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Friday, July 29, 2005

   Hello Everybody Time To Update Again
Hello today was just an average day. I FINALLY got Saiyuki #9 it took long enough. I also got Legal Drug #3 YAY!! Along with 4 new shirts so umm yeah that's all that really happened today. Oh yeah I got a new theme it's now Goku. I just love that kid so much::hugs Goku:: I think that Goku and I are alike since we're both always hungry hahaha but here's another fact about me I can also sound like Lirin which is kinda funny. But anywayz that's all I had to post so til next post SAYONARA!!!
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Thursday, July 28, 2005

I hope this picture shows up the site's been down for a week and I hope you read my first post I posted today just below this one. Well right now I'm watching Maury and Jerry Springer just end(Man I'm addicted to that show over in California it shows like three times a day)and the topic of Maury is 100% Opposite and Madly In Love which I love I like that kinda of show. Okay in this post I'm gonna talk about my trip and my new story ideas. Well here's the highlights. Well I got to visit all my family up in Venice, Inglewood,Hollywood, and just all over the place. But there was one thing that got me down I couldn't see uncle Modesto(named after the city and born there I think I forgot go figure) because he's in a hospital and they told me that I was a minor and that I couldn't see him. So I'm sitting there with my aunt while my mom, dad, and brother got to see then my uncle come back to us and talks about how he looks back and that just made me burst into tears because I mean he's my favorite uncle and not being able to see him really hurt me because the last time I saw him was two years ago and he looked okay but they're saying all this stuff and they're making me worry about him. Man I'm tearing up just thinking about it but he made me feel better by giving me a shout out and my dad told me that the nurse was cool about him videotaping since don't allow it but she said he could as long as he didn't film other patients. Okay I got to go to Santa Monica and got to go shopping at the Borders behind the mall and I got two new FAKE books but you know I didn't find the DAMN SAIYUKI BOOK!!! DAMN IT!!!! But anywayz I got the last FAKE book LUCKY 7 WOOHOO!!(and I thought it would be hard to find HAHAHA I'm so lucky)along with the fourth book so I just need one more. I also got to see my grandparent at the cementary(my grandmother was alive when my brother was a kid but died before I was born and people say I look like my grandmother and great grandmother when they were younger but I kinda can't see how we do but my mom and I do look alike) with my uncle and three cousin and I swear you may think that my two younger cousins Jimmy and Brandon are cute but they're monsters well just Jimmy he's the youngest I swear that kid's gonna be a killer he plays with toy guns and shoot them mostly at me(don't worry people he has a gun that just shoots it has no toy darts)and he scratches, punches, and kicks me I swear I keep telling my mom to JUST LEAVE HIM THERE DON'T TAKE HIM!! Brandon is okay sometimes but is annoying when it comes to playing with video games. Then there's my cousin Frankie he's one year older than me but he's the normal one but HE'S SO SKINNY HE'S STARTING TO LOOK LIKE HIS BROTHER MICHAEL!!