exist without darkness, and vice versa, then so do Shadow and Rose both have qualities opposite their represented sides. Rose can be sadness and regret. And Shadow can be tenacity and survival.
Rose is pale white skinned and has short white hair with a bow, large blue eyes. Shadow is jet black skinned and has short spiky white hair with narrow red eyes.

Kayleigh: Tall with long brown hair. Sharp Tongued and quick witted. My critic. The little voice in my head telling me that I could do better, or to stop wasting paper, or to do it again if it looks wrong. The bane of my existence, and yet necessary for my development as an artist, as an author, as a person. The anima to my animus. The Yin to my Yang. The reflection of my soul.

Mista P!/Darkeangel: It is not sure whether these two are the same or two entirely different people who combined make the person typing this. They are my ideal selves.
Mista P! is the artist/author. Short brown hair, often characterised by sleeveless t-shirts, bandana, beard stubble, black halo and the manifestation of Rose and Shadow. The creator of all written in my report. The fabric of this fictional Universe’s existence.
Darke Angel is my online persona that occasionally spills out into reality. Looks the same as Mista P! but instead has black steel wings and characterised by full length leather jacket in addition to bandana, stubble and black halo..
D.A and M.P are often at conflict with one another, internet versus artistry. And yet they also co-operate with one another, one publishing the work of the other, and getting recognition in return. Both are an integral part of who I am as a person.

* * *

And that is the Universe that exists inside my head. A universe that started with one series and four characters, now something considerably larger. And could very possibly keep on growing.
I would like to thank you for your time and patience with this tour of my mind. And thank you for sharing with me my realms of fantasy. If just one person other then myself draws enjoyment from the existence of any of these worlds detailed in this report, then my job has been worthwhile.

Until next time my friends.

* * *

and now....a haiku

Web Surfing is Fun
but when cicadas do sing
find your joy outside

so what are you waiting for?! GOGOGOGOGOGOGOOOGOGOGOOOGOGOGO!!!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lost my Music
hiya folks, its time for my regular update. i figure if i update the same times each week, then you know when to visit right? which is besides the point you should be visiting all the time, raising my popularity status. >.<

im just kidding, its pretty high anyway.

anyways, whats been happening...in a word...notalot. its been really humid and hot here, and hard to sleep.

my brother has to go back on tour today, i believe...he's perfroming in the national (thats UK for those of you who dont know) tour of "The Just So Stories". its a small production, but he gets paid for it, which is good.

i've also been up late watching movies and suchlike recently. The two movies i've seen on TV recently are "Waterworld" with Kevin Kostner (which is an OK movie really. nothing special.) and the other night I finally got to see all of "Nine to Five" with Dolly Parton. ^^ thats a pretty cool movie. me and my brother watched it. he has a soft spot for Dolly. i just like the movie (though i'll be lying if i said i didnt like Ms Parton too...im also rather fond of the place she originated from too. ^^ )

The other thing i've been watching recently is a fairl new anime called "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" or "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu".

My fav char is Mikuru Asahina, the embarressed girl in the bunny costume-she's so darn cute.

from right to left: Mikuru Asahina, Suzumiya Haruhi, Yuki Nagato.

Its based on a popular series of novels (manga i think) and has only recently been released an anime this year. I've been watching the fansubbed version online.

The basic premise is this:
"On the first day of high school a beautiful girl named Haruhi Suzumiya introduces herself as having "no interest in ordinary humans". She asks for any aliens, time travelers, sliders or espers to join her. Watching her weird behaviour is Kyon a boy who sits in front of Haruhi and is the only person who talks to her. Commenting on Haruhi's joining every club in school and then quitting Kyon unwittingly gives Haruhi an idea to start her own after school club. Thereafter Kyon and several others find themselves literally dragged into the Save our world by Overloading it with fun Suzumiya Haruhi's Brigade (the S.O.S. Brigade for short)."- From Anime News Network.

