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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Whoo today's Wednsday the 21 whichs means it's Hakkai birthday WHOO!!::throws confetti:: Anywayz there's only 4 more days til my birthday so YAY!!! Anywayz I woke with a really sore throat and whenever I coughed I always get a huge headache. So then I went to school which today I had Biology ARGH again with the teach making us feel stupid!! So then I went to Geometry where I saw my friend who has once again been insulted by my old history teacher so I sat with her she thinks I'm awesome probably because I know more about the teachers and what not. So then I went to Health and had to do an Article Critique BORING!! Then I went to lunch and was glad I didn't see my friend she's starting to make me feel paranoid and I actually gor ro eat lunch and not felt sick WHOO!! Then I went to English where my teacher was mad at us for our behavior and she might not be there again since she has to do physical therapy due to her fall. Anywayz I have to work on my story and submit at least the first chapter of it haha. So til next time and post. SAYONARA!!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

   Today's Post From BlueStormSword: YAY TODAY I FEEL GREAT!!
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Okay I don't feel better from my cold but I actually woke up feeling better I didn't feel sick to my stomach like I usually do but I missed Case Closed again DARN IT!!! I was actually able to eat some breakfast yay. So anywayz I went to school this time I had L/S/N Government class which was awesome I like that class. Then went to Piano where we learned to play intervals which is kinda hard and I'm finally in Choir now yay. Then I went to Spanish which was kinda boring than lunch where my friend bugged me to buy her lunch and I just told her off I told her I wasn't going to buy her fucking lunch so get your own. Just because I have free lunch don't mean I'll buy you lunch. I then went to English and did nothing but listen to the counsler lecture us and what not. Then I got some CDs to copy from my friend Emma. Now I'm home fixing up MyO page now I can add music again and I've added a Rob Thomas video love that song. I just wish I knew where my mom was so I can ask her to take me to Best Buy so I can get Saiyuki DB 5. Well anywayz gotta go finish up some homework and work on my story. Sayonara!!

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Monday, September 19, 2005

   Today's Post From BlueStormSword: I FEEL LIKE SHIT!!!!!
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Today I woke up sick my nose was running my throat felt like it was closed that I could'nt breathe right through my mouth and my nose feels stuffy and I feel like sneezing but I can't. Anywayz I went to school feeling really sick and went to Biology ACK HATE THAT CLASS!! I just hate how my teacher acts but I still like him he's cool. Then went to Geometry where I had to take a test NOOO I HATE TESTS!! When I got to Geometry I saw my friend who looked on the verge of tears so I talked to her and then she started crying telling me that my old history teacher(Remember my favorite teacher Mr. Battles) had called her a SLUT!! All because she was talking to this one guy then she gave another boy a simple friendship hug THAT BASTARD HOW DARE HE DO THAT!! First thing tomorrow I'm talking to him. Anywayz I worked on my story when I finished and then we learned a new thing that's actually easy. So then I went to Health which seems like the only class I probably actually like but on my way to class the hallways smelled like crumb cake now normally I would've found it smelling good but it was actually making me feel sick. So all I did in Health we watched a movie then we had a fire drill. Then went to Lunch which I was late because my Health teacher kept us for 10 minutes it wasn't her fault it was a delay and it was confusing and I was looking for my friend Brittany then when I came back to the small cafeteria I saw my friend I don't like to see everyday I tried to run but she caught me DAMMIT!! Anywayz my english teacher came back and we had a normal class for once. Then I came home and MY MOM PISSED ME OFF AGAIN!! My mom asks me to make her a grill cheese and I kinda groan but that was because I'm sick and I thought I might get her sick if I made her one and she thought I didn't want to so she said forget it all annoyed and shit. So my dad told me to make her one and I was gonna make her one so I spent 10 minutes making her one when she came into the kitchen she says I'M NOT EATING IT!! So I ended up eating it even though I wasn't feeling like eating. Now I'm pissed at her again I wonder what the fuck her problem is now I feel like crying out of frustration. Well anywayz I'm gonna try and work on my story for tomorrow so til next post. SAYONARA!!!

