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Friday, July 8, 2005

MY BROTHER STOLE MY IDENTITY!!! I'm just kidding but my brother was pretending to be me on the internet when he was talking to a friend of his to find out what was going on between him and her without actually talking to her. He then came into my room and I got pissed at him as I always do. He told me he did something really bad and then he told me he pretended to be me. I threaten to kill him because he got caught by her when she saw that he spell 'sure' wrong because I'm the best speller of the family. He told me that he want his friend to be his girlfriend but she refuses him and he goes and askes ME!! to tell her that I was really talking to her and now that totally pissed me off. And that his first love too so I feel sorta of bad. And to top that off somebody is deleting my guestbook entries I think because I had 81 signatures and now I have 79.
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HAHAHA I was just kidding my friends love me...I think. Anywayz the time is 8:13 and I've been up since 6:30 since it's raining really hard due to the wrath of Cindy the hurricane then Danny's coming and it's actually the first time I've been up early this week. I had a dream about Wild Adapter but I forgot what it was about as soon as I woke up. Well I'm watching Jerry Springer and next I'll watch Maury which I think will be intersting and today's topic on Jerry is "My Family Slept With My Man"(umm ok). I'm eating some Rice Krispies cereal::listen to it popping:: Man I got to work on that Jerry Springer story I think I've got it all planned out now just got to write it. YAY I'M GOING TO CALIFORNIA which means I'LL FIND MORE ANIME Life is good!!! That's all I had to post til next time SAYONARA!!! TIME FOR MORE WRITING!!!

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

   This Just End-Four Blasts Hit City During Rush Hour
This is not related to anime but as you may have heard on the news there was a total of 4 bombings in London, England. Three bombs were set off in a subway while the fourth bomb hit a double decker bombs. They're saying that this was the work of terrorists and have raise the color to Code Orange. They're saying not to let the terrorist know you're afraid but to continue on with your daily routine and something else but I forgot. I feel bad for them I hope you guy do too.
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Okay I'm watching Jerry Springer and it was a Classic Springer which just ended and now I'm watching Maury and either I'm hungry or just cramping alot ow. First off I'm might not be able to be on MyO as much for the next two weeks since I'll be in California but I'll try my best to update. Anywayz I was reading my comments for my story and I got a comment from a friend Sakura Ryuu and she asked me if they'll be jealousy and a threesome. I may add some jealousy in the third chapter and maybe a threesome. I don't know should I add a threesome? But I'm defienitly going to put jealously. So here's a preview of what might happen in the third chapter.

In the third chapter temper start to flare as Sanzo becomes insanely jealous when he see's Reica in Goku's room and see her actually kiss him. Angry about something misunderstand he turns to Kei and does something that he won't be able to take back while Kei tries to stop him from hurting Goku but fails and hope that Goku could forgive her. When Goku finds out what Sanzo did to Kei he turns not to Reica but to Gojyo and tells him he doesn't care anymore. Can Kei, Gojyo, and Hakkai fix this mess or are Sanzo and Goku doomed to have a failed love relationship. Find out in the third chapter when "Tempers Flare"

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

I've finally finished typing up my story and I've posted it up on FanFiction.com and now I can put it up on MyO for you wonderful people as well. I've also been inspired again to write three(make that four) new stories since it stormed last night. Two of the stories are from Wild Adpater or Araiso and the other one is Inuyasha. The first story is call Touch and it's based on a song and it's where the take their relationship to another level^_~::wink:: and the other on is called Measure of a Man another song fic where Tokitou wonders if Kobuto is the one for him. My third story is called What Goes os Behind Close Doors and it's a yaoi fic and it's Araiso where Kobuto and Tokitou are stuck in a classroom and...AW YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT I MEAN I mean come on the title should be self-explained. My fourth and final story is called Half Breed and it's where Inuyasha startes to think about his life as a halfbreed and how hard it was to grow up not being accepted and I got this idea when I saw the episode of Inuyasha where Inuyasha and Sesshomaru have their showdown and he talks about how he wasn't accepted. OHH I CAN'T WAIT!!! Anywayz that's all I had to post til next time Sayonara!!



