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Friday, August 11, 2006

Hooray! MIDTERMS ARE OVER! I can now rule the world,mwahahahahahahaha!!!!

First thing first....


And the Aquaintance party is tomorrow, hooray for FREE FOOD! Weeeee!!!!

Neh! I wish I could bring you guys with me to the aquaintance party and we otakus will rule the entire Philippines,haha!!! Or just take over the restaurant XD

~Blue Hawk

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

   One down to GO!

Hey guys! Man! The midterm for Chem LABORATORY was sooooo EASY!!!! And I thought I would die because I hate Chemistry! It must die! But ZOMG! It was a breeze!

Couldn't say the same with Chem LECTURE though, the multiple choice was kinda hard cause they gave us hard questions and it's quite tricky too but I believe I'll pass the midterm anyway.

My Schedule starting tomorrow

  • Botany LECTURE Midterm
  • After that, go shopping for a SMART ATTIRE for the aquaintance party tomorrow
  • 8am = PE practice for our presentation, a folk dance
  • Aquaintance party until 3pm
  • Then straight away Badminton practice
  • Morning = finishing Chemistry Reports
  • Afternoon = Badminton practice


Oh yeah! Arigatou for the compliments on my blog, I just made it with Paint and I have no talent in arts so I suck thus I am so "flushed" Char! that you guys like it or maybe you're just faking it! T_T

~Blue Hawk

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006



Gah! It's midnight and I should study for Chemistry Laboratory and Lecture,waaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

*cries* *sobs*

*rolls sleeves*


Gotta study!

JA NE! *waves*

~Blue Hawk

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Monday, August 7, 2006



  • 8am - went to USC college to get my admission slip for mid-terms
  • 12 nn - PE practice on the soccerfield,folk dance,ugh!
  • 1:30ish pm - after PE, went straight to sports complex for badminton practice
  • 4pm - went home
  • Rest of the day - Studied

  • Woke up around 5 am - Studied Botany Lecture
  • 10 am - I woke up again ^^;;
  • Studying Studying Studying
  • 6pm - The pamilya family had pizza for dinner
  • Study Study again

  • 7-ish am - Study Study Study
  • 1pm-ish - paid bills
  • Now - Conducting business with some foreigners, I'm selling a big engine of a boat for Php. 50 000.00
  • Same guy is reserving 2 of my small engine boats - Selling it for Php. 40 000.00 EACH

So I implanted more than 800 terms in my head....it's freaking full now and I have yet to get my lazy brain to eat all these words for Chemistry

MORIMOTO AND KATY-CHAN! I MISS YOU GUYS! you guys been doing crazy shit without me

Chidori! I miss talking to you again! I wonder how are you and Hyro doing ~_^

Master! *bows* Gomen ne! For being absent on my CSS classes, waaaaaaaaa!!!!!

James Belated Happy Birthday to you! You crazy 23 year old!

~Blue Hawk

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Friday, August 4, 2006


Sorry that I didn't attend myO yesterday.

I'm busy for the whole week now because Mid-terms are on next week and I have to be serious ^_^

Because this...

This is...


Yeah, I'm so serious that I'm downloading the first episode of Ouran High School Host Club



Don't be a wuss now!

~Blue Hawk

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

   I had COFFEE once and I'll never have COFFEE again!

Got a funny story for you guys:

In USC my college around noon, we were waiting outside for our English class then out of the blue our gay friend/classmate, Alnair, gave us a personality test.

So we took out our papers and ballpens and answer every question. We had our laughs and we really enjoyed but the FUNNIEST thing was when Alnair told us to give 1 WORD describing COFFEE.

I wrote:


Then Alnair gave us the meaning of COFFEE, it was SEX! OMG! I laughed so hard!

Meaning to say my 'COFFEE' is SHIT!

Me and Charles kept making up jokes about until we were dismissed,haha!

Hence the title of today's post,hehehehe!

Also when taking that personality test, Alnair told us to write down the colors, YELLOW, RED, WHITE etc.

And he said to give the name of a person that suits that certain color. We wrote it down and he told us the meaning of the colors.

Mainly my point was this:

RED = your LOVE

I found out that Charles wrote my name on both RED and WHITE! Ahahahaha! I was shock and I was laughing so hard, he was just smiling and blushing,hehehehe!

Oi! Who gave you permission to call me MAMA BEAR?! *puts hand on hips with a glare*

I only allow FRIENDS to call me that, oh wait...all of you guys are my friends, lucky me...

