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Sunday, June 12, 2005

   I'm Sorry
I'm sorry but it seems I can never stay with one theme. But I just learn how to turn gifs into actual wallpaper to put on the computer desktop. So I've decide to test it out on MyO so I can probably use gifs as my wallpaper but don't worry I'll put back up my FAKE theme I just want to see if this look better.HAHAHA YOU KNOW WHAT SCREW IT FAKE STAYS AS THE THEME!!!
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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Okay I've decided on a theme and the new theme is now FAKE!!! Beside from being a Saiyuki fan girl I also like Fake although I haven't seen the anime I've read the manga and it's awesome. SO anywayz I'll keep this theme up for a while but I still want ideas for themes::winks:: Sayonara
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   Hello Sorry For The Late Update...Again
Gomenasai for not updating these past few days I've just been lazy. Anywayz I've change the song on site yet again I swear sometimes it's hard to just stick with one. Anywayz I'm thinking of changing everything on MyO but the thing is I don't know what to put up. PEOPLE I NEED HELP IN FACT I NEED SUGGESTIONS!!! Please give me some ideas. Arigato well that's all I have to say so til next time Sayonara!!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Okay So Now What!!
Okay I'm officially on summer break now school's just ended today for me and I don't know what to do over the summer!! Right I feel a little scared because there is a wasp,bee, hornet some kinda of hive outside the window to the computer room and it's scaring the shit out of me(yes I'm afraid of bee hives I'm not that afraid of bees just their hives)Anywayz I don't have anything to do for this month at least not until next month. Well that's all I had to post til next time Sayonara!!


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Monday, June 6, 2005

   Nothing Much Going On Now Except That There Is A Thunderstorm
First of all Gomenasai for not updating I've just been busy with my finals and shit. But anywayz I've decide to post up a picture of Ryo and Dee from FAKE because I just think it's cute so I may start putting up FAKE pictures or some other pictures. Well I only have two more days til school's over and I can finally stop working in the evil office because me and phones don't mix. So my objective for those two days is...Survive those last two days. The current weather is a thunderstorm with extra lightning and it's actually inspiring me to write a story but what about should it be about Saiyuki or just some ordinary thing hmm. Well til next post Sayonara!!!
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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Well today nothing exciting happening oh except that a fight almost broke out in my English class but that's about it. I got a new book DEMON DIARY #1. Well anyway I want to post up this song. It's from Saiyuki Requiem it's original title is just "Tightrope" but I call it Tightrope Requiem so it won't confuse people with the first ending song. It's my favorite song and if you want to hear well hehehehe it's my little secret so I'M NOT SAYING!!!!

Tightrope Requiem
I chase you, but I can't catch up
You just smile sadly
That distant gaze of yours
Draws me in and I become helpless
No matter how I hold you tight
Your heart becomes incomprehensible
Sleeping deep within that smile
There's someone, and I've found out
If this feeling were to be returned
Give your my heart, give you my soul
Don't talk, don't ask, don't laugh anymore

Is it okay if I take you away?
I can't part with you
Even if all were to fall apart
My heart is troubled
I know it's selfish of me
I can't stop

Drowning, vanishing
My cries are erased by the waves
The lonely night wraps around me
Your lies pierce my heart
Just alittle more, Just a bit more
If it's to have you, I don't care

Is it okay if I take you away?
I can't part with you
Even if all were to fall apart
My heart is troubled
I know it's selfish of me
I can't stop

When I touch you, why
Can't I see anything? Like a lost kitten
Walk on tightrope together


Just a little more, just a bit more
Through the night, hold you tight
If it's to have you, I don't care

Is it okay if I take you away?
I can't part with you
Even if all were to fall apart
My heart is troubled
I know it's selfish of me
I can't stop

Is it okay if I fall in love with you?
Is it okay if I stay here?
The night of uncertainty wraps around me
Walk on tightrope together