Summary: Goku loves Sanzo but he doesn’t know it. Sanzo loves Goku but he doesn’t know it. So when Hakkai receives a letter from an old friend named Kei and four plane tickets to come to America to spend two weeks with her to celebrate the 4th of July holiday but was this just an act of kindness or is there something behind this trip. So while over there Sanzo talks to Hakkai and tells him his feelings for Goku while Goku talks to Gojyo and tell him his feelings for Sanzo. So Hakkai and Gojyo come up with a plan involving Kei’s skills and some fireworks and while they’re at it they also decide to have a little fun. YAOI PAIRINGS HakkaixGojyo and SanzoxGoku(I suck at writing letters)

Chapter 1: A Letter from an Old Friend

Dear Hakkai,

It’s been awhile since I last wrote you. Well right now I’m working on something for our Fourth of July holiday and Reica and I would love to fly you guys out to come celebrate it with us and also to help you out with your little dilemma. I’ve enclosed four first class tickets for you and your friends. I hope to see you and Gojyo again and I can’t wait to meet Sanzo and Goku. Send Gojyo my love.



“AMERICA!” three voice cried out.

Hakkai smiled as he held up four tickets and a letter.

“That right I just got a letter from a friend of mine that lives in America and she’s inviting us to stay with her along with her sister at her summer home somewhere out in the west.”

Sanzo became irritated and asked as he lit a cigarette, “So how the hell do we get there if she didn’t…” but he was cut off by Hakkai.

“You obviously didn’t see what I was holding she enclosed four first class airline tickets and she also wrote that she would meet us at the airport when we arrive.”

It became quiet all for the exception of Goku who was munching on a bunch of meat buns rather loudly bought by Sanzo himself which surprised Goku, Gojyo, and even Hakkai. That made Hakkai and Gojyo suspicious about Sanzo.

The silence was broken when Sanzo sighed, “Then I guess were going so start packing.”

With that Sanzo was gone. Goku got up to and was about to follow Sanzo but he stopped in front of Hakkai and looked at him with a serious look.

“Hey Hakkai?” Goku asked in a serious tone to match the serious look.

Hakkai became concerned seeing Goku looking serious so he asked him masking his concern in his voice. “Yes Goku what is it?”

“Is there gonna be food on the plane?” Goku asked in a worried tone think that he might actually starve to death on the way over.”

Hakkai arched an eyebrow and looked at the boy with an “Are you serious?” look but then smiled as he patted the boy’s head.

“Of course Goku they’ll have food.”

"WOOHOO!" Goku screamed happily as he ran upstairs to start packing.

Hakkai watched the hyper active boy run up the stairs almost tripping. He was about to follow but a pair of tan arms wrapped around his waist and was pulled closer to the figure.

"Doesn't that boy think of anything else beside food?" Gojyo asked his breath against Hakkai's neck causing him to shiver.

Hakkai laughed as he turned around to face Gojyo, "Well Sanzo did say that Goku hasn't eaten in 500 years so his stomach's making up for lost time."

"Yeah I know so spending two weeks with your friend tell me something is she pretty?" Gojyo asked teasingly.

"GOJYO!" Hakkai tried to sound hurt but failed.

"I'm just kidding so who is this girl?" Gojyo asked as he sat down.

"Her name's Kei and she actually use to live close to us before she left." Hakkai explained.

"Oh I remember now she was that girl who was an outcast due to her psychic powers and she use to live with her older brother and younger sister but after her brother's murder she took her sister and ran away to America and that was the last I've heard of her." Gojyo said as he started to remember.

Hakkai nodded and continued, "They were both young when their brother was murder she was 16 and her sister was just 10 I think we were the only people she ever trusted."

Gojyo thought for a moment then spoke again.

"That happen three years ago so how did she support her sister and send us four free first class tickets is she rich or something in fact how'd she know where we lived?"

Hakkai sat next to Gojyo, "Well I've been writing to her since she left she came to our house late one night and told me she was leaving and that she write me as soon as she got there so a few weeks after she arrived there she sent me a letter telling me that a rich uncle she had gave Kei and her sister a place to live and that she went to school and became a licensed pyrotechnist since she was quite good at making firecrackers but she could never shoot them off so she just sold them to licensed people(AN: Like hell I know if a pyrotechnist really makes firecracker or just shoots them off) but recently he died and she was left with a huge inheritance from him."

Gojyo was surprised the said with a laugh, "Wow I'm impress you know if I were a woman and she were a man I'd definitely go after her."

Hakkai laughed at Gojyo's comment, "Actually she's kind of tom-boyish sometimes people even confuse her for a man."

"Come on Gojyo we have to go pack we're leaving in a few days." he got up and was about to leave when his wrist was suddenly grabbed.

Gojyo pulled Hakkai back so that now he was sitting in his lap and wrapped his arms around his slender waist.

"So why the sudden interest to see us or is there something behind this trip that you're not telling me?" he asked.

