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Monday, August 7, 2006

heyy!! I'm here now! i've been deleteing a lot of my friends that haven't updated in like forever, or that don't really visit me much! or have just plain forgotten bout me..lol! well i might've dleted some people on accident, and if i did, just tell me! lol.

Hmm...well today we got registerd for schol...nooo! i don't wanna start school! goshh, and this year is a new school too. i don't know anyone! that makes it suck even more!

okay, ya know how i said i was getting braces?? well it's even worse...NOOO!! i have a really bad over bite (i never knew that ^^) lol so i have pallet expander (whatever that is..) for like 2 weeks, and then after that i have to have head gear only at night (omg i'm gonna look like an idiot)and then after like 2 or 3 weeks of that
i have to wear braces! gah, i hate my teeth...

and i'm gonna get them off in like 9th grade, first year of highschool. wow! there called speed braces, and they help my teeth in half the time, and there smaller, but they cost soo much more!!

thanks for all thoughs comments, kilwoon (and all the others) y'all really helped me feel even better! lol thanks soo much! you guys are really good friends!

sorry i didn't get to much sites, i'm getting to them now! i'm gonna change my theme soon, i dno what to though. maybe something with rain, or kittys lol! well someone please help me decide!! off to visit now! bye!

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Sunday, August 6, 2006

I am out of my depression! lol! thanks for making me feel better. I mean i'm still feeling a bit depressed and stressed, but i'm fine enough now lol.

My uncle died on my dad's birthday (July 29) and i was sad about that, and my grandmother is dying now, and my grandpa just died last year, so many deaths are driving me crazy!! i've also feeling unsure of myself, like i'm thinking i'm not pretty enough and whatnot.

well enough of the bad news! lol actually heres some more bad news. I can't really visit you guys for a while. I'll be back to comment and post evey once in a while, so don't worry, i'm not forgetting about y'all!

Ya well i'm tired now, so i'm gonna go to sleep! i'll try to visit you tomorrow night, but i'm sorry if i don't get to y'all! bye!

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Friday, August 4, 2006

I got to mostly every one's sites last night/tonight. only got 3 comments. lately i feel like no one cares about me much. i think im in a depression.. i might not be able to post and visit sites too often this week.

i'm babysitting today and tomorrowso i probably won't be able to post. sorry this is so short but i g2g! bye!

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Thursday, August 3, 2006


ahh! yesterday night myo wasn't working! sorry i couldn't get to sites! i will try to tday though!

I've got some bad news. I might have to take a break from myotaku cuz my paren'ts don't want me on it, but i'll try to get on whenever i can.

Other than that, yesterday went good. We went to lunch, and then we went shopping! i got some new school clothes! yay!!

No more scary dreams, in fact i don't even remeber the one i had last night, so i hope i don't ever have antoher dream like that.

Thank y'all for the comments! i got a lot, not as much as some people, but more then i've ever goten lol! well I'll try and visit today! bye!

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006


heyy! i haven't talked to y'all in a while! sorry. i'm still not all moved in lol. i get my desk and my book shelf in a week, and i have to unpack a few boxes still, but i'm mostly done! yay!

okay now for the dream. I'm not gonna post everything but here are some details. and usually if i have a weird dream like this, if i go back to sleep immediately after i wake up,the dream will continue, so i've ben up for a while trying not to go to sleep!

so we live in this apartment, with my neighbors (the people i babysit as) the only other peole tha tlive int h hotl. and then theres the'se creepy people (who had a stupid name i tihnk involiving peanut butter and jelly..don't ask me why...) who were threatning to kill us.

Long dream short, 2 of them (out of 4) came into our room right as our neighbors went to a costume party (i know what the heck..but..it was a dream ohkay??lol!!) and i had to kill them. i mean i watched my self kill them. and i woke up sobbing like a little baby. it was so scary watching my self kill them, and it was like in slo mo. *shudders* hope i never have that kind of dream again.

I know it's not scary or sad to most of you, but it was sad to me. The neighbors in my dream are my real neighbors, who i've been babysitting for, and we're going to lunch with them.

oh yeah forgot to tell y'all this, but i babysat 2 times where i couldn't update.. and so in the past week i've made 100 dollars! yes! lol and i'm gonna change my theme whenever i get the chance!

omg i just realized something... i made a lot of spelling mistakes, and thisis my longest post ever!!!! lol well i don't know if i'l be able to visit sites, but i'llget to it tonight! i promise! bye!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

   Moved in!!

hey y'all! we are mostly moved in! yay! lol. all but my room. omg it is soo messy!! lol! but i got this cute bedspread, it's a quitlike thing, it's white with squares on it, and in the squares, it has stripes of rainbow colors. lol!!

well i'm sorry, but i might not be able to visit sites today unless i get a computer in my room. gosh this sucks! well anyways i g2g! bye!

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Monday, July 24, 2006


hey guys, i've got more bad news. Since we're moving in, i probablly wont be able to get interent connection, so i won't be able to come on when i'm at home.

BUT, if i go to the library or my friends house, i'll be able to post, but i might not always be able to visit! i'm really, super sorry!

after i move in, about 2 weeks from now, we might get connection but i dunno. so i hope i'll be able to get on here!

I'll miss y'all sooo much!!!! I'm really sorry i won't be able to visit! well miss ya! bye!!

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

   bad news! (again)

i've got some bad news. we're switching hotels..again!! gah! jeez i'm sick of this. for those of you who thought i got my house last thursday, we might get it this wednesday.

i'm so sorry but i won't be able to visit mcuh today!! i've been saying tht alot lately. i feel like such abad friend for not coming to y'alls site often! i promise that once i move into my house i'll be able to visit everyone again.

oh yeah. i forgot. i'm getting braces..i think this week! noo!! lol well i have to go! i'll try to visit sites tonight if i get th chance.well bye!

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Friday, July 21, 2006


heyy! i'm soo bored. i have nothing to post about..i dunno why i'm posting. well after i babysat, i made a lot of money!! lol!50 or so dollars. i'm gonna spend it soon. i didn't get much at the mall. just some jewerly from claries (yes i go there, lol) well..this is probablly gonna be the shortest post i've ever posted. i'll get to everyone's sites who have updated so far. well see ya!

ohh yeah.. i forgot to tell y'all this, but we get our house on thursday, and cable on friday, so i'll be able to watch naruto on saturday! lol! yay! well bye!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hey y'all! thanks for all of those comments! Now for the bad news, the TLF ( base housing hotel ) has kicked us out, so we have to stay in a hotel downtown. It's really small! so i'm using my mom's coputer today to post, and i might not post that often. Only whenever my paren'ts aren't using it i can come on.

Yesterday I went to gymnatstics, and i'm super sore today! it hurts to move. lol but i'll get over it.

babysitting was really fun. I showed them an AMV and they were making fun of the japenese voices. So that kept them enternatend for a while. lol!!

I'm off to visit sites now! i probly won't get to everyone's \, but i'll try too! see ya!

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