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Friday, August 12, 2005

   Just Thought I'd Post These Pictures Up...
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Thursday, August 11, 2005

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Yo today was so I dunno what to say. I stayed up half the night writing the first part of the second chapter for my story below this post. So I woke up late this morning and I had to take a quick shower and to top that off I felt like shit this morning. So I get to the doctor and they tell me that they don't have my appointment so I had to go to someone else I had to get my friggin physical ARGH I HATE GETTING THOSE especially the doctor who gave me my physical she was too sraightforward I like my other doctor and my arm hurts like hell too cause the nurse had to take blood from me and she prick me twice before she was able to get blood and yet why don't I know my bloodtype I never knew how dark blood really was. They also did another test but I'm not going to get into all that so I got out it was around 1 so I got to go to the bookstore and yet again they didn't have the Saiyuki book I wanted RAWR DAMN YOU KAMI-SAMA AND CURSE YOU BOOKS-A-MILLIONS FROM NOW ON I'M GOING TO WALDEN'S. But at least I got the first volume of PeaceMaker Kurogane and the first volume of this book by the same author of FAKE called Until The Full Moon and all the characters look like the people from FAKE. So then I went to the dermetalogist then I got home and ate some food and now I'm posting. Well I'm gonna go read my books and continue writing so that's all I wanted to post so til next post SAYONARA!!!!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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WHOO I FINISHED THE FIRST CHAPTER OF MY NEWEST STORIES. Alright since I'm posting it up I'll you it's called "I'll Always Love You" and you may now read it. ENJOY!!

I'll Always Love You

Summary: Living in a town that forbids love between two people of the same gender can be hard especially if you're a noble prince. Hakkai's is noble prince, Sanzo's a jealous rival prince, Gojyo's a poor rogue, and Goku is Sanzo's loyal servant. When Hakkai is forced to marry he runs away to clear his mind and he meets Gojyo and instantly falls for him leaving Sanzo incredibly jealous. Now he has to deal with his arrange marriage and Sanzo who’s out to kill.

(Disclaimer: I don't own Saiyuki...unfortunately)

Chapter 1: The Announcement

Hakkai was staring out of the window in his room at the rain falling. He alway hated the rain it always brought terrible things.

His thoughts were interrupted when he hear knocking then the door slowly opened as footstep made their way in.

"My lord, your father wished to see you right now." the figure said in a serious tone.

Hakkai turned to see his advisor Houli, a 19 year old, fair skin with long dark hair girl with sapphire blue eyes dressed in her uniform.

(AN: Isn't Houli young to be Hakkai's advisor ah who cares it's a story anything could happen but she also plays other roles in this story like his servant, protector, and most importantly his friend.)

"What is it that he wants now?" he asked in a slightly irritated manner.

Houli's face soften a bit but still remained serious.

"I asked your father and all he told me was that it was personal family matters and that it was none of my concern."

"Typical of him to do that I apologies for my father's rude behavior yet again." Hakkai said as he sighed and walked over to Houli.

Houli looked at Hakkai and said in a reassuring tone, "Please my lord, you don't have to apologies for your father's actions." she then said in a quiet voice, "But what surprises me is that your father and yourself looks so much alike and yet unlike your father who is cold and heartless you're so caring heartwarming."

Hakkai smiled, "You know you shouldn't be so serious all the time smile once in a while."

"Yes, my lord." Houli said as she spoke.

"Another thing you are my advisor and also my servant but you're too formal with me so from now on you may address me by my first name you may only call me "my lord" around my father and other important people." Hakkai said with another smile.

Houli nodded as she led Hakkai to his father's office. She knew that if she every called Hakkai by his first name in front of his father she would be scolded on how she is below Hakkai(AN: Technically, she may be his advisor but she's still a servant so she must address Hakkai with the respect of a noble prince.) and must always address him with respect.

As they walked through the long hallway Houli spoke again, "Say Hakkai may I call you Hakkai-sama also?"

"Sure if you like." Hakkai said as Houli opened the door for him to his father's office.

"Sir I've brought Hakkai to you as you'd wish." Houli said in her serious tone as she bowed then turned to leave but was stopped when his father called her name.

"Houli I want you to make sure that nobody disturbs us and do not let anybody in do you understand?" he said sternly.

Houli nodded and left the room to stand guard outside in front of the door.

He looked over at Hakkai then sat down at his desk and motioned Hakkai to sit in front of him.

"Sit down."

Hakkai sat down in front of his father and watched him for a moment before speaking.