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

   TODAY'S POST FROM BLUESTORMSWORD: DUDE...uhhh I think I'm like stoned!!
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Whoo man I'm not stoned smoking pot is like so stupid. I'm just very forgetful and I'm worried for some reason but anywayz I've noticed that some people have actually noticed I change my background yeah I like it too that's why I put it up but anywayz I've also add a Reggatone song since I can't use a URL for songs but this is what I've been listening to in class and pretty much lately haha I'm really into it. Anywayz I got nothing to do except write a story. This new one is a bonus story to all the one with Aya in them such as Finding True Love, Return of Mischieveous Aya, and Under A Spell. This story's gonna be about Hakkai's birthday since it's coming up and all but I'll doubt I'll have it posted on that day since I'm kinda lazy and I'm busy with school but I'll try. Okay so in this story Gojyo knows it's Hakkai's birthday but he didn't get his a gift so he goes to Aya for help after being kicked out (whoa talk about being pissed) and she comes up with an idea of him writing a song but he has to write it from his heart and she'll provide the music. So while he's working Aya and Goku takes a Hakkai to a same lake and who should show up but Tami along with her renforcment. So they all get into a load of trouble leaving Hakkai kidnapped and Aya and Goku pronoucned dead(keyword: pronounced) So now Gojyo has to save him along with Aya and Goku but that doesn't mean he's off the hook.

Me: Okay...::breaks his arm:: Gojyo: OWWWW
Hakkai: Could've done it better myself...

Can Gojyo's song performed by Aya help Hakkai forgive Gojyo. FIND OUT!!! Yeah well I still haven't come up with a title for it so if you guys wanna suggest something I'll be happy to use it and I'll give you credit for it. But currently it's Untitled and in the story Gojyo's song is actually the song called Honestly by Lumidee yeah so that's how I came up with the story. So I'm gonna start writing it and that's all I had to post so til next time.


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Saturday, September 17, 2005

   Today's Post From The Desk Of BlueStormSword: MAN I'M PISSED AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY ANYMORE!!
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Ok I woke up and I went to my mom's job at the hotel and I get to have my quince there instead of having my dad and brother do so much work and clean the icky basement. Then went to Costco to buy some food for the party then went to Circuit City which of course I HATE!!! Then got to go to the book store and got Cross #2. wAnd my mom pissed me off by forgetting that see was gonna take me to Best Buy OH SURE SHE CAN REMEMBER TO BUY HER OWN DAMN STUPID DVDS BUT SHE CAN'T REMEMBER TO TAKE ME THAT'S TOTAL BULLSHIT ARGH!!! So we started arguing at Shoppers and she expects me to buy her damn Venti all because she won a stupid bet FORGET IT!!! Anf I'm still pissed at everybody except my dad. But anywayz I'll probably get to go Tuesday which means I'll get Saiyuki Double Barrel #5. Anywayz I came up with a new story while listening to some music and it's a crossover between Gravitation and Saiyuki. Hakkai's with a rich Sanzo and it turns into an abusive relationship along with rape so he decide to leaves so Sanzo thinks he can't make it without him. He then meets a girl name Rei one night after she sang a song that inspired him. But what he doesn't is that Rei and himself are exactly he same but she shows her past through singing. Then he meets her gun-totting manager Kai and also another singer by the name of Gojyo and his band mate Goku. And that's what I have so far I haven't came up with a title and what not. So that's all I had to post so til next time Sayonara!!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

   Today's Post From BlueStormSword: GOOD AFTERNOON, GOOD MORNING, AND GOODNIGHT depends on where you are...
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Well today was a somewhat good day I woke up feeling like shit I'm still sick. Then I went to school where I had Biology ACK!! He still made us feel retarded. Then went to Geometry and I didn't fall asleep again yay because I was still taking notes and writing up the third chapter of my new story and my Romeo/Romeo story. I'm thinking of submitting my new story into my school's litarary magazine with some censoring bad language. Anywayz then I went to Health had to turn in homework I did this morning and some worksheet and a quiz so much pressure. Then went to lunch saw my friend Brittany and my friend who I don't want to see eveyday I swear I hate coming to lunch and seeing familiar faces. But she bugged me for some yaoi pictures from Saiyuki so I gave them to her and made five bucks hahaha I love getting money from her and she willing to paying ten dollars for some more but I feel kinda bad for doing that hmph. Well then I went to English had a subsitute again. I went wandering the halls with my friend Emma looking for textbooks we already had in our class but didn't know then stop in this class where I saw like five people I knew and I was trying to get my friend's attention and almost got in trouble so I returned to class and talked to Emma the rest of the period. OHHH I FINISHED THE SECOND CHAPTER OF MY NEW STORY SO HERE I GO TO POST IT!! So that's all I had to post so til next time. Sayonara!!

