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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

   Hi again. Well it turns out that i'm here today and for the rest of the week! But yesterday i went to the beach and it was cool. Today i'm not sure if i'm gonna do anything. i'm really bored. my friends Menmei and NarutoUzamaki...don't know how to spell naruto's last name.... but their on my friends list, and they beat Kingdom Hearts 2! i'm still like on the 6th day.. lol. well i'll cya around i guess.
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sorry i'm posting so late. i went to the beach for my vacation and igot sunburned. i'm not going anywhere tomorrow or thursday, so i might post then. o and i dunno if i'll be able to visit everyone's site today. well cya
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Break!!
Yay today is my spring break week and i don't have to go back to school til next Monday. I"m really bored. This week i'm going on vacation to a few places so i don't know if i'll be on tuesday, wednesday, or thursday. But i Probabbly will. o well. today i plan to do nothing. sounds fun doesn't it? i'm really bored. Well cya around
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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Hi! i'm bored. i hate being bored. it sucks. well nothing much to post about, but today is sunday. i had to go to church and get up early. well i'll post tomorrow i guess. O and tomorrow is my Spring Break! Finally! lol. well i don't have to go to school till next tuesday. Cya
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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Hi again! i went to the mall, and i got a few things. i wanted to get a naruto headband but i couldn't find it so when i go back again i'm gonna get one of those. i also got a pair of flip flops, and now i finally fit into aeropostal pants but double0 is still too big! gosh i hate being small. and i got a few shirts and some tamltops. well i'll try and post something tomorrow. bye!!
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Today i went to this thing called Child Pride Day and it was at our park. It was really hot there. After lunch i'm going to the mall, but i dunno what i'm gonna get. well cya around and i'll try topost more later
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Thursday, April 6, 2006

   i'm back!
heh i'm back!!! i was grounded for a whole week! how horrid. lol! well not much has happend over htis period of time. except i made first chair clairnet but they put me on the 3rd in between the 4th. gosh it stinks. u may not no wat i'm tlking about htho. heh o well. well hmm... well thats it. i don't have time to go to everyone's site but i will tomorrow. o and cn u belive i don't have srping break till next week?!?!?!?!? gsoh it stinks!!!
and i'm so bored it's not even funny.
heres a picture of me out in the cold waitning for something to do... heh not really i just got back from my friends house... but o well

poor me! jk well cya around!

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Friday, March 31, 2006

hey sorry but i won't be on for the next week i don't think. i still don't have spring break! well anyway i got introuble and so i probablly won't b on the computer 4 a week! sorry i didn't post eyesterday either! well cya around!
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

sorry i'm posting this late it's just that i was kinda busy. well um kingdom heartss 2 came out today and my friend got it! i think it might be a cool game. well nothing much happened today...except for the principle gave me a hug...for some odd reasion.... o well and we got a new kid in our esastrn hemisphers class... his name is skylar and he's quiet. but arn't all new kids quiet? hehe. lol ttyl i guess
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

   hey again
Heh. I'm back. Nothing really happened except at school i wore a skirt and the stupid nurse told me i had to take it off! well she has bad judgment! o well i can't hate her forever. nothing else really happend, but i turned in my priject on Africa and thats it. lol. well i'll try and post more tomorrow! cya
p.s- heh i forgot to tell u that i changed dearly beloved, to something on naruto, and sadness and sorrow to the ending song of Chobits!! hehe! cya

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