(Michael's my is the oldest cousin and he's the one from my dream and I didn't see him much since he works and goes to school GO MICHAEL!!) I'm starting to think he's anorexic or bullemic. Then I didn't see my aunt Frenchie at all and I'm starting to hate her(yeah I know she got into anime but still) after what I'm hearing I don't like her so I'm going into that since that all in the family. Oh I got to go to a real Dodgers Baseball Game with my aunt and uncle(they're my other favorites they're awesome) and I'm not a big fan of baseball or sport but I think the L.A. Dodgers are my favorite team so GO DODGERS!! but before I went I went to the Alleys in downtown L.A. and go a L.A. t-shirt and a matching hat along with some sunglasses with purple lenses. There was a cool shirt I wanted but I didn't get to go back. I also got a free Dodger shirt and a L.A. Dodgers cap it's black with blue flames and it's cool. Well I got some new stuff like a wallet with a red dragon, two necklace one with a cross with 5 diamonds and a blue jewel in the middle(it's not real) and one with a tooth like item on it, a Venice hoody sweater. But my favorite one is my large Dragon crystal with a platform that lights up and rotates. I got to see my cousin Velia(named after my grandmother)before I left and when I was leaving my cousin Ricky got in the car like he was going with us and when my dad drove like a centimeter he yelled "I DON'T WANNA GO I MISS MY MAMA!!" hahaha when he got out he went BYE LUPE(my mom) I'LL MISS YOU in a teary tone it was hilarious but I'm gonna missed his friend uhh I forgot his name he kinda cute(I met him two years ago when I was twelve and he was thirteen)I also got a Mexico flag from my aunt which I'm gonna hang on my door. So I left from my uncle's house and he has this really cool sword it has thread on the handle it's like a criss cross pattern of black with a purple blue background and has purple thread hanging his son Mondo gave it to him and he's got another one it's all metal and it's from Gemany it's shorter. My uncle Carlos gave me a present the first one was a Joker doll but I couldn't take it because it's too big but he gave me a shirt with JOKER on it same like my mom's. Okay well the realll reason why I went was because of my cousin Angie's quince(Her Fifth teen and it was nice but too hot in the church but the after party was so much fun even as we were going to the party we rode in a limo and we were blasting music making people's head turn and I saw them take picture very nice. I got to dance with my cousin Juan(from my dad's side) and some of my mom's family came and I was dancing with this one dude and I just kept dancing so my uncle Carlos came and grabbed me and lead me to a chair my mom thought it was funny but I thought that was rude(I swear he's too protective)Oh I was in the quince I got to present "La Ultima Muneca" or "The Last Doll with two other girls name Araceli and Joey which I like they're young but my friends and Araceli presented the shoes and Joey the crown. Then her chambalanos and her danced and the music was so pretty that it almost made me cried. Okay I went up to North Hollywood and spent time with my dad side of the family and so I hung out with my cousins Steven, Cynthia, and Juanita and her baby which she's so adorable I swear I love her so much although sometime she'll scream when you try to hold her but when she woke up from a nap and started crying I picked her up and she stopped crying now that's the one person I wouldn't mind taking home hahaha. Oh I got to go to Universial Studios and came home with sore feet. Okay that's enough of my trip TOO MUCH if you ask me haha. Okay I said I had some new story ideas.