Here's the second chapter ENJOY!!


Summary: In this second chapter, you'll meet an exorcist named Rosette and her brother also companion Ryun. During a battle against a ferocious devil she gets seriously injured causing Ryun to lose his good side and go wild. Can Rosette manage to survive and subdue Ryun before Ryun goes completely crazy.

Chapter 2: Enter Rosette and Ryun

Gunshots rang through the forest as two figures ran breathing heavily as they did.

"DAMN THIS THING'S PERSISTANT!" the voice of a female shouted as she continued shooting at the devil.

" Rosette you're just wasting your Sacareds trying to slow it down his legs trying aiming at his legs!" a voice of a boy shouted as he tossed the girl another set of bullets.

(AN: If you've seen the first two episodes of Chrono Crusade you'll noticed that this sounds alot like it but different characters well sort of.)

She caught then and empty out her gun of the used bullets and reloaded it as she jumped back to avoid the devil's claws. When she aimed it at the same place she was shooting then noticed that it was gone.

"Ryun, whereis he?" she asked her companion as she looked around while trying to sense the devil's whereabouts.

Ryun looked around also trying to sense the devil's whereabouts then he looked beyond Rosette's shoulder and noticed two red eyes where glaring at her.

"ROSETTE!" Ryun screamed as he ran towards her.

As Rosette turned around about to shoot the devil launched himselfout of hiding and took a slice at her leaving three long gashes on on both arms and another on her back then sent her flying into a tree leaving Ryun standing there watching shocked as he watched her fall to the ground unconscious.

Ryun looked at Rosette's limp body then looked at the devil with cold evil eyes and started growling as a black evil aura surrounded him.


(AN: Like I said before very much like Chrono Crusade but at least she has a brother that cares for her even though he goes crazy.)

Ryun launched himself at the devil bearing his claws and fangs at himas his eyes turned into a bright red while burying them into it's chest.

Rosette regained conscious and saw Ryun slicing into the devil repeatedly while laughing insanelyas he continued transforming into his devil form. Shocked at what she was seeing she picked up her gun and reloaded it with a Gospel as she ran towards her brother.

He continued slashing at it until he felt himself being
tackled off the devil and looked down to see Rosette tackling him while looking at him with tears streaming down her face.


As they both fell to the ground Ryun's fangs and claws had disappeared as his eyes returned to their crimson color.

Rosette stood up and aim her gun at the devil on the ground as she watched it try to get up.

"DIE YOU SON OF BITCH!" she yelled as she forced her gun into it's mouth and blew it's head off.

She watched it screamed then disintegrated then she collapsed where she was caught by Ryun.

"ROSETTE WAKE UP PLEASE!" Ryu yelled pleadingly as he gently shook her.

Rosette remained unconsciousthen tears fell onto her cheek from Ryun's eye as he hugged her close to him.

"Oh Rosette I'm so sorry I've should've control myself better" Ryun said in a shaky voice as he wiped his tears away.

"Save those tears for when I really died that is if anything can kill me.." Rosette in a weak but serious voice.

"Ah Rosette you're alright!" Ryun said in a surprised voice.

Rosette sat up feeling a twinge of pain as her back came into contact with the tree as she spoke in a weak voice.

"Of course I am listen Ryun I want you to go back to the village and tell the elder I'm not going to be back anytime soon."

"But I'll carry you back home!" Ryun saidas he tried to pick her up but was too exhausted as he fell back down.

"See you're also tired transforming into your devil form takes alot out of you so I want you to go back I'll try to get back by morning judging by my wounds." Rosette said with a small smile.

Ryun looked down and nodded as he got up and started running but not before looking at her one last time before disappearing towards the village.

Rosette looked up at the stars as she pulled out a pendant from her pocket and thought with concern.

'Could my newest invention be the reason for all these devil attacks?'

