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Monday, October 1, 2007

oh my freaking god
i totally didnt remeber my password at all for this

i just got back on


its been like forever lol

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Wow .. Another post in 2 days !!
woah ! im posting again ! hah i have time today .. lol thats odd .. i freakin need a life . lmao !

Uh well new years was good .. yesterday me && my friend tessa went sledding , then we watched a movie .. she ate over at my house .. and we watched another movie .. lol

Todayyy i went to the biggest sledding hill ever ! it was so much fun ! and i drank hot chocolate ! yumm ! and now im off to watch another movie ..

Lol .. Tomorrow we have school .. ew.
I mentioned i was the wrestling manager right ? well on thursday we're going to fargo , and on wednesday .. thers early practice . crap . i've got to get up earlier than usual now. and i have band again ..

I dont want to go back to school !! well how was everyones new year ??? did anyone make any resolutions ? lol i did , but idno if i'll follow them .. cuz i usually forget ..

I've visited everyones sites --> who've updated , and now i'm gonna go ! ill check again later tonight .. if i have the time ..

lata <3

-----> oh . and can you guys stop deleting your gb entrys ? cuz i find everyday that someone deltes theres .. lol .

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Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year XP !!!!!!!
Wow . OMFG its been a while .. well heres what i missed :: 2 major holidays .. lmoa.
Merry [ late ] Christmas !! and Happy New Year !!
For those of yuu who have looked .. its been a year since i started this !! ahh all the memoires of 2006 are coming back to meh . lol .

Well about my life ;; haha my love life isnt doing so well . Justin moved ; jared found out i liked him ; and i like alan now . but he dont like meh .. well at least as far as i know. everyone says he does ..but yea i doubt that . hahah .. i've also heard that some other people like me .. yea .

Well i've become wrestling manager , and on our way to fargo , we took a bus with Valley (( another school .. )) and i met 3 guys that like me ! hahaha there cool . lmao .
i've also had a few people ask me out , but i said no. hah .

OK well since she was begging that i mentioned her [haha j/k] well she made this site .. and i'd like to thank her .
heres her website link thiny


Heres what she told me :;;

my name is midnight shadow ,loser.. and its not w/ the help of mandee , its made by mandee . gosh. lol . lmao WTF . i would be mentioning you in my post anyway of how i made a friends site. so there.... AND LEAVING A LINK TO SHOW YU OFF . lol
(( and yu shall call me by my pet name --> is what i said .. lmao ))
then she said :
My jaw is popping..its getting annoying .
random , eh ?

Oh hah this is what she said to my intro when i didnt put a comma before the lsoer part .. lmao

people are going to think that im introducing myself as
midnight shadow loser ..

GOSHHHH lmao LOSER hahaha

and make it MADE by mandee to add some emphasis


while yur at it

pet name?

whats yur pet name . wtf i'm not following .and maybe while your add it you should say that you WANTED the same type of layout as me since i'm so AWESOME AND COOL .so that people dont think that i just made it like mine cause im lazy or uncreative . gosh. talk about understatement of the YEAR ..
lmao !!

Well i'll try to visit sites in the morning .. i'm pulling an allnighter w/ amanda.. ahha so far we're really tired annnd irritable . k

Lata óż
me and mandee
we roll mad deep yo
shu do foo -->>
and ahem since i couldnt think of that right away i said ... doo fuu shoo .. [[inside joke]]

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thanks for commenting about my new theme! i think i'm gonna change some stuff, and add some stuff, maybe even have music!! oooo only a few days left till Halloween!! Happy early halloween.. i might not post then, but i'll try!! how long has it been since i last posted? anyone know?

8th grade is going fine (haa i know i don't talk about my life/school much but i'm going to taday, since i don't think i've ever done so) and i know that 4 boys like me ^^!but i don't see how, i'm not even pretty!!

but the guy that i really like.. isn't in the same grade, (he's in 6th...wow thats kinda sad) and this is the smallest school ever, and yea..my friends would probably make fun of me if i went out with a 6th grader, but he is so nice! he acts like an 8th grader, not a 6th. and i like this other guy, but he's really popular (and haha me and my friends are quite the 'unpopular ones' hahaha.. ) and he'd only ask popular girls out, but i realy like him too!! haha okay theres only 65 8th graders, and we're [me and my friends] are like the 2nd most popular people hahahaha ^^.

i'm glad y'all haven't taken me off yur friends list!! lol. well i don't have much left to talk about, so i'l visit sites now... byes ^^!