Its funny, its cute, its slightly bizarre when you learn several of the character's true natures...but the single most outstanding feature is this: The episodes are not aired in chronological order.
The first episode is actually the 11th chronologically and is a fanvideo made by the cast later in the series for the school festival. it gives you a slight taster of what the series will be like. Then the second episode is the first chronologically and then as follows

Ep 3: actually ep 2 chronologically
Ep 4: actually ep 7 chronologically
Ep 5: actually ep 3 chronologically
Ep 6: actually ep 9 chronologically
Ep 7: actually ep 8 chronologically
Ep 8: actually ep 10 chronologically
Ep 9: actually ep 14 chronologically
Ep 10: actually ep 4 chronologically
Ep 11: actually ep 13 chronologically
Ep 12: actually ep 12 chronologically (go figure!)
Ep 13: actually ep 5 chronologically
and the last epissode is actually episode 6 chorologically.

Whilst this sounds weird, it actually kind of all works out. there are times when you have to remember where you are in the story arc, and you do kinda see the last episode halfway through the series, but its been written skilfully enough that most of the spoilers dont come until the ACTUAL final episode anyway. Its quirky, and coupled with a good soundtrack and tonnes of other anime references for those of you who know your anime, i think i can see the reason its been so popular in Japan...supposedly the most popular anime to be released this year.

i enjoyed it at any rate... ^-^

I spent most of yesterday on the keyboard. I think i can safely say that i can now play TM Revolution's Ignited (Piano Version) one handed, and also can pull off a coupla other anime tunes including the Evangelion Theme tune and Sayuri's Theme from Place Promised in Our Early Days...its fun to muck about on the keyboard.

i have no comic for you todays im afraid, but i do have the next section of the report for you. Just this part and one more section after that. enjoy!

* * *

Stepping over the threshold we enter the Idea Graveyard. Here lie the worlds of fiction that never were completed or never even got beyond concept stage. However, illustrations or texts still exist based upon these worlds and thusly they deserve special mention.

The first of such worlds is the world of Daily Circumstance, a world where the side characters seen in anime are the stars. A world where Giant Robots and Super Powered Heroes exist but they are the side characters to the everyday lives of the “normal” people. Two chapters exist but the fiction was never completed due to a shortage of inspiration and no illustrations were ever made. The cast are as follows…

SHINOBU IZUMI: Police Officer. 29 yrs old. Been patrolling the streets of Tokyo for five years but has yet to be given a big case, which frustrates her no end. Lives with her sister, Ai, also a cop who works traffic. Shinobu is partnered with Atsushi Ikeda, who is three years her senior, a tough grizzled cop who has yet to be promoted, which ticks him off.

AKEMI SHIBA: Waitress/Voice Actress. 22 yrs old. Works at a small restaurant, with high school friend Chihiro Kato, but trying to break into Voice Acting. Has only had a few small bit parts. Is also looking for a boy friend. Lives with her cat, Eva, in a small apartment at the edge of the city. Is often late for work.

SHIN HIRAGI: 23 yrs old. Office Worker/ wage slave who wanted to be a manga-ka. His stuff looks promising, but he has yet to make the big break. Also tried to be a Giant Robot Pilot, but failed the test. He has trouble with women, and does not have a girlfriend. He lives with his co-worker and life long best friend Shinichi Maki. Lives in the same apartment block as SHINOBU, but they do not know each other very well.

HAJIME MATSUDA: 62 yrs old. Shop keeper. Lived in Tokyo his whole life, dedicated to his store. Has no time for thieves and young delinquents. Married to Megumi, who is 60. Generally a friendly man with no real ambitions or goals, other then to serve his customers with 100% satisfaction. Lives above the store. Gets annoyed whenever the Giant Robots and Giant Monsters fight outside.

TAKA TAKINO: 21 Yrs Old. A Young, idealistic teacher who has recently transferred to Tokyo to start her first teaching job. Hasn’t yet been bitten by the cynicism that affects the older teachers yet. Been so busy getting her career launched, she hasn’t had time for a relationship. Lives with her best friend Yuji Inaba, an office worker who works in the same office as SHIN HIRAGI. Wears glasses.

* * *

Shortly after the world of Daily Circumstance is the world of “Unfinished Business”, a fiction set in Ireland. It follows two ghosts trying to finish what they started and “cross over” to the other side before their home is demolished and they disappear from existence. Another story that didn’t last much beyond the first chapter, although the character’s within did get designed and illustrated.

Evelyn: appears to be 17 although she died over 200 years ago. Has black hair and appears very gothic in style. Lives in the old theatre with Tessa.