Hakkai wrapped his arms around Gojyo's neck and gave Gojyo a brief kiss before he replied which Gojyo gladly responded to. When Hakkai broke the kiss he had a mysterious glint in his emerald eyes and said in a whisper.

"You'll see."

With that Hakkai went off to start packing leaving Gojyo to wonder.

Meanwhile Somewhere in the West

"Kei?" a voice of a small figure sitting behind a taller feminine figure across the room asked.

"What is it Reica?" the figure asked as she worked on the firecrackers she was suppose to shoot off for the 4th of July show.

Reica hesitated not wanting to disturb her sister while she was working the spoke in a soft voice.

"I was wondering who else was coming with Hakkai and Gojyo since I saw you send four tickets?"

"There I've finished the last one." Kei said to herself and went to put the last one into a crate then answer her sister's question, "Well I've also invited along their friends Sanzo and Goku."

Reica was silent for a moment as she watched Kei drink the rest of her beer the light up a cigarette then she broke the silence.

"Who are they I never met them?" Reica asked with interest.

Kei let out a puff of smoke then placed the cigarette back in her mouth, "Neither have I but what I've been told one's a stuffy monk and the other is a hungry monkey."

Reica started to laugh as Kei continued jokingly, "Hey maybe Goku and you will get along since you both act like monkeys and not to mention you both whine non-stop for food."

"HEY!" Reica said angrily both upset and angry about that comment.

Kei laughed at the look on her sister's face and patted her sister's head then went to put out her cigarette as she picked up a firecracker and her lighter and handed them to Reica.

"I was just kidding now go test this out and see if it goes off like it's suppose to."

Reica nodded happily as she ran outside the shed followed by Kei.

Once outside a nice gentle summer breeze blew gently by her as she watched Reica to make sure she didn't get hurt then saw the firecracker shoot up in the air and burst into a stream of lights as they fell into the lake.

"THAT WAS PERFECT JUST LIKE YOUR OTHERS SIS!" Reica said cheerily as she ran back to her sister and handed her light back.

"Thanks for the compliment it's better to shoot them here then back in the city since there's no one around to complain about the noise also perfect to hold the town's 4th of July show." Kei said as she lit up another cigarette.

"So why not live out here Kei inside of just visiting?" Reica asked as she stood next to her sister.

Kei smiled as she looked at her sister, "It's gets to lonely beside the schools are too far from here for you to go to and I don't want to leave you alone in the city."

"Oh I see by the way is there another reason why you invited Hakkai and the others here?" Reica questioned.

"You'll see one they get here Reica now go to bed it's late and tomorrow we have to fix up the other houses for our guests." she said in a serious tone.

AWW COME ON KEI!" Reica begged as she pouted and gave her best puppy dog eyes but Kei didn't fall for it.

"BED NOW!" Kei said in anauthoritative voice as she pointed towards the direction of her bedroom.

Reica replied with a simple 'humph' than started mumbling under her breath as she walked toward her room.

"Mean old hag!" she whispered angrily.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Kei screamed as she heard Reica's sweet innocent voice say 'Nothing!'

Kei smiled and she looked up at the star-filled sky she knew that Reica would stay up watching cartoons until she fell asleep the she remember something from her younger days the day she met Hakkai and Gojyo.

Flashback to four years ago...

"YOU FREAK GO SOMEWHERE WHERE YOU BELONG!" a man screamed as he continued kicking at the curled up figure.

"YOU LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE YOU BASTARD!" a 10 year old Reica screamed as she hit the guy to stop him but was smacked to the ground.

"Shut up you brat!" the man said and he kicked the kid.

"LEAVE HER ALONE I'M THE ONE YOU WANT TO BEAT UP!" the girl on the ground screamed as she tried to get up but was forced back down by the man's foot.

The man suddenly fell to the ground when a rock made contract with his head he looked around angrily looking for the guy who threw it but faltered when he saw who did it.

"Didn't anyone ever teach you to treat a lady and a kid with respect?" a man with crimson hair and eyes said while glaring at the man.

"Honestly you need to learn some better manners or we might have to take care of you and trust us it won't be pretty now apologize to these two young ladies." a man with emerald green eyes said in an icy tone with a glare that matched his icy tone as he watched the man tremble.

The man started backing up about to run but bumped into the man with red hair.


"AHH I'M SORRY I WON'T DO IT EVER AGAIN!" the man said as he ran away until they couldn't see him.

"Humph moron!" the man said as he walked over to the other man who was kneeling next to the girls on the ground.

"Are you alright you two?" the green-eyed man said as he smiled.

"We're okay." the older girl said as she helped her sister up.

"What are your names?" the red haired man asked.