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Nothing much to post except that I smell like a lawn mower because I was watching my uncle cut the grass for like the first time and he made dust fly on me. Anywayz HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TOO ALL!!! SAYONARA!!!!!
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Anywayz first today is Saturday WOOHOO!!! Second I got to go on a mini shopping spree but not without getting $100 OH YEAH!! Ok so I get to the mall which by the one is the best place to go to find anything but it's so big and crowded that it's easy to get lost in hahaha. Okay so first I go to Walden Bookstore and I get four books. Two FAKE books Volumes 3 & 5, Volume 2 Legal Drug, and SAIYUKI VOLUME 8 YAY HAKKAI'S ON IT I LOVE HAKKAI!!::hugs him so tight that I'm choking him:: Hakkai: Uhh could stop suffocating me and get back to the story? ME: OH YEAH::let's him go::Back to the story anyway I just need Volume 9 of Saiyuki and I'm done and able to start on Saiyuki Reload. So then I decide to go to Suncoast to see if I could buy anything with leftover money. So I get the Saiyuki movie SAIYUKI REQUIEM!!!::starts running around then remembers:: oh and a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards for a friend of mine which I don't know why she's making me waste her money on them Friend: HEY!!! Anywho so now this is the happiest day of my life and I still got left over money so I can buy the new SAIYUKI DOUBLE BARREL #3(it has Kougaji on it eeee). So then tommorow I can finally sleep in since I don't have to go back to Sunday class anymore for the rest of my life YAY!!! And I don't have to go to school on Monday or Friday since one is Memorial Day and the other is Graduation Day so yet again YAY!!! Oh I saw this Dragon fountain in Spencer it was so friggin cool it also was letting out smoke and my uncle want to get and I wanted to get this Dragon pendant and I don't care if people think I'm possessed or gothic or whatever because I THINK IT'S FRIGGING COOL but I was on a tight schedule because I ran away from my family to find my uncle and what not. HMM I should have gotten a black bandana and some sunglasses too..maybe later. Well that was my Saturday hope you guy's Saturday is going good Til next post SAYONARA!!!::holds up the peace sign:: Maybe I should change my background and everything on MyO?

Sanzo:Maybe you should stop being an idiot and find something better to do with your life::reading his newspaper::
Hakkai:Now now I'm not in the mood for blood shed after the fight with the pack of youkais.
Me:You know I ain't gonna deal::just sits there and starts reading::
Goku:Okay is she feeling alright?
Gojyo:I don't think so
Me::throws a rock at Gojyo::
Me:Changed my mind tehehe::winks::
Me:WHAT WAS THAT YOU DAMN PRICK!!!::throws a rock at him::
Sanzo::shoots at the rock then at her::
Me::dodges the bullets and tackles him::
::both fighting::
Gojyo:Oh yeah things are back to normal
Goku: I'm hungry

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

   Hello Sorry for the late upadte...
NIHAO everybody Gomenasai for not posting for a few days but I work as a student aid in the office the same period as my Keyboarding class which is where I usually write my post and people are actually shocked when they learn that I'm a student aid(which is a job for 11th and 12th graders) and I'm only a freshman . My week has been hectic with all the tenth grader's HSA testing and I GOT TO DO THE FREAKING ALGEBRA HSA GOD WHAT A BITCH!!! Luckily I don't have to pass it but I have to pass Algebra or else I'll have to take it again abd I'll have to pass it. Anywayz today I didn't have to go to my pain in the ass Physics class so I got to go to the auditorium with my friend NiNi and Katt and watch Spider Man 2 and then I got to watch West Side Story then I had a subsitute in US History and I got to listen to my music in Algebra all class. And now I'm home eating a cheese bun(my version of a meatbun hahaha)writing this post.
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Sunday, May 22, 2005

NA NO YO!!! Hey sorry for not updating but I've been busy. Today was my last day of Sunday School and it was a bitch but I'm not gonna go into that. So then I had to go to the mall to get my friend something for her well at least it wasn't my money. But I won't be able to udapte MyO on B days which is the day I have my keyboarding because I'm gonna be working as a Student Aid in the main office for the whole period. But I'll make sure to update daily. This week I won't have to go to my pain in the ass English class due to all the testing for 10th graders HAHAHAHAHAHA TOO BAD FOR THE TENTH GRADERS!!!
Sanzo:Aren't you gonna be one next year and won't you have to take those tests next year!!
Sanzo:Thought so
Sanzo::points gun at her::WANNA SAY THAT AGAIN!!!
Me:Sure I'll say it again YOU DAMN IMCOMPASSIONATE PRICK what you can't hear?
Sanzo::shoots at her::
Me:dodges all the bullets::
Hakkai:When will they ever get along?
Gojyo and Goku:uhhh never

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