Tessa: appears to be early twenties, but only died in the 1980’s, so technically younger then Evelyn. British in origin. Blonde hair tied in a loop. Likes to drink and is a bit of a prankster. Lives in old theatre with Evelyn.

Alice: aged 21, red hair. Nicknamed the “Scourge of Dublin’s Bars.” Always up for a challenge, refuses to be beaten by anyone. Is assisting her twin brother Thomas in helping Evelyn and Tessa to “cross over”.

Thomas: aged 21, brown hair. Works in a lawyer firm. Inherited Old Theatre from his mother, joint ownership with his twin sister Alice. Due to remote location and unsustainable nature of the theatre, has decided to sell it. But first agrees to help Evelyn and Tessa cross over to the next life in order not to erase them from existence when the theatre is inevitably torn down.
* * *

Another world of the Graveyard zone is the one known as “Skye”. It was essentially a mech story but never really progressed beyond one chapter. There were several characters but the only one that ever got any illustrations was Ai (see Zone of the Enders) In this fiction Ai plays a temperamental A.I program in an experimental weapon.

* * *

The last world in the Graveyard is a small concept recently thought up and dropped almost as quickly. A “magical girl” style story that never even got written beyond the underlying concept, the only character ever developed was the protagonist. The occasional illustration pops up from time to time.

Daisy/Prism: Daisy is an ordinary 16 year old teenager who one day is chosen to be the one who saves the planet from a mysterious force known as the Monochromus who are bleaching colour and emotion from the world. Using the mysterious artefact known as the “Spectrum Staff”, Daisy can transform into Magical Rainbow Maid Prism. With her trusty Rainbow Edge weapon, Prism is the only force on earth preventing humanity’s destruction.
Daisy has long blonde hair and a single long bang. When she transforms her hair turns a bright blue and separates into two huge pigtails.

* * *

and thats that section. The last section will include Chibi Darke Days and the mysterious beings known only as "The Crew".

welp, see ya next time.


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Sunday, July 16, 2006

i did have a half reasonable post for you all but...
i've decided that i've got a hour to kill so i'll try to make it 100% reasonable and try to keep you entertained whilst simultaneously watching Scrubs in my laptop. ha!

uhm...when did i last update? it was wednesday wasnt it? so what has happened since then?

uh lessee...My brother came back from New York on thursday and he was due to go straight up to Birmingham from the airport (which is a REALLY long drive) but his debut show got cancelled, so he decided crash back in his room for a while. Yesterday he did have his debut show, which he left for in the morning, and came back late last night for, so he is officially knackered, ut his next show isnt till wednesday, so he gets to rest up a bit.

Uhm, thursday was kinda a bad day for me though...well, a bad evening that left me in a miserable mood for a lil while. Im not going into details. But friday evening i went snorkelling, which i always enjoy, and then afterwards i watched a few episodes of "Who's line is it anyway?" on YouTube, which was hilarious, so im feeling pretty good at the mo.

Uh, what else... mowed the back garden, helped my grandad with his garden, earned myself 13 great british pounds for doing so. keeps me in the loop anyway. spent most of yesterday working on a big project. its gonna take me a while...

welp, thats it from my poor excuse for a life right now. enjoy the strange workings of my mind as i give you another CDD and a BIG chunk of my report. mmmkay? see ya.


and the next part of my report: Original Fictions Based on Existing Animes

* * *

From there we head into fanfiction territory, original fiction based on existing universes.

First off we have “Evangelion: The Last Child” a low calibre self-insertion fan fic based in the world created by GAINAX. Characters are those already found within the world of Evangelion, and the author himself, piloting an original mecha:

EVANGELION UNIT X (EVA-XX) A British designed and built production model Evangelion. Green and Black colour scheme, standard armaments. Can enter a Berserker Frenzy in which the visor lifts up to reveal the true eyes of the beast. Jaw drops down to reveal teeth and wings extend from the back. Piloted by the Last Child.

