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Monday, July 17, 2006

   600 Visits!

Yay! i got 600 visits! oh yeah, go me! I'm so proud of myslef. lol!! Well it's about 7:30 (in the mornin) and i'm here babysitting, but luckily their not up yet. They probly won't be up for another hour. Thats gonna be all the time i get to myself today.

Well, yesterday i got to everyone who had updated at the same time as me. yay!

The dog's scrathes are starting to go away, but on my sister's legs, theres bruises where the scratching was.

Well i'm off to visit people who have updated. I might be on here during the day to check if any more people have updated. Well bye!

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Sunday, July 16, 2006


omg, i actually got to everyone who's updated today! wow! ya i've been promising that i would for the past 2 days and i haven't. and i got to the people who i missed that updated yesterday. Man i've had alot of time today!!

Yesterday while i was watching the dogs, my sister came over, and Lucky thought they were playing, and started biting her realy hard. When i finally got him off of her, she has a lot of scrathes from the dog. And so did I. it really hurt. I hate big dogs now. lol!!

Well i'm babysitinng for the dogs' owner's kids tomorrow, but i dunno if i'm gonna sleep over, cuz my mom wants to put me in pain, and wake me up extra early! nooo! lol. that's gonna suck.

I'm sooo bored..yes, once again. I'm always bored. I'm going shopping after i babysit to spend my money tho. hehe. At least that'll be fun!

Well i got to go now, but tomorrow or later today, i'll see if i can get to anybody else that has updated. bye!

Ps- does anyone know a good color font that would go with this theme, that's not too light and you won't be able to read?

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

   So Sorry!

Y'all i'm soo sorry! i barely got to anyone's sites yesterday! I'm soo sorry! I'll get to them today, i promise!

I"m still babysitting, but they are coming home today, so only a few hours left with the dogs today. I'm so bored. again.

Well i'm updating my theme, i'm glad ya liked it!well bye!

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Friday, July 14, 2006


Hey everyone! I'm really bored. I'm babysitting for the dogs (again) Lucky and Princess. I just got bit and scratched a couple of times by Lucky ( the wild one ) lol.

I just found out that I am going to sleepover at the people i'm going to babysit's house. On sunday night, because their mother is going to Texas, and their father has to go to work early in the morning on Monday. I am going to babysit all day monday. I guess it will be fun, but sometimes the oldest one hurts the other two, and me, (lol) but he's sstill cool. I think he's going into the 6th or 7th grade. i dunno tho.

Okay so about my theme, Theres the original picture i found at photobucket.com but then i made it darker. I hope you lilke it!

Well i'm going to get to everyone's sites, i promise. Bye!

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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Hey y'all! I just got my first babysitting job! yay! lol. It's probablly only gonna be about a few hours, but what the heck, it's still something. I went to the mall in Fargo, and it's huge. I didn't get much though.

I just found out that they're gonna make us leave the TLF on the base. We're gonna have to find another hotel to live in for about a week. The people that i'm babysitting for offered that we could stay with them, but of course my parent's said know. That would have been really fun. Oh well.

Ummmm i made a wallpaper and everything for my new theme, but i probablly won't be able to put it on till like um Sunday maybe. Yeah. okay. soo... It feels like it's been forever since i posted. I'm gonna be here for a while so I will probablly be able to get to everyone's sites today.

Well I'm gonna see if i can find another wallpaper for now. Bye!!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

   New theme!

Hey y'all! i can't change my theme now cuz i'm at the library! But once i get on my laptop, i will change my theme. There was this cute picture of a girl in the waves at a beach, and i made it like more colorful and stuff and put like a white border like thing around it and so it looks really cool!!!

We were dog sitting for the weekend, and that family had 2 golden retrievers, one of them was really old, and they other one was really hyper.. lol. i have alot of scrathes from Lucky. (that's his name lol). The family is back though.

I was at a slumber party the night before, and i didn't sleep at all!! but last night i fell aslepp before 6. amazing, huh? but my stupid sister keeps turning on the tv at night and turning the volume all the way up, so they kept waking me up last night. they are sooo annoying! lol.

Besides that, nothing is really happening. Well i better get going, and i'll visit everyone who's updated today! bye!

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Sunday, July 9, 2006


okay so my last post, it was close to midnight..i think so no one commented. sorry i haven't been on!!! i tired to post, i really did..lol. well ...

Here's what's been happening.

My birthday and alot of friedns!! yay! i haven't said. called qute a few of them .oops...have to do that later..lol!!

soryy i haven't been commenting. it's just i don't have the time anymore. once i get a house..yeah.. lol!! i'm starting gymnastics again..
it's been awhile
lol!! well i'm at a slumber party now and theyre bugging me to leave. i'll post more tomorrow maybe.

oh yeah. i went to the mall today. iu got a lot of cloths for my birthday. and i got a flute! i think i mentioned that. but i can already play alot on it! yay! lol well i really have to go now! i'll try and change my theme later, but now i have to go and play DDR!! bye!!

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Saturday, July 8, 2006

   My late Birthday!

Okay so i don't have much time to post.... here's what's been happening for the past few days...

Okay i think you know that i missed firewworks. stupid parents. haha. It was my birthday yesterday!! yay! sorry the library wasn't open so i had to skip posting....

I made friendsd at the bbq and so i'm at their house for a birthday sleppover party. it's fun so far. i can't change my theme now but i can do it tomorrow.

We went bolwing...i totally sucked. but i didn't lose. hehe. and then we had pozza, and there dog ate it...and then we're going to watch a movie. it's her birthday on the 13 so she's having the party now. well i have to go. sorry. i will visit your sites tomorrow bye!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Sorry about such a short post yesterday! i didn't have much time. I"m also sorry i didn't get to anyone's site yesterday! i'm so mean!! lol. if i can find a birthday or a party kind of like thing, i am going to change my theme to that!!

Well, since i got in trouble for something i don't want to mention, i didn't get to go to fireworks!! wahh!! lol. But i could see them from my "house". did i tell you we don't really live in a house yet??

Okay anyway there was a small BBQ thing at the park for the fourth of july to get to know our neighbors, and i met some new people!! it was fun! but i didn't eat much yesterday, even though there was a LOT of desserts. i don't know how to spell desert or dessert, i get them so confused!! lol.

Well i'll visit everyone who has updated now! bye!

oh yeah...today we're going to the music store and i'm getting a flute!! yay!!!

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

happy fourth!!

for those of you who mimght be wondering.... i got sunburned!! oh yeah!!!! i forgot sunscreeen again, so i have the worst burn yet!!!

my theme is from pure-pure and it's a girl named tobari. i dunno what the guys name is...lol!!

happy fourth of july!!! and almost my birthday!! yAY!! the count down is wrong!!! NOOO lol..

well i have to go now!bye~

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