So the first one is called "A Fatal Crime" and I got this idea watch a movie called "A Man Apart" and I think I might make this a FAKE story it starts out with Ryo and Dee having to go to work with the L.A.P.D to help solve a case dealing with mysterious murder which all have to do with drugs which brings up memories for Dee. Then they meet a girl named Alyssa who is selling drugs against her will in order to save her own brother who been kidnapped and being abused sexually and also selling her body(again another idea from another movie called "Mystic River") can they save this girl and her brother or will she die trying to get out. I would tell you more but you'll just have to wait tehehe. The other two stories are based on songs by Selena. One's called "Dreaming of you-Dee's Story and the title kinda says it all if you heard the song I think you'll see that the song suit him and the other one is called "I Could Fall In Love-Ryo's Story" not a sqeaul I just wanted matching story and like the other one the title says it all and if you heard the song I think you'll see that this song suit him as well. Okay I'm tired and my hands hurt from typing sorry to bore you with this but I'm just glad to be back home. So I'm gonna go so til next time SAYONARA!!

Random Questions

What's your favorite Anime and why?(You can have more than one)

What's your favorite Manga and why?(You can have more than one)

Tell me an Anime or Manga you think is good, what's it about, why you think so?(Like I said you can have more than one)


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(Hey I like this picture)
Anywayz oh to my friend Yaoishoujo aka Yarinya sorry I couldn't get to meet you I was really hoping to::bows:: As you guys may know I went to California and I came back yesterday and I was so tired I fell asleep at 10:00 in the morning I woke up at 6:00 in the evening. Well I'll go backwards and tell about my trip the plane ride back was actually better than when I flew over there because I bought one of those in flight T.V. where you can watch T.V. and Movies or listen to music. I also got to work on my first story "Finding True Love and it's almost finish and I GOT THREE MORE REVIEWS YAY!!! Oh something scary happen right before my flight landed this lady went to the bathroom and then I heard banging and she COLLAPSED out of the bathroom so her husband come and helps her and along with her son (FYI: He was kinda cute and I think he was looking at me while we were waiting for our flight) anywayz back to the problem so three flight attendants come one starts to panick and it's making us worry. So then we land and she taken out first since she needed medical attention. So when I get off I start to feel sick as well AIN'T THAT BITCH!! I'm sorry for grossing you guys out but I kept getting the urge of vomit everytime I look at a trash can it makes me want to puke but I held it in. DAMN I saw a Borders Bookstore in the airport and I thought about going but my dad was there and we had to go on a shuttle bus so I couldn't sneak over there while my dad went to the bathroom. Okay what was I gonna say oh right I walk out of Dulles Airport(I think it's in Virginia so there's a clue about where I live but I don't live in Virginia I live in the state south of it I think...)and the heat just hits me you think it's hot in California it is but at least the have some cold nights but here IT'S BURNING!!! So I get home AHHH HOME SWEET HOME!!! I got to my room and lay on my bed(still not feeling good) but first not without watching my most missed thing SAIYUKI!!! YAY I'M BACK::hugs my Saiyuki DVDs::. Then I fall asleep and wake up at 6 so I wanted to update yesterday but you know what happened and I GOT PISSED!!! Around 7 it was storming and for the first time I was inspired to write(FYI: I got some more stories ideas it's coming up later)and then THE POWER GOES OUT FOR THREE FUCKING HOURS!! I couldn't do anything I couldn't read, write, or watch T.V. or movies. So I fell asleep then woke up at 11 and the power came back YAY!!! I got to watch Inuyasha and Full Metal Alchemist FINALLY!! So then I stayed up the whole night trying to finish my stories and working out the other ones. Okay I'm gonna end my post here for now but don't worry right now I'll post again talking about my trip and my new stories. So til next post Sayonara::sniff::

::blinks then falls to the ground and start crying::
Hakkai: What's wrong!!
Gojyo: Wow she didn't cry when she left.
Me: BECAUSE I HELD IT IN!!!::sniff::
Sanzo: Hmph stupid...
Me: Stupid prick::curls up in a ball:: I want a hug!!
Hakkai: Poor kid::hugs her::
Me::sniffs:: Thank Q!!::hug him:: NOW I FEEL BETTER::stomach grumbles::Actually I'm hungry...

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Well today I got to go to a real Dodger's game. A first I didn't want to go since I'm not a big fan of baseball or in fact any other sports but anywayz earlier I went shopping and I got this pink Los Angelas shirt and a pink and silver L.A. cap to match it. then I got these sunglasses with purple lenses(favorite color: purple). I saw this really tight shirt but I'm gonna get that later. So I'm at the game and first I do this stupid game and I really didn't do it my aunt just filled out a form and turned it in and I got a t-shirt which I used to keep me cool. And you know what I'm tired so I'll just end it here for now and continue tomorrow. Til next post SAYONARA!!!

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hey I'm posting from beautiful LA and I've arrived here two days ago. I'll tell you the plane ride was a bitch. IT WAS SO FRIGGING BORING!!! So all I did was eat, sleep, write, ate pocky, sleep, ae some more pocky. The when I go to the baggage claim that took longer then the flight. But anywayz I just came back from my aunt's and now I'm posting like I promised. hat's all I really wanted to post just to let you guys know that I'm thinking of you guys. Til next time SAYONARA!!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Okay first of all I would like to say::hides in a dark corner and cries::To people who don't like Jerry Springer please don't hate me because I watch it not my fault. Second this a random question to all yaoi fans. I know it's pointless to ask fans of yuri which is probably mostly guys but they're some people who support it but here's the question.

Since many guys probably get turned on by yuri do yaoi fans get turned on by yaoi?