* * *

Next is the extensive world of Gundam SCROLL, an original fiction based upon Tomino’s Gundam series. Based on and around Earth, is another self-insertion fiction. Also has a side story called Scroll Messiah. Both stories focus on the conflict between the Holy Church of the Apocalypse (HCA) and the United Colony Earth Alliance Pact (UCEAP). Characters include:

-Jen Ward: Gundam Designer, defector from HCA
-Gabriel Faux: Megalomaniac colonel of HCA. Pilot of the first Exodus and the -Cancer Gundam. Dies in Earth Orbit.
-Stephen Redshaw: Colonel of HCA, defects after an incident. Lover of Jen Ward. Dies in Earth orbit.
-Dante Asani: Protagonist’s childhood friend, HCA spy. Ends up fighting Protagonist. Pilot of the Gundam Iruel.
-Clarissa Shinobu: Young lieutenant in UCEAP. Cold and Hostile, friend of Dante’s before he defected.
-Jess McHeath: Young captain of the Solar Swashbucklers, a renegade pirate group.
-Joseph Faux: Nephew of Gabriel Faux. Wants revenge for his Uncle’s death. Pilot of the Jehovah Gundam. HCA Lieutenant Commander.
- Lirael Mai: child prodigy, cold, ruthless. One eye is different colour from the other. Pilot of the Fallen Gundam. HCA Lieutenant.
-Bernice Sumida: Benny to her friends. Inhabitant of a damaged colony in the L1 cluster. Rescues protagonist and develops feelings towards him.

MECH list:

XGP-00 Gundam SCROLL (later re-designated XGP-00Ù Gundam SCROLL OMEGA) Prototype for Gundam technologies, later acquired by the protagonist and upgraded for increased speed and manoeuvrability. Equipped with SCROLL (Synapse Control Route On Line Linkage) OS.

XGP-01T Gundam Tabris. Equipped with DEMON (Danger Eradication Mandates Overriding Neurons) circuits, and a powerful Hyper Mega Particle Cannon. First unit of Project Horseman (formerly “Death”)

XGP-02R (later re-designated XGP-02 FAR) Gundam Ramiel. Artillery unit armed with gatling cannons in the arms. Later equipped with external armour which increases weapons capacity. Second Unit of Project Horseman (formerly “War”)

XGP-03I Gundam Iruel. Stolen from UCEAP Jerusalem HQ. Equipped with energy drain claw, later equipped with Beam Multi Launcher. Third Unit of Project Horseman (formerly “Famine”)

HCAMS-X04 Gundam Cancer. Built by HCA. Destroyed in Atmosphere Re-entry.
Based on fourth unit of Project Horseman (“Pestilence”).

HCA-X031 Fallen Gundam. A reverse engineered Gundam developed by the HCA. Equipped with beam shield, variable beam sabre and a Solar Cannon.

HCA-X050 Jehovah Gundam. A reverse engineered Gundam developed by the HCA. Equipped with Hyper Impulse Engines and a Microwave Cannon. These two experimental technologies cannot be used simultaneously by the Gundam. Later equipped with PSALMS: “Physical System Acquisition to Liquidate Multiple threatS” -
a system that hacks into enemy MS and then uses them as remote weapon platforms against each other or a single target.

HCAMS-010X Exodus. A prototype Heavy Mobile Suit. Only two were ever developed. One was piloted by Gabriel Faux and was destroyed on the moon. The second was stolen by Jess McHeath and used as her personal MS.


Follows a young girl trying to save her friend when her neutral colony of EDEN is attacked by the HCA.


Sky Akia- Protagonist. Blue Hair. Strong willed. Accidentally ends up as pilot of the Messiah Gundam Omega.

Jax T’Arle- Friend of Sky. Albino. Suffers from type 4 diabetes.

Solomon Martino: Commander of HCA infiltration squad. Pilot of the stolen Messiah Gundam Alpha.

Mary Christopher: Messiah Gundam creator, engineer working for neutral nation of EDEN after defecting from HCA. Wants to retrieve stolen Gundam units.


X100á /X101Ù Messiah Gundam Alpha/Omega. Top secret mobile suits based on the Gundam SCROLL, designed to recapture or destroy stolen Project Horseman units. Were stolen from HCA and hidden in EDEN. Alpha was recaptured by HCA, Omega by Eden citizen Sky Akia. Omega is equipped with SCROLL OS, but Alpha is not.

