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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hi! again! lol. i'm bord. i had to clean the whole house by my self today because we're having company over. grr. and i had to cook. u don't really want my cooking. lol! all i can cook is cake..and even that messes up sometimes. today i didn't have to go to church cuz i was sleeping. lol. hmm well thats about it! PLEASE comment!! i'm so sad when you don't ! lol well cya!
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Friday, April 21, 2006

   sorry!! again..and again....
lol. sorry once again forposting late!! goshi'm always messing up. today it rained and i had to walk from my bus stop..and i was soaking wet by th time i got home. so i took a nice hot shower. lol. i passed my science test today...i didn't study for it but made a 100...weird.. also i can play some things on the oboe. thanks for commenting..makes me feel special!! lol!! jk. i'm also reading this really looooooong book called Gone With the Wind. it's great....but long. well enough.. cya!
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

   can't talk
hi i just woke up. hehe...i gotta go to school. sory i didn't post yesterday...but after i get back from school i'lll visit. lol. well nothing happened yesterday...just boring..cept i got my oboe. i'ts loud. lol. well g2g now bye!
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! i had to go back to shcool today!!! it was so boring! sorry i couldn't post earlier..it's just that i have no time in the morning! and great news! i'm switching to the oboe!..but i still have to bring in my clarinet..grr! double the instrumensts noo! so haeavy. lol! well i'll try and post tomorrow too!

here is a picture of the oboe! ^^ cept this one is much nicer! Lol! bye!

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Monday, April 17, 2006

hi *yaawn* i'm tireder then iwas before . lol! u no the picutre i was gonna give to menmei..wel she wouldn't take it! she says its to 'girly'. gosh lauren ur so mean *cries*!! lol. today i think we have to go to Chuck e cheese for my sisters birthday. we're haveing her 'party' now. well thats alli gots to talk about! cya!

heres me. now lauren aren't u just mean? u made me cry. lol bye!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Happy Easter!!
Hey! happy easter you guys! my cousin's birthday is today!! heh! hmm.. yesterday i had change of plans...my friend had company over, and i dunno if their still there. well if they aren't gone i'll probablly stay here. i found some new shows i like! lol! if they aren't there i mgiht go play KH2. yesterday i went bowling...but we had toride our bikes there. and i stink at bowling. well lol here are some cute pictures!!

and heres one my friend gave me...it's not eastery but she has a bunny! lol

ooh! and here's one i'm gonna give to my friend..she hates girly stuff but i'm gonna annoy her and make her put it on her site!! hehe how bad!lol

hope you guys have a good easter!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hmm.. well yesterday i got 100 gb signings! thanks for congratulating me!!! lol. Also yesterday i played KH2 again...i got a little ahead..but since i can't play it whenever i want..i'm so far behind! lol. today i think i'm gonna go over to my friend's house again... and well thats it. I just drew a picutre of Mei from my Neighbor Totoro.. i thought taht movie was adorable! and well i might color it today. also today's my sisters b-day. well i guess that's it. cya around!!
o and right now i feel like putting a picture in of my mood!

i feeltired!

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Hi again! i just got 100 gb signings!! !i know it isn't alot...but who cares!! and i have more than 250 visists! yay! i'm so happy!lol! well please comment!! thanks! bye!
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lol i guess it's 12:00 now, even tho it's only11 here! i'm the first one updating in the new day! so cool! lol. well yesterda/today...watever....i went to play KH2 and well i gained a few levels, but i'm still just past the fairies and getting a new outift thingy. well hmm...nothing else to talk about so i'll post more later!!!! heh. well cya around!! ^_^
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

lol i'm bored again. And Nobody ever comments on my posts! it gets annoying...lol.... I'm really bored...and hungy.. O well. I think maybe later i'll go see my friends who beat Kingdom Hearts 2 and catch up with them. cuz i don't have any kind of game system. so ya. well cya around
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