"What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

Hakkai and his father looked and acted almost alike their expression were the same and they almost looked the same except his father was taller, his hair was a little longer, and his eyes were a dark brown.

(AN: Hakkai's father is probably based on Kubota Makoto from Wild Adapter so he may be known as Lord or King Makoto and he's actually his stepfather but I just made Hakkai call him father since he doesn't know his real one)

His father took a deep breath before he spoke his reason for bringing him here.

"As you know Hakkai you're twenty-two years so I think it within my jurisdiction that you get married sp I have chosen a woman to become your wife."

(AN:Usuallya princeis probably around 18 when he has to marry well from what I think but I've decide to keep the main charactersoriginal ages.)

Hakkai looked enraged as he stood up so fast that he knocked the chair over.


He then banged his hands on the desk and continued harshly, "I don't even know what this woman looks like or in fact even know her at all and you expect me to marry her."


'Then maybe I don't want to be apart of royalty.' Hakkai thought angrily.

Outside, Houli could hear Hakkai and his father arguing again as she stood in front of the two wooden doors but couldn't clearly make out what they're talking about since the doors were thick.

'I wonder what they're arguing about now?' she thought with concern.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw a woman with chocolate brown hair that was in a braid resting on the left side of her head, emerald green eyes, and was wearing a yellow dress walked up to her while carrying an umbrella.

(AN: I'll give you three guesses on who this woman looks like. If you're too dense to figure it out I'll tell you at the end)

"I'm sorry but I'm afraid that the king has asked not to let anybody in his office at the moment." Houli said with genuine sympathy.

The woman smiled then pulled out a note and said in a kind yet soft voice.

"I have a note from the King Makoto himself saying he wanted to see me at this time but I'm sure I can come back at a later time if I am disturbing something."

Houli took the note confused that the king didn't tell her about someone coming to visiting and read for a moment then looked at the woman and nodded as she said politely.

"One moment while I note the king of your arrival."

She slowly opened the door and walked in hesitantly, "Excuse me sire but you have a visitor with a..." but before she could finish he started to yell.

"Didn't I tell you not to let anybody disturb us including you?"

Houli looked shaken as she spoke in a shaking voice, "M...my apologies sire but she had a hand written note from you saying you wanted to see her."

She held the note out and flinched when he snatched it out of her hand then she backed away and stood next to Hakkai as he read it.

The king looked surprised by the note then turned to Houli.

"I'm sorry for my rude behavior earlier please send her in."

Houli said as she bowed, "Yes sire."

She then went back to the door, "You may come in."

The woman smiled as she walked in, "Thank you so kindly"

The king looked happy as if the angry words between him and Hakkai were never exchanged.

"It's so wonderful to see you again and you look especially lovely today as you always do." he said kindly as he bowed and kissed her hand.

The woman giggled as she did a curtsy for him, "Why thank you for the wonderful compliment," she then looked over at Hakkai and smiled, "It's especially nice to make your acquaintance Cho Hakkai-dono."

"Likewise and who may you be?" Hakkai said with a smile only Houli could tell wasn't real.

"Hakkai, meet Azora the woman you'll soon marry."


WHOO ANOTHER STORY! This is the third story I'm working on out of my twenty other story hahaha. Anywayz if you can't guess who the woman Hakkai's has to marry looks like I'll tell you. I've based her to look sorta of like Hakkai's sister Kannan. Anywayz as I write this story it sorta of reminds me of Romeo and Juliet in a way. Alright here's a preview of the next chapter. In the next chapter Hakkai talks with Houli about his arrange marriage and that his father is throwing a huge party to let everybody know about the wedding so he sends Houli out into the town to invite everybody. The she runs into a poor rogue Gojyo and she tells him that he could try and come but he won’t be able to get in. So he decides to crash it where Hakkai and himself have their first meeting and share their first kiss (Gojyo comes in a disguise so Hakkai wouldn’t know it's him until he meets him again in the third chapter). Don't miss out on the next chapter where you get to meet Sanzo, Goku, and Gojyo in "The Party: Hakkai and Gojyo's First Meeting"

Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
Hakkai and Gojyo
Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
Hakkai and Gojyo Sanzo and Goku

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

WOOHOO I JUST GOT 400 HITS ON MY SITE SO GO ME::runs around and starts dancing::

Whee well I woke up today not feeling good but I never feel good. So anyways I went and got my nails done YAY I MISSED THE GUY WHO DID MY NAILS!! My nail have a fuisha tip with two lines going in a wavy look. Then from there I went to Best Buy and I GOT SAIYUKI DOUBLE FOUR WHEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm home writing this post I also finished my first chapter of my newest story and it's be posted up by tomorrow morning but I'M STILL NOT SAYING WHAT IT IS OR WHAT'S IT ABOUT all I will say is that it's another Saiyuki story. So that's all I had to post so till next post SAYONARA!!! OFF TO WATCH SAIYUKI!!

