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Monday, June 5, 2006


So yesterday i went to my little cousin, Alexsandra, pool and we had steak and stuff for dinner..well she's not really my cousin but shes the daughter of my aunt's friend. Alex was adopted from Russia and she's so cute! she's 2 1/2 right now.

Ok so yesterday one of my friend's on here was posting about a weird dream, and then last night i had the strangest dream! it's was amixture from everything i've watched on tv for the past month and all the movies and books i've read/seen...it was totally weird. lol!

So today i am going bowling with my friends even tho i'm not very good, haha. Well i have to go now so i'll comment on everyone's site later! bye!

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Sunday, June 4, 2006

   New theme!

Hey i changed my theme, as you all can see. Well i guess you would say it is kindof summery, with all the sunflowers, and i've always wanted to do a Musuzu or and AIR theme. i loved that anime!I had some help with my site, midninght shadow once again lol.

Okay today We are going swimming and i think we might have a bbq but i don't know whats going on anymore...lol!

I keep missing Naruto..does anyone know what episode we're on? i don't know if they have english stuff on youtube, but then again i really don't know anything.. OKay well i have to go! i'll try to get to everyone's sit today! bye!

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Saturday, June 3, 2006


Hi! i'm the first one to update! well for all i know anyway..!!

Okay i made some changes..okay maybe only 1..but i changed my post styles! it looks cool now..hehe i still like the other one too! my friend midnight shadow helped me with this one..and my other friend mewholliberrii with the other ones..

okay so my plans for yesterday went a little off...we went to olive garden for lunch and wendys for dinner...i din't really eat anything tho..

tomorrow my sister is going to universal..and me and my other sister are going on a boat in the lake near us...

oh no! i dunno what to put as my backround! i have some about AIR and then the ones on theotaku.com on summer page 6..i dunno which one's to choose! nooo! okay well i gots to go! bye!

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Friday, June 2, 2006

   it's a miricale

Body/ Hi again! I'm better! it's a miricale! amazing! lol today we had donuts for breakfast and i could actually eat them! and we're going to wendy's for lunch and olive garden for dinner. i love food. hehe i can eat alot without gaining a pound.

lol so umm.. i'm gonna change my theme to something summery with water sometime soon i think..lol! i think i'll have a lot of pictures but maybe i won't.. i want to get my post styles differnt..but i don't really know how..i'll have to ask somebody.lol. well i'll see y'all later! bye!

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Thursday, June 1, 2006

   Hurricane Season, Sickness

Hi guys...

I got sick! NOOOOOO!! but i only thre up twice..it wasn't really that bad..right now i'm supposed to be sleeping ...but i'm not tired that much..okay..

Most of you probablly know that Katrina hit us down in the south...well hurricane season started today..again..and i think theres supposed to be um 6 major storms..well at least i'm moving! poor south..okay..

i still have a fever and i think i'm gonna throw up again so i better go! well i'll change my theme later...lol. bye!

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


hi you guys. okay ya know how i told you we were going to universal...well since my mom and me don't like rollar coasters and everyone is sick we're gonna go to the water park tomorrow. my mom got sick about 2 days ago along with one of my sisters, and my other sister already was sick..and i don't want to get sick! i hate being sick. ok anyways..hmm and since universal is a long drive we're just gonna go to the waterpark. i love water parks much more that rollar coasters. lol. okay and today I'm going to the bookstore once again and i'm gonna get a flute! i've always wanted to play the flute and i've already played a few notes on my friends flute so this will be good to keep me busy! ok now i hiave to go eat breakfast..a little late as it's almost 12..but oh well. i'll see y'all later then! bye!

oh and before i foget i'm gonna change my theme..i dunno when or to what. i think maybe to tokyo mew mew or something watery. okay well tell me which one when ya post!

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Monday, May 29, 2006

   Memorial day!

Hey you guys! sorry i didn't post yesterday..ya..okay. happy memorial day! most people don't have school..i already got out of school..lol. um..today i went swimming..and shopping..haha...i went to the bookstore and i got this book called Glass Wings..well actually my friend got it for me..and i got tokyo mew mew. i love it! it's cute. hmmm nothing else to say..oh yeah we probablly will go to universal either on friday or saturday and stay there for about 5 days..but i don't want to go! i hate roller coasters..gosh..okay well thats about it now..well i'll see y'all later! bye!!

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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Hey you guys. It's the weekend and i'm in florida now. it's fun. we're going to universal next saturday and i'm having my early birthday party today! i'm getting some manga from my friends. hehe. okay we'll i have to get going...

oh and to let ya know i passed all of my exams....except one..it's still passing but it's a 91. i have all a's on my report card. and you know the mct state testing things we took...i think i passed all of those...they were really easy!okay well i relly have to go now!see ya!!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Hey today is my last day of school! i also have exams today..again..lol! we're going to florida right after school!yay! lol. i dunno if i'll be able to get to everyone's sites today..sorry! but i might be able to post sometime!well..i'll miss ya'll! bye!

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Monday, May 22, 2006


exams today wish me luck! well got to go! i'll miss you guys! see ya!

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