Haha! Kidding! Yeah, I don't mind you guys calling me that, we'll see what's more popular BLUE HAWK or MAMA BEAR, the competition begins! XD

Midterm on Botany Lab was okay, the written was easy though the practical was a bit confusing cuz we have to identify what kind of cell was that and that etc. REAL SPECIMENS,okay not fakes. That's how college life is :P

James! [SG], thank you so much for your post ^_^

I didn't expect that you would write a whole post about me but I'm very thankful and touch.

"you've been the glue holding us together on more than one occasion"

This part me made me smile like this ^_________________________________________^

Stay cool but don't freeze SG!

Okay....just awhile ago, I was told that the teachers told me that my baby sister, Renesse who is 5 yrs old, doesn't know how to write very well and that just pisses me off.

They are so stupid, why should they complain? They are the teachers! It's their job to teach the kids! That's what we are paying them for.

Plus, I don't expect any young child to learn how to write that fast and maybe that is possible at that age, I don't know, I can't recall when I learned how to write but I have NO DOUBT that my baby sis WILL know how to write.

My baby sis has more character and she is very smart in her own way. She knows how to play those Yahoo! Computer games, she can dial a phone, she can speak great english!

Stupid teachers, I don't want to hear another stupid complaint like that again.

~Blue Hawk

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

   Yay! Morimoto is back!

Chocolate Hearts for SomeGuy!
Someguy someguy someguy

James James James

This guy......how I wish I was in Shanny's shoes or in Color Me Evil's because they know this guy alot and they are so close to him

How I wish I could have that kind of friendship with James because he is just one of the guys or with a character that is special. Of course he's also unique, everyone is unique

But not everyone can be THAT special, that SomeGuy who can really STAND-OUT

James is like that. With his words, he can rule the world! Or maybe just Canada,mwahahahahaha!!!

Character-wise, that's the best description for him

Because his posts, comments, articles and even GB signings stands-out from the rest.

No matter how long the other can comment or give a GB signing that could make someone smile like me, it cannot really compare to James's writing.

Even a short one of his writings can amuse me ^_^

AND........most importantly....

He was one of the FIRST people to greet me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY here in myO!

That time he greeted me the day after my birthday though he said HE WASN'T late,hahahaha!!!

But I'm okay with it, I'm just really glad that I met James. I love his story: Cream Filling and Nougat: The Ongoing Adventures

I enjoy checking out his ROOM!

And I was so proud of him when he defended his friends, especially his special someone here *nudges*

Hence, that sweet and romantic intro in his myO page


Conclusion: James aka SomeGuy is the greatest 'becoming-23-yr-old' I've ever met!

Outline Again

  • Never ate BREAKFAST and LUNCH, didn't have time, was studying hard for chemistry
  • Finally ate dinner! Thank god!
  • Imagine, no food the whole day and I had PE, after that I WALK HOME! It was a 20-minute walk from the university to my house
  • Finished the groceries
  • Filled up the cars with gas
  • Gave my siblings allowances
  • EVERYBODY THINKS THAT ME AND CHARLES are...uhh...whatever!
  • Got $1000.00
  • Got a 1 GB FLASHDRIVE! Oh yeah!
  • Hope you enjoyed reading my love for you James XD
  • Morimoto! *glomps* Still no skittles for you,bwahahaha!
  • Gotta study, bye!

~Blue Hawk

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Monday, July 31, 2006

   Mission Accomplish

My Love for Yuna2004!

We knew each other 2 years ago, 2004. How it started?


She first signed my guestbook, saying my site is cool and she's gonna add me. If she said that this year, I would have probably ignored her GB signing but hey, we were in the middle ages of myO so you can't blame me,hehehehehe!!!

It was DESTINY that we knew each other earlier because if it didn't happen, if she didn't click the RANDOM MEMBER link, she wouldn't have found me and I wouldn't have made another GREAT FRIEND!

Of course, what we have in common even before we knew each other is ANIME

But what we really do have in common is we love WWE, specifically the HAWT and SMEXY John Cena and DX!

SUCK IT! Yeah! They rule,right Yuna2004? Hehehe!

I left myO for a year and thank god I didn't delete her in my friend's list and SHE DIDN't either or else she wouldn't have noticed that I updated and she wouldn't have comment on my posts.

And I wouldn't have known her again,hehehe!

She's great, crazy and funny to talk to ^_^

Such a fanatic with wrestling and she's an artist who is improving everyday.

She