* * *

On the very fringe of the fan fiction territory, sitting on the threshold before the area known as the “Idea Graveyard” exists a small world that is an abandoned idea for a fan fiction based upon Konami’s Zone of The Enders anime/game series.
Known only as “Fourth Planet” it never got beyond mech design. Only one character exists in this world, and she isn’t even human. She is:

Ai: an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) programme. Her holographic form has red hair. Uploaded into the Orbital Frame “Tefnut”. Also appears in the unfinished fiction known as “Skye” (see below)


Tefnut: A type C Orbital Frame built by NUT ltd. On Mars. Designed to capture the Orbital Frame known as Anubis, thusly is equipped with a powerful generator and is probably the fastest Orbital Frame ever constructed. Participates in the Antillia Crisis and later in the BAHRAHM uprising. Pilot later defects to stop Radium Lavans from dropping the Orbital Elevator onto Earth. Is damaged in a battle with brother unit “Shu”. Named after the Egyptian Goddess of the Moon.

Shu: A type C Orbital Frame built by NUT ltd on Mars. Designed to participate in the Antillia Crisis but was not completed in time. Is built along side the Orbital Frame known as “Hathor” and is deployed during the Orbital Elevator Crisis siding with Radium Lavans. Is destroyed in a heated battle with sister unit “Tefnut”. Named after the Egyptian God of the Air.

* * *

and thats about it for today. Next time we have the Idea Graveyard...stay tuned.


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

*yawn* i really ought to go to bed at night...
hiya folks. not much to update on. not a lot is happening here, and not a lot is planned neither.

Is anyone doing that Art of Otaku competition. i've got a pretty good idea of what i wanna do now. just gotta find time to do it, and do it to a high quality standard. heh. ^^; im not very good at fanart, but i think it would work better with a character everyone knows instead of one nobody does.

I had a peculiar dream last night. Something about Souske Sagara and Kaname Chidori from the popular Full Metal Panic series. which was weird, cuz its been a while since i watched that anime. oh well. i 've almost finished going though Zone of the Enders: Dolores i. I might go through FMP next, or maybe Azumanga Daioh. or maybe both. i've also gotta get round to watching Excel Saga through again.

welp, i leave you with the next part of my Original Character Report.

* * *

And now we move away from the older world of Earth Angels to a few smaller, but slightly newer worlds…

Firstly we have the World of “See no Evil Speak No Evil”. A two volume, 8 chapter story I wrote as my first serious attempt at a manga style story. Based mostly in Japan, it centres on the romance between a young blind man and a young mute girl. These are:

-Seraph Shinkai, an 18 year old with white hair. Is blind due to an accident in his youth. Lives with his brother in a small town called Shinoi. Falls in love with Kida. Has a mysterious condition called “Symbiosis” which allows him to see through Kida’s eyes. Works part time as a journalist.

-Kida Chihara, a 17 year old with pink hair. Has been mute since an accident left her without vocal chords when she was young. Lives in a small mountain village called Yokosuka with her mum. Falls in love with Seraph. Also has “symbiosis” with Seraph which allows her to project her thoughts into his brain, allowing her to “speak” with him. Wants to go into professional Photography. Can also play piano.

Other characters include:

-Cain Shinkai, Seraphs brother, full time journalist. A prankster, but fiercely protective of his brother.
-Motoko Chihara: Kida’s Mother. Widow, yet still connected to her deceased husband, Hiroshi Chihara, through symbiosis.
-Sayuri Koshido: a young journalist with a huge crush on Seraph.
- Koji Yanagi: a childhood friend of Seraph’s.
- Ryoko Omae: a childhood friend of Seraph’s.

* * *

And from that world we briefly stop by the world of Stacked Deck, a dark small world of assassination and intrigue. A one shot fiction written in an afternoon. The protagonist is:

-Kira: A 21 year old blonde with a long pony tail that reaches to the floor. Cold, emotionless, a renowned assassin known as the Ace of Spades. Woke up one day with no memory of who she was. When nobody came for her, she escaped and became the assassin she is today. Her last assignment was against a casino owner who claimed to be her father. She was caught, but not before she completed her assignment. Her story “Stacked Deck” is told from her perspective in the police interrogation room.

* * *

Twinned with the world of Stacked Deck is the world of “XVIII” another one shot based in the court of Heaven on Judgement Day. A young woman stands up for the condemned innocents of humanity.

-Kayla: A young girl with short straight black hair. Stands up for those of humanity who were condemned to hell, despite the fact they have not really sinned nor fulfilled the requirements of entry. Kayla also occasionally appears as a pop idol in various other worlds.