"My name is Kei and this is Reica." Kei said as she wiped the dirt of her clothes.

"Nice to meet you I'm Hakkai and this is Gojyo if you need anything just come visit us." Hakkai said as he pointed to a house that was two houses away from the girls.

"Wow you live close to us mister thanks for saving my sister and I!" Reica said excitedly.

"Well I hope to see you two again." Hakkai said as he patted Reica's headand left to go home with Gojyo following.

"I hope so too and thank you again." Kei said as she waved to the men and also went home with her sister following.

End of Flashback

She thought for a moment, 'I can't wait to see you two again.'

She smiled as she put her cigarette out and went inside to go to bed.


Hurray my second story:throws confetti:. Okay this story will have yaoi in the next few chapters. Yeah I know it's late but it took so long to type that I couldn't finish it on the 4th of July. I've decided tohave two characters in this story cause I thought it would be fun so I've made Kei and Reica just some old friends Hakkai and Gojyo know and the ones that will help them with their plans so this story is actually trying to get Goku and Sanzo together.Well in the next chapterthe boys are on their way to America but on the way Gojyo decide to have some with Hakkai on the plane in a bathroom and Sanzo and Goku ponder on their thoughts of each other.Find out what they're doing behind close doors(as if you don't know already) and see what happens when Kei meets Sanzo and Goku for the first time in the second chapter titled "Welcome To America!" Don't miss it!

Here's a characther description of Kei and Reica:

Kei is a 19 year old disturbed teenager with special phychic powers and was an outcast due to her powers. She met Hakkai and Gojyo when she was 16 when they saved her sister and her from being beaten up and they've been friends since then. But when her brother was murder she takes her sister and flees to America. She cares alot for her sister and would do anything to protect her from the same fate as her brother. She a heavy drinker that doesn't get drunk easily and loves to smoke non-stop, has a hot temper, and is a bit of a tomboy that people actually confuse her for a man. She knows about Hakkai and Gojyo's relationship and is also helping them to bring Sanzo and Gojyo together.

Reica is Kei's 13 year old sister who was traumatized by her brother's murder. She's very close to Kei and would do anythingfor her. She's very helpful when it comes to Kei's work.She's very hyper and whines alot for food to the point where Kei get's annoyed and tends to be a little clueless sometimes. She has no powers but is very good when it comes to a staff and can be seen whacking it around outside sometimes. She also tends to annoy Gojyo by calling him 'Mister' which makes him feel old. She adores Hakkai since he acts like another old brother to her and becomes best friends with Goku since they act alike. She has no idea what's going on between Hakkai and Gojyo or Sanzo and Goku.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

(What Goes On Behind Close Doors)
Anyway I've came up with yet another fanfic idea for Wild Adapter of Araiso or hell maybe both. I've also finished my first chapter of "Passionater Fourth of July" but unfortunately I became too lazy to finish typing it up so I'm sure it'll be up tomorrow morning. But I could give you a preview of the next chapter. I went to the bookstore and I still didn't find the Saiyuki book so I got Gravitation #10. So that's all I had to post til next post SAYONARA!!!

Passionate Fourth of July Preview Scond Chapter "Welcome To America"

Okay so our boys are on their way to America to meet an old friend of Hakkai and Gojyo named Kei. But on the way Gojyo decide to trap Hakkai in the bathroom. What's going behind closed doors(as if you don't know ^_~) and Sanzo and Goku will talk to Hakkai and Gojyo about their feelings for each other. Meet Kei and her sister and see what Hakkai and Gojyo have in store for Sanzo and Gojyo in the next chapter. DON'T MISS IT!!

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Monday, July 4, 2005

This time I mean it ok well anywayz it's 11:35 and I'm watching Jerry Springer as I always do and this morning subject is Homeless Shelter Romance(eww gross). Anywayz have a happy 4th of July to everyone on MyO. I'm still working on my Fourth of July story and I working as fast as I can to finish it, type it up, and post it up on MyO for you guys but I might make it so please forgive me if it's posted up late. Okay I have a picture of Kuboto and Sanzo picture up(ignore the year on it)and I changed my background to Legal Drug because there weren't any good Wild Adapter backgrounds so I have to look but I'm still posting Araiso and Wild Adapter pictures. I have a Wild Adapter background on my desktop and every time I look at it it always reminds me of Saiyuki. Beside the two Hakkai look-alikes there are four guys that look exactly like Zenon, Kami-sama or Komouyou Sanzo, Shien, and Shuei and two guys look like the demons from episode 4. That's all I had to post til next time Sayonara!!! TIME FOR SOME MORE WRITING!!!