I'll be honest yes I get turned on I mean WHO WOULDN'T!!! I mean if it's two hot guys then hell yeah!!

I'm sorry if this is uncomfortable you don't have to answer I just want to know if it effects others so don't answer in fact I'll let you insult go on I CAN TAKE IT!!

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Okay right now it's 8:19 and this is the last time I'm watching Jerry Springer for two weeks. This morning's topic is "Bitter Brides" and tell me something the guy on the show tells Jerry that he cheated on his girlfriend with a man and Jerry says he's gay is it really. It depend I bet... Anywayz last night was a bitch since we had to pack and shit and I'm still sleepy. AHHHH NOOOO!!! I'm gonna miss an awesome Jerry Springer tomorrow WAAAHHHHH!!!! Oh well I'm gonna work on my stories while on my way to California. I've just decided that the place the Saiyuki boys are going to in "Passionate Fourth of July" is California since that's one place where can shoot off fireworks and not get arrested just kidding I don't know if that's true. Well that's all I had to post til next time SAYONARA!! Don't I'll try and update as much as possible

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Monday, July 11, 2005

NO I'M LEAVING MyO!!!! Shit yeah right I ain't going anywhere I've got too much on here that I don't want to leave behind like some good fucking friends you know what I'm saying. Oh shit I sound like I'm George Lopez on stage(just kidding). No I'm not leaving MyO and I'll never will I may abandon it but never leave I dunno. But this is my last time I may update since tomorrow I'm leaving for California and I still haven't clean my room(how's that for lazy...). Okay right now it 9:17 AM and I was watching you guessed it Jerry Springer and today's topic is "Wives vs. Mistresses" which isn't that intersting but I can't wait til tomorrow's topic HAHA and now I'm watching Maury. I've also worked out the last chapter of my very first story "Finding True Love" and it'll be up the day after I come back in two weeks. I've also came up with 4 new stories three of them are Saiyuki and the last one is a FAKE fic. The first story is "How I Love Those Eyes" and it's just a little like reflection moments between Hakkai and Gojyo and they're talking about how they love each other eyes and I came up with this idea from a song from Inuyasha it's a song that plays during those reflection moments sorta ya know what I mean..don't you? The second one is called "Is This Love?" and I also got this idea from another song in Inuyasha and the song is Sango's theme where at the beginning it's the piano playing and that's my favorite song and this is where Gojyo actually starts to have feelings towards Hakkai but he's doesn't know since he doesn't know what love is since he never had it and this is the time when he had found Hakkai all bloodied up in the forest. The third story is "A Drunken Mistake" and this I just came up with it for no reason but this is between Gojyo and Sanzo and they get totally trashed and end up doing something they'll never forget but was it really a mistake? My last story is a FAKE fic and it's called "Take Me In Your Arms" and this is actually going to be a song fic and I got this idea from listening to a song that's the same as the title of the story and it's by Suzy Q and the thing I've found out is that she was only 13 when she released that song. This story is about how Dee and Ryo need each other and shit but I 've really haven't gotten the whole plot out yet. Alrighty then that's all I really wanted to post so I'm going to give you a preview of the last chapter and an aftertalk that's sorta of like an interview with me and the Saiyuki boys haha(Yes I am playing the interviewer and I'm crazy so you know now that I'm insane). So that's all folks til next time SAYONARA!!!

In the last and final chapter of "Finding True Love" Hakkai has finally revealed to Gojyo his feelings for him which he gladly returns when they come home to find Tami in the kitchen she'll do anything to break them up even goes as far as to try and kill Gojyo(I know I'm evil)but she is stop when Aya comes out of the closet(...?) and stops Tami. So as Gojyo and Hakkai spend some time alone to become ahem 'closer' meanwhile Aya goes on a hunt for Tami and fulfills her promise towards her. The next morning Aya visit Hakkai suddenly telling him she has to leave but why(beside the fact that she's reneging on her bet with Sanzo and also from Gojyo before he finds out what she had to do to make Hakkai and Gojyo closer)? Find out in the final chapter "The Night of Passion"