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Friday, October 13, 2006

   heyy!! =]]

heyyyyyyyy!! ihaven't been on here in so long!!! just to let y'all know.. i'm not gonna quit, but i won't be on that often. i'll try to get on at least twice a month so yu guys won't get rid of me on friends list. i can't stay on for long.. so sorry =[[[ goshh i miss this place so much! i miss y'all too!!! how has everyone been?? most likely alot of people took me off their friends lists, ima go through mine too. hahaha since nobody has me on theres much anymore, i'll hardly have any left!! lol well im going to change my theme now, please commment!!

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Friday, August 18, 2006


heyy y'all. my mom doesn't really want me on this site any more!! boo hoo! =( but i'll try to get on whenever i can! i might not be able to visit that much, but i will try to at night!

i feel so bad! maybe she will let me on here agian after school starts. imight be even busier when school starts though! but i will try to update, post and visit!

i'll have algebra homework every night(i hope not) and school starts wednesday so i most likely won't post until the first week is over.

i will miss you guys so much if i can't come on much anymore!! welll i'll visit sites now !bye!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


ahi rember what i was gonna say now in my last post.. lol well my friend was having a birthday sleepover thing, so i wouldn't be able to get to y'all's sites. yea.. sry bout that!! >.<

okay at her birthday party, we were playing truth or dare (at midnight) and so one of the girls dared someone to go to the parl 9right behind the house) and yell like an idoit (not much of a dare..but yea) and i ran ahead and sat in the little tunnel, and they thought they saw someone, and i juunped out and scared them. they all screamed and one of them even ran into the volleyball net..and knocked it down! ha! that was funny! ^^ lol

anyway. and then we went to go see The Devil Wears Prada. i loved that movie! cept the begining lol. and then after that (the next day) we all went to go see Pirates of the Carribean 2! that was a great movie too! i haven't even seen the first one o.O... yea i'm gonna watch that today.

Sorry i haven't been coming to yur sites and all, but once school starts i'll post like everydsay i can, and i'll visit everyone who updates before i go to school, and before i go to bed!

well i'm gonna go visit peoples who've updated. i'm also gonna find a few differnt pictures and put them on my site! kay! bye!!

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Friday, August 11, 2006

New theme!!!

heyyy! sorry i didn't get around to visiting! i was sooooo tired that i only got to like 2 sites!
-_- so sorry!and right after that..i fell asleep.. ha!

kay anyways, my new theme is from the anime Shuffle! i've found some more bgs and pics, so i'll be updating my site soon! wooo! yay! ^^ lol ...

The first to update!! uhh soo.. I just found out... i get my pallet expander thingy in like 2 weeks. and then after turing it, for like 2 weeks, i'm gonna get the bottom braces on, and then after the expander goes off, or maybe before that, i wear the headgear at night, for like 2months! and then after i get the expander out, i get the top braces in. I'm gonna look like such a doooooooork. this is sad.......

well anyways...hmmm.. i had a lot more to post in my head, now i can't remeber it all! >.<

uhm, well. uhhhh... goshhh..... oh yeah! wait no....gosh this is annoying. heh....

well anyways, if i remeber anything later, i'll be sure to post it (ya right..) lol bye! omg! oh yeah!!

my algebra test!!! goshh...how did i forget about that? >.< lol!! yea, that was the easiest test i have ever taked! i think i only missed 3 out of 60, and at the top of each little section, they had a little mini lesson on examples of how to do the test.. easy! and i thought i wasn't gonna do well.. lol

i'll visit sites tonight! sorry i didn't get to them yesterday and the day before! lol bye!

wow.. i think this is my longest post.. lol kay bye!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

700 visits!!!

yay i got 700 visits!!!! ^^ wooo! lol! and almost 200 gb signings. sad yes i know i don't have very many signings, but thats gonna be differnt soon!

okay, so in 7th grade i was in reg. math, but it was like pre al for ND, and now i'm gonna take this test to be in algebra on thursday. buuuut... i don't get integers and fractions! i really neeed help! my paren'ts are trying to explain it to me, but i just dont get any of it at all! gosh this sucks. does anyone know any good websites that'll help me?

kay enough bout that, i'm changin my theme! tell me which one you like better if you've seen both.

well i'll visit sites tomorrow night! bye!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

heyy! omg my internet just stopped working while i was typing this post, so now i've got to type it all over again!!! goshh..

so...umm now i forgot was i was gonna type.. aww this sucks even worse... T_T

uhh well i'm changing my theme, to something like a school girl, cuz school is starting. Oooh do y'all like my new layout? thanks midnight_shadow!! lol it's not done yet, but almost!

okay so umm when i said i was gonna delete friends, i meant like who haven't updated in like 3 months! i had friends that haven't updated since march. if you haven't updated in a week, i won't delete you, but if you update every day and you never come to my site, and i most of the time come to yours, i'm gonna delete you!

okay enough with that.. well i'm gonna go visit sites now! oh yeah, i got to mostly everyone who updated yesterday!! wooo ^^! lol well bye!

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