-Sarah: Kayla’s Guardian Angel. Supports Kayla despite obligations to the higher chorus of angels.

Other characters:
-Metatron- proclaimed “voice of God”, a Seraphim of the highest order.

* * *

and thats all for this section. The next section is gonna be a bit longer. ^^

so i got a treat for you guys in addition to todays report.

Darke plushys are not available anywhere for any price. Order now and get laughed at down the phone. and if you pay by credit card, you will recieve these limited edition Huge Credit Bills each month as i steal your money.

yup, its the chibi darkester. he returns!! i got a couple of ideas floating about, so you might see a bit more of him on and off over the next few weeks.

Thats it from me today.

and remember: If at first you dont succeed, try try try try not to do it in front of your friends. that would be embarrasing now, wouldnt it...

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Hiya folks. Just a quick updatey, and th first part of my ficition report. ^^

I had a fantastic time on friday night. I met up with Nic, Rhian, Susan (who i dont know that well, but she friends with Nic) and Nick (yeah, i know its confusing, but i spent my entire primary school life with the two Nicks as my friends. These days though Nic Marshall prefers to have his name spelt "Nic" so that should alleviate a bit of confusion. )

So we met at Charing Cross station in London, then caught a Underground train up to Camden (a district within London). Once there we went to a pub to get a quick drink, cuz drinks tend to be expensive in clubs, then we went to the Electric Ballroom Nightclub. Friday nights is "Inferno" night with lots of Hard core goths and metal heads and rockers and whatever they're called. and the music is mostly heavy metal (although they play hard rock in a smaller room on the upper level) and some stuff which i generally dont normally listen to. but it had a beat and you could dance to it, so that was good enough for us. It was pretty amazing though. Although it was mostly goth, there was alot of people like us, who simply dressed in darker colours, and there were a few people who dressed kinda "normal" like. The dress code was "dress to depress" but it wasnt ver strict. LOL.
There were cage dancers and an upper level where you could just get a drink and watch the dance floor. We danced alot, and i also did a lot of people watching. I've got a strange liking for the goth style (not that i would ever follow it myself), so it was very interesting for me. ^^
After we left (at 2:30 AM) we caught a cab back to Charing Cross (cuz no underground trains run that time of night) and went to catch a nightbus back home (cuz no trains run either). We figured we had a few minutes to wait, so Nick ran off to get some McDonalds, but a fire alarm went off when he was in there and he wasnt allowed to leave, so we missed the bus. We had to wait half hour for the next one, so we went and sat inside McDonalds for a bit and Nic made friends with a Med Student who was in there eating a burger. By the time we had to go, Nic had got his name, what he was doing, shared some of his fries and was cracking jokes with him and the rest of us. LMAO.

We managed to get the next Nightbus, but it was now like 3:15 AM and a journey that normally takes a train half an hour takes a bus about 4 times that amount. So we were strolling into bexleyheath about 5AM and the sun was already coming up.
So we said goodbye to Rhian and Susan, then started to walk to Nics home. On the way, Nic decided to wander inside the local cinema to see where the open fire exit led...despite the fact the cinema was closed...

We got back to Nic's house at 5:30AM and Nick and I crashed in his living room for 5 hours. then i headed back home and did stuff all day.

but basically, yeah i had a great time. lotsa fun with some of my good buddies (and susan, who, as previously stated, i dont know that well but we got on well anyway...)

nehoo, now is the first part of the Darke Fiction Report. Tell me if this is too long and i'll keep the next sections shorter. enjoy.

* * *

I would like to, if I may, take you on a journey through my mind. Well, maybe not all my mind. After all, it is rather filthy in here. But I would like to take you to a small part of the brain in the right hemisphere near the frontal lobes. In reality, it is no more then a few cubic centimetres of flesh and neurons. But in the same way the internet is no more then a collection of electrical impulses that appears as graphics and text, the electrical impulses in this section of the brain transform into an entire UNIVERSE. It is within this “micro-universe” where the worlds of my stories and illustrations exist. And it is in these worlds where my characters exist. Some of them even exist simultaneously in different worlds in different roles. I would like to take you on a short tour of these worlds.