She got up and started walking the same path Ryun ran down leaving a trail of blood as she started breathing heavily then she collapsed to the ground.

'Someone please save me...'

Then she blacked out away from the world.


Whoo second chapter finished. Like I said before it's like Chrono Crusade and it's gonna be alot like Inuyasha also. So here a preview of the next chapter. In the next chapter, the boys find a half-dead Rosette so they take her back to her village and she decide to show them her latest project along with the cause of all the devil attacks and when Gojyo's see it he comes up with a plan to steal it.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

   Today's Post From The Desk Of BlueStormSword: WHOO I DID IT!!!!
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Well I went to school and today I had Biology ARGH!!! He kept making me feel stupid and bad not to me personally but still. Then I went to Geometry and I ACTUALLY DIDN'T FALL ASLEEP OMFG!!! That was because I was busy taking notes and writng the second chapter of "Passionate 4th of July" (neglected story I'm ashamed::teardrop:: Then I went to Health did nothing but take a quiz and work on a work sheet. Then lunch still nothing happened then I went to English did my classwork and listen to some Reggatone while doing it. Then I got home and type up the first chapter of "True Form" which I posted on FanFiction and gonna post on here. Everybody's hasseling me on what I want for my birthday it's scaring me I CAN'T TAKE THIS PRESSURE!!! So anywayz that's all I wanted to say so til next post SAYONARA!!!

Here's the first chapter of "True Form" ENJOY...

True Form

Summary: Gojyo has a secret wish to become full-demon and the only person who knows is Hakkai. So when the boys find a half-dead girl named Rosette (same name somewhat same character) who’s an exorcist and inventor things become strange. When she shows them a special pendant that can grant the wish of the wearer's deepest desire but only if they're willing to pay a price. Later on at night Gojyo's willing to pay that price when he steals it and uses it to grant his wish by stealing some of Hakkai's life energy while he sleeps. But things go terribly wrong and now Hakkai has to restore Gojyo's good side with only half his energy and the help of Rosette, Goku, and Sanzo or risk losing him forever.

Chapter 1: Gojyo's Wish

Gojyo sat wide awake looking up at the stars while thinking about what he secretly desired in his life.

If only I could only become a full-demon then I'll be truly happy...

"What are you doing still up it's late!"

Gojyo looked behind him startled to find Hakkai walking towards him.

"I'm just thinking is all." he said boringly as Hakkai sat next to him.

"Oh really about what? Hakkai asked curiously.

"About a wish I have but if I tell you swear you won't tell the others." Gojyo said seriously.

"Okay I promise I won't tell a soul!" Hakkai said with a smile.

Gojyo took a deep breath before speaking as he looked down at the ground and said in a low voice.

"I want to become a full-demon!"

Hakkai's smile faded and a frown appeared as he spoke with a low voice to make sure he didn't wake the others.

"But why Gojyo being a half-demon is what makes you unique!'

"Being a half-demon isn't unique Hakkai it's an abomination to everyone demons and human!" Gojyo said icily as he lit up one of his Hi-Lites.

It became quiet as Hakkai thought about what Gojyo just said.

'He's right being a half-demon is practically the symbol of the forbidden relations between a human and a demon!'

Hakkai looked up and closed his eyes as he started thinking.

'But to me you're not an abomination you're the person I'm secretly in love with and I love you just the way you are...'

Hakkai snapped out of his thoughts as he stood up and was about to leave but not before speaking to him with a smile.

"To be quite honest with you Gojyo I like you just the way you are."

Gojyo watched him walk back to the camp as he tossed his cigarette away then got up and followed him back still thinking.

'I just want to be accepted...'


Whoo another fic. This one will be a shounen-ai no yaoi unfortunately and I came up with this one as soon as I finished watching Chrono Crusade. As you keep reading you'll notice that it's a lot like Chrono Crusade and Inuyasha Movie 2: Beyond The Looking Glass.Well for one thing the girl in the story is name Rosette but she not the same as the one in Chrono Crusade she just has the same occupation and she has her brother whose a devil as a companion and in this Gojyo wants to become a full demon and Hakkai's secretly in love with Gojyo and what not. So anywayz hope you come back to read the next chapter here's a preview. In the next chapter you'll meet Rosette an exorcist/inventor battling a ferocious devil along with her brother Ryun in "Enter Rosette and Ryun!"