Interviewer: Alright I'm here with the author and and the Saiyuki boys thanks for getting up early for this interview.
Me:YAY NO PROBLEM hey wait a minute I know you you're the person that uhh shit I forgot!!!
Me:Shit where you been puta you owe me money!!
Interviewer:Umm we'll take about this later...laterlater
::all the boys are in pajamas and Goku's collapse on the ground still sleeping::
Sanzo:Ch..can we get this interview over with?
Interviewer: Alright so tell me about the first story you wrote.
Me:Well it's a yaoi fic with Hakkai and Gojyo and there's a girl in there...
Me::punches Gojyo unconscious:: SHUT UP I'M TALKING!! Anywayz yes she does make their lives a little bit of hell but she doesn't really mean to she just trying to help a friend out.
Interviewer: There is also another person in there are these characters based on anyone.
Hakkai:Actually I think they're based on her friend and herself.
Me:Yes he's right Aya is based sorta on me since we do act alike in some ways and I've based Tami on another friend of mine who really like Hakkai but I'm not saying names.
Interviewer: So are there going
to more character that are based on other people?
Me: Yes in the sqeaul "The Return of Michievious Aya" Aya returns with a friend and they're going to try and fix Sanzo and Goku together and she based on another friend who like yaoi alot and we came up with a RP with Saiyuki but I won't say who.
Interviewer: So any other stories your working on right now?
Me: Yes but I'm so busy it'll take me awhile to finish.
Interviewer: Anything you want to say since Goku and Gojyo are out cold.
Sanzo:All I got to say is that you::points at me::are screwed up::lights up a cigarette::
Me:(O^_^O)Thank Q
Sanzo:Bite me...
Hakkai:Uhh I wouldn't go there..
Me:Oh shit...
Sanzo::starts shooting at the interviewer::WANNA SAY THAT AGAIN!!
::interviewer starts running with Sanzo chasing after her::
Me:We tried to warn her
Goku::wakes up::When's breakfast?
Gojyo:still knocked out::
Hakkai:I think you killed him.
Me:That way he'll learn

Yay I was bored so I decide to do an interview and I sorta acted like George Lopez on some parts. So I'll see you peoples later...laterlater

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Okay I just woke up and I had like three weird dreams while I was sleeping. The first one was in the O.C. where they was gonna be a tsunami and they're gonna be big enough of idiots that they're gonna try and stop the damn thing. So one of them say to try and cool it and so they're doing whatever they can but then later on while the wave kept getting bigger they were jumping the wave and shit and then the tsunami came and swept them all away BYE BYE BITCHES!!! Then the next one was in Saiyuki and I really don't remember this but I think it was a renactment of episode 24 where Gojyo about to kiss the girl but she goes and blurts out a taboo child. That I don't get and I never will. And my last dream was actually my family okay since I'm going to California I gonna see my family and I have a cousin he's seventeen and he's in college to become an animator I think. So anywayz in this dream my dad's dying and then he dies NOOO!!!! and I'm still greiving and my cousin there and he's all pissed at me for no reason so I apologize for doing whatever I did and then he goes BALLISTIC and they're mention of a cpnvention and some other things but my cousin isn't really like that he's a cool guy. Those were my dream pretty fucked up. That's all I had to post til next time people SAYONARA!!

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

   Alrighty Then Time To Post!!!
Okay today I had to go to my mom's friend's sister's baby baptism(okay I can't believe I even said all that). Anywayz her baby's just so adorable and my friend's cousin is so cute as well his name Fabian(I can't spell his name) and I never knew his name til now. His sister is also adorable she's really likes me. Okay after that I went shopping and for the first time I didn't want to buy a comic book O_O::GASP::!!! But I got a book bag and I saw some people from school. So now I'm home and I just ate some Taco Bell and am now eating a Caramel Apple Empinada which are very good. So that's all I really wanted to say well off to do more writing til next post SAYONARA!!!!

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