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Monday, August 8, 2005

Why hello again it's time for another post. Well right now I have a huge headache from thinking too much. I've also fixed up my site a bit so I'm proud of that. I'm working on another new story I came up with today but I'm not going to tell what it is or what's it about and only one person knows about it and I'M NOT SAYING you'll just have to wait till I post it. It's storming right now so that's why I have a new story. Oh and tomorrow I'm getting my nails done I don't which color I should get maybe a crimson with a design SWEET!! Then I wanna try and go to Best Buy to get the new Saiyuki Double Barrel and maybe Kizuna. So that's all I wanted to post so til next time SAYONARA!!!
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Sunday, August 7, 2005

Whoo I've been awake since 2 afternoon yesterday and I'm tired as hell. I fell asleep for about an half an hour then woke up to watch Case Close which had Greg Ayres on it which he's my absolutely my favorite dub voice actor. I spent the whole night watching T.V. and then watched a movie called Good Burger I like that movie because it's hilarious!! WELCOME TO GOOD BURGER HOME OF THE GOOD BURGER CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER!! While I was watching it I worked on my new story I came up right after the one I've posted up. Then I tried to sleep but I couldn't so at 7 I started playing my "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" and I beat the game and I beat Ganondorf with a bottle then with my light arrow SO YEAH GO ME I SO ROCK!!! So now I have to fold laundry for the family today since it's the cursed laundry day. So I think I'm going beddy-bye and take a nap then write some more of my stories, then take a nice hot shower since for some reason I'm cold and continue to play video games and read my mangas and think about what I want for my birthday since my mama asked me what I wanted. Well I really wanted is a laptop, my room made over, some anime dvds, a Nintendo DS or a PSP, and of course MONEY!!! People kept asking me if I was going to have a Sweet Fifteen and I say no because to me turning fifteen is just getting older and beside my eighteenth birthday is more important to me. Well that's all I wanted to post so til next time Sayonara!!

Here's a summary of my new story called "Sweet Love" I know title sucks but for all yaoi fans well you know there's yaoi between Hakkai and Gojyo and Sanzo and Goku. When Goku helps a girl who owns a sweet shop from a bunch of bullies he get's bags full of sweets from her and he splits it with the rest of everybody. So some desserts lead to something even sweeter in the bedroom.

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

Hello just thought I post. Well right now I'm watching Friends and I just ate dinner home-made chicken soup yummy mom's tastes better haha. I'm playing "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" it's awesome. Anywayz I came up with a new story it's called "The Owl That Brings Death". They say the owl represents death five years after seeing his sister shot right in front of him Kai grows up alone without a place to go until he met Hakkai and is taken in by him. But when he finds out the Gojyo was the one who frames his sister he's out for blood. But can Hakkai talk some sense into him or will Gojyo pay for his wrong doing. I came up with this after I watched a movie called My Family or Mi Famila in Spanish and in the movie the boy's brother is shot right in front of him so when he grows up he ends up full of hate and anger. In the movie an owl shows up right before his brother's death so the owl represent death. So that's all I wanted to post so til next post SAYONARA!!!

Me:Because I wanted to make one of you a bad person and you're perfect for the role.
Me:SHUT UP YOU'RE TELLING EVERYBODY WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN TO YOU!!::smacks him continuously with a paper fan::
Hakkai:Beside I have the role of being a good samaritain haha
Goku:What about us?
Me:Don't worry you're in it too.
Sanzo:This is so stupid...
Me:Are you saying that being in modern times is stupid WHY I OUGHTA::rolls up her selves about to smack Sanzo but is stop by Hakkai::
Hakkai: Now now...
Gojyo::laying in a bloody heap::

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Friday, August 5, 2005

I don't know why I'm so hyper I stayed up all night well up until I watched Case Closed then I feel asleep. I worked on three of my stories I neglected "The Past Comes Back To Haunt", "Behind Close Doors, and "Is This Love?". One from Saiyuki the other Araiso. Yay I might actually get to go to Otakon I'M SO HAPPY!! But I feel like I want to cry and I don't know why::sigh:: Well that's all I had to post so til next time SAYONARA!!
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Thursday, August 4, 2005