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

   Today's Post From The Desk Of BueStormSword: GOOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
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Well if you don't know what today is it's the 4th anniversary of the September 11 attacks but I doubt some of you didn't know. Well anywayz I still don't know why we're fighting this stupid war in fact I don't even remember how'd it even start. I HATE WHAT THOSE TERRORIST DID TO US NOW EVERYTHING'S GOING WRONG!!! Well just take a moment to remember those who lost their lives in the Pentagon and the World Trade Center and the people fighting over in Iraq and who died during battle: GOD BLESS YOU!!! Well then enough of sadness last night I went shopping I went to Claire's and got me a new Chinease symbol necklace the jewels red and it means Love and I got a new cell phone strap it has a little monkey on it I had to buy since it reminds me of Goku haha. Then I went to the bookstore and got a new manga and saw my friend's mom over there she actually works there but so I got a book called Cross and it's actually pretty good. But I shouldn't had gotten the necklace cause they was having a TokyoPop sale buy two manga's get one free ARGH BAKA!!! Anywayz I got home and then I watch Naruto it was awesome I like so I'm gonna watch it from now on. The I watched a new episode of Inuyasha then Escaflowne came on which I didn't watch alot of since I fell asleep in the middle of it but I woke to see the ending. But anywayz I watched Case Close awesome show love it. Oh yeah for people who read my post yesterday Chrono Crusade is an anime now and no it's on T.V. I have the first DVD of it sorry for the misunderstand hehe. Anywayz that's all I wanted to post so til next time SAYONARA!!

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

   Post From BlueStormSword:GOOD MORNING!!!!
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Ohayou gozaimasu I've been awake since 8:00 watching For Kids T.V. and all the new season premieres and I watched some Chrono Crusade the episode where Chrono first transform into his devil form which I found FREAKIN AWESOME!!! And that's when I came up with a new story idea. This story is called "True Form" and in this story Gojyo has a wish and it's to become a full demon. So when the boys come across a girl by the name of Rosette(same name but different character)whose an inventor she could help Gojyo make his wish come true. So when Gojyo steals a special pendant that can grant his wish and steals half of Hakkai's life energy while he sleeps all hell breaks loose. Now it's up to Hakkai to stop Gojyo from the transformation with the help of Sanzo and Gojyo along with Rosette or risk losing his friend to the darkness forever. Well that's how it's gonna be but it may be a bit different than the summary hahaha but it's sorta of a Chrono Crusade and Inuyasha story all wrapped into a Saiyuki story. Anywayz I'm gonna work on it since it'll be a sorta short story. So til next post SAYONARA!!!

Here's some Chrono Crusade Pics...

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Friday, September 9, 2005

   Today's Post From The Desk Of BlueStormSword: YAY TODAY'S FRIDAY!!!
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Well today nothing speciall really happened. I went to school as usual and I got through a quiz in Biology and I swear he treats us like we're a couple of retards but hey he's still cool. Then I went to Geometry and fell asleep AGAIN and I thought I could get through his class for once without falling asleep and when this kid pointed out the people asleep in his class he said that at least they're not disrupting the class okay some people might think it's cool to get to fall asleep in class and not get in trouble but not to me because I want to pass this class. Anywayz then I went to Health and she showed us a video that took up the whole class period well we had just ten minutes left but anywayz she showed us a recording of Oprah talking about different health issues and what not. Then I went to English and did nothing but listen to Reggatone since I had another subsitute and they were playing some music but I was listening to my own CD player. So then we it was finally time to go and my bus was late and I FORGOT MY CELL PHONE AGAIN ARGH BAKA BAKA ME!!!::hits self over the head:: well and my friend came over for the first time and it was all fun we went to 7-11 and I kinda look boyish since I'm wearing this huge mens' Joker shirt and a navy blue Joker cap backwards haha and I GOT ME SOME RED BULL and it tasted alright. Then I FINALLY FINISHED THE SECOND CHAPTER AND THE FIRST PART and now I'm working on the next chapter if I'm lucky tommorow I'lll type it up and have it posted up WOOHOO!!! Anywayz that's all I wanted to post so til next time SAYONARA!!!

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