We start off with the oldest of the worlds, the World of the Earth Angels. This world primarily exists in the present, but also has ties to the past and future. Here is where the Earth Angels, Earth Angels: Heaven and Earth, and Holy Guardian Angel Police Force exist.

Firstly, we have the Earth Angels, 4 teenagers destined to save the world from the evil of hell. This was the first series I ever wrote, and the first of my stories to have illustrations. Interestingly enough, these stories were written on paper, unlike the rest of my stories which were written on the computer. The first Earth Angel team consists of the following:

Gabrielle, a 16 year old blonde who is a true angel born of man. She has metal wings and can also produce energy orbs. Used to have feathered wings before she was infected with a virus developed by the Shadow Army. Gabrielle also romantic feelings for the Angel of Death (see below).

Nicola, a 16 year old with short black hair and a fiery temper. She has immense psychic powers and is in a relationship with Ace. Has a tattoo over her left eye.

Andrew Christopher Edison (or Ace for short) a 16 year old with short black hair with the power of electricity manipulation. Can also power up into an “Ascended” state. In a relationship with Nicola.

Jodie, a half demon, age estimated to be about 16. Brown Hair in a pony tail. Her past is clouded, first appeared as an enemy of the Earth Angels. Has incredible power. Can produce energy orbs and fire off blasts of energy up to 50 metres in diameter. Can also “shadow slide”, or teleport through shadows, and can time travel.

* * *

Next we have a vigilante team made up of Earth Angels from various points in time, established in Los Angeles to help suppress crime and erupting shadow forces from hell. This team is known as “Earth Angels: Heaven and Earth” and its members are:

Jen, a 17 year old born in the 22nd century. Brown hair in a braided ponytail. Her team of Earth Angels were betrayed and killed by one of their own. Jen managed to eventually kill the traitor and later was transported to the present day for the Heaven and Earth assignment. Her power is a total mastery off all combat techniques and weaponry. Is armed with a special unbreakable double edged sword known as “Devine Light” and two customised Handguns that only work when in the hands of an Earth Angel. The two guns are known as “Alpha” and “Omega”.

Faye, a 15 year old born in the 19th century. Long black hair. Was killed in an accident during an Earth Angel mission. Was later revived for the Heaven and Earth assignment. Has the power of incredible speed. When alive could reach speeds of up to 200 mph, but in her revived body which is sustained by Angelic Energy, she can reach speeds in excess of Mach 1, the speed of sound.

Rachel, estimated age: 17. A girl with short blonde hair and little memory of who she is. Developed for Gene-Tech Industries “Bio-Weapon” project. As a result of a failed experiment, she can turn into what’s known as a “Bio beast” but not completely. She can turn into a cat, but retains her human frame. These transformations are often uncontrolled. Was rescued by Jen and Faye on their first mission, and became part of the team.

NB: The whole Heaven and Earth crew also appear in the comic strip “Chibi Darke Days” or “CDD”. (see later section)

* * *

Finally from this world we have the Holy Guardian Angel Police Force, who are a group of angels who over see the Earth Angels and other duties pertaining to mankind. Under the control of the mysterious “Powers that Be”. Principal members include:

Darke, Angel of Death (note: not to be confused with Darke Angel/Mista P! - creator of all and real life person). Appears as a 17 year old male with messy brown hair. As his name suggests, the Angel of Death, but also responsible for Earth Angel missions and support. Has romantic feelings for Gabrielle. Has black feathered wings and a black Halo. Is more powerful then all Earth Angels combined.

Laura, appears as a 25 year old with slightly curly blonde hair. A Guardian Angel. Occasionally assists in Earth Angel operations. Also appears in Chibi form in “CDD” (see later section) and as a member of the Mista P! crew.

Tsunami, a 16 year old Japanese girl with black hair. Real name: Sakura. Special agent reporting directly to “The Powers That Be”. Abilities seen to include teleportation, mastery of martial arts and swordsmanship, control over water.

Crystal, a 17 year old with what has been described as “dirty blonde hair that seems to overlap itself like lizard scales”. A special Op Earth Angel assigned to protect Rachel at Gene Tech. As a result of the program, could turn into a squirrel. Killed in Action, now an angel working for Darke.

* * *

Thats the first section. hope you enjoyed it. There's quite a few more sections too.

see ya round!!

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