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

   Change of Subject I Got A New Theme!!!
Okay let's get away from my usual rambling and I'll tell you something new. I got a new theme for MyO and it's Wild Adapter and Araiso Private High School Student Council, Executive Committee or just Araiso for short if your too lazy to say it all or it just takes too long. I've collected some pictures from the series and I'm read some Araiso and I found it funny and enjoyable so I've chose this as my new theme. Araiso and Wild Adapter are two totally different stories but they both have the same characters it's sorta of weird but still good. You just gotta love Kobuto(also known as Kobu-chan by Tokitou) with his dark eerie streak while Tokito on the other hand runs around proclaiming how great and beautiful he is, and trying to get all the girls to fancy him. People suspect that they're something more than friend since they live together and in one chapter Kobuto is hanging on Tokitou since he's blind without his glasses not to mention HOT!!!(Hakkai-clone). They're some people in here that are look-alikes of characters from Saiyuki it's freaky. That what I know about Araiso but I don't know much on Wild Adapter but it looks awesome. So that's all I wanted to talk about til next post Sayonara!!

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

   YO HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY(Oh wait I already said that) Sanzo:Idiot....
Sanzo:No problem idiot::smirking::
Gojyo & Sanzo: NO!!!!
Me: THEN LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!::sigh and regains calmness::

(O^_^O)Anywayz I'm sorry you had to see my dark side but I have a huge headache and I'mm currently pissed off. Okay first off I went to the mall to go get some books and some new shoes which are friggin awesome and in my favorite color BLACK!! So I get to the book store and I don't see Saiyuki #9 O_O So I stood there a minute looking around for it and I almost burst into tears when I didn't find it::sniff:: so I asked a worker there and he told me they didn't have it::starts drying loudly::WAAAAAHHHH LIFE IS SO CRUEAL WHY KAMI-SAMA DO YOU TORTURE ME?! He told me it wasn't out so I went to the store next door SUNCOAST but they didn't have it either WAAAAAHHHH but luckily I did nab myself a copy of FAKE #6 AWWW SHOUNEN-AI GOODNESS!!! So that made me alittle better maybe I'll try the bookstore near where I live so that's why I'm so pissed and lashing out. I MUST HAVE IT BEFORE I GO TO CALIFORNIA!!! Okay right now I'm watching S Cry Ed it's okay but not my favorite anywayz earlier I went to a Lake nearby the mall I mentioned earlier and I was suprise to being able to find a parking space and we didn't even have to walk far. Okay so I was sitting there for three hours just listening to my anime music songs(Weiss Kreuz awesome) and waiting which wasn't that boring. So before they started they played the Star Spangled Banner which the guy screw up at the end but was still good so I sang along as I was watching the flag wave in the gentle breeze. So the firework start they sorta of reminded me of Saiyuki because of the colors red, purple, gold, green. So when they ended I had a major headache and last year I actually had an ear infection sorta because my ears were hurting so friggin much and my parents didn't even take me straight home they went to the store as I sat in the car crying and screaming in agony and when I got home I ate some cereal and the pain just went away. Anywayz we sat in the car for like twenty minutes waiting for traffic to ease up so I sat in the car eating leftover chinease food from earlier(mmm Seasame Chicken Barbaque Chicken::starts drooling::)
Hakkai::snaps fingers in front of her face:: Hey get back to the story::
Me:Huh oh sorry so as we waited I read my FAKE comic book then we headed home and we got home my brother and his friend were outside parked on side of the driveways and my mom's rental car was on the end of the other driveway so my dad did the coolest thing(well to me) he actually went between the car which were pretty close to each other and manage to park his car without a scratch so my brother was actually telling the truth. So now I'm writing this post and watching Adult Swim. So that's all I had to post til next time SAYONARA!! HAPPY EARLY 4th of July!!

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Okay today is Saturday and the time is 9:54AM which unfortunately no Jerry Springer well not til Monday. Just two more days til the 4th of July but today they're going to shoot off fireworks at the lake near the mall I live near and go to but yesterday the walkway to one of the entrances had to collapse and so they closed the mall and the parking lots. So there won't be many place to park so they'll suck. Plus I'm still tired because we had a storm with a lot of lightning and it kept me up and it had a lot of rain so the grounds are wet this morning. Well I finally got some of my money back but I need my five dollar and I'll almost have enough to buy not only Saiyuki 9 but another one so yay. Also I'll try and finish my 4th of July story "Passionate 4th of July and have it posted. Well that's all I had to post til next time Sayonara!!!


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