   Good Morning Gotta Question For Youse People
(Don't Mess With Me I Have A Gun And I Know How To Use It)
Anywayz right now it's 8:50 and I'm watching Jerry Springer well not really cause I'm not paying attention but it's been three days since I've watched it since I keep sleeping in but that doesn't matter. So anyway I wanna tell you guys that in the sequel of my first story I said that Goku was hurt the most to find out that Aya could die from the sickness but do you really know why? In the story Gojyo, Hakkai, and Sanzo along with Aya's new friend(I still haven't given him or her a name maybe it'll be a guy I dunno) goes into town to buy some food leaving Aya with Goku to watch after so they get near this river that's not only frigid cold but it's also contaminated with a deadly disease(don't worry it's curable)as Aya's following behind Goku she slips and falls in. So Goku tries to save her by jumping in(he don't know it's contaminated) but she stops him and instead tell him to go find the others(the water's so cold that she can't swim) so he goes and tries to find them but he finds the town deserted. Two hours later her friend finds her floating near the edge down the river(remember Goku still looking for them so I'm assuming that her friend left the group to go check on Aya)So while a doctor is checking up on her Sanzo comforts him but then after a while when he hears from her friend that Goku wasn't there when he found her so he starts to think it his fault so he yells at Goku and that makes him feel even worst. So before they head out of town to get the medicine it's up to Aya to straighten Sanzo out and tell him what really happen that night and to also tell him about Goku's feelings towards him. Anywayz in the story I think I might have Aya sing like there's going to be a song that relates to her and another song she sings in public that in a way relates to Goku and Sanzo(like she's performing)but here's the thing I don't know which one. Here's where I want your help I want you to give me a song any song it doesn't matter but it's gotta be like a slow song a fast one's okay but I perfer a slow one and it's got to relate to Goku and Sanzo about their feelings. Here's some songs I thought I'd put in

Gundam Seed: Anna ni Issho Datta no Ni(Goku and Sanzo Song) I read the lyrics for this song and I find that it quite relates to them

Inuyasha: Fukai Mori(Aya's Song)I also read these lyrics and they also relate to Aya in a way and I like this song alot. So I'm putting this song in the story. I 'll have her sing this song while she's sick to Goku.

But I don't know if these if I should put the first one in the story without other songs to choose from. But anywayz I think I've told most of the story hahaha well except the ending and Aya's friend in the story will be a guy(he's based on my friend MyO that likes yaoi and I did this RP with her where we would try to bring Hakkai and Gojyo together and Sanzo and Goku and all them so he's pretty much a male version of her but he's not gay ok he'll do anything to help his friend)So that's all I wanted to post so til next time SAYONARA!!!

Wow I'm surprised I could come up with all this in like 10 minutes sometimes I shock even myself(O^_^O)

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Monday, August 1, 2005

(Ohhh I like this picture AWESOME!!!)
Well hello I thought before today ended. Well right I'm listening to AOL J-Pop Radio yay I can now hear unlimited J-pop and right now it's playing L'Arc En Ciel and now it's playing something that sounds like it's from an anime I can't name. But anywayz I've finally came up with a plot for the sqeaul to my first story.

In the next story "The Return of Mischieveous Aya" The time is Christmas and Aya returns along with a new friend that cause even more trouble for the boys and her target this time is Sanzo and Goku but when master of plans Aya plans goes not accordingly to plan and falls very ill they'll have to put their plans on hold in order to cure Aya or else it may be time for Aya to kick the bucket. Goku is the hardest hit to find Aya so ill and Sanzo tries and comfort him. Aya tells Hakkai and Gojyo to help them relized their feelings which they both gladly do since they owe it to her for bringing them together. Then things get from bad to worst when the town runs out of medicine to cure Aya so the boys go out to bring more medicine leaving Aya in the care of her friend. As they travel can Hakkai and Gojyo make Sanzo and Goku realizes there feelings and bring Aya the medicine she needs to survive or are they in for the a failed relationship and will this be Aya's last Christmas she'll live to celebrate.

Awww man this plot makes me wanna cry. Wow I actually made myself cry while reading my own story cool... But I hope this turns out into a good drama story and I hope you guys like it and yeah I know it's too early for a Christmas story but hey since I couldn't post my Fourth of July story up in time(which I'm still working on better late than never I guess) maybe I'll be able to finish and post it up before December that is if school doesn't get in my way hahaha. Well anywayz that's all I wanted to post so til next time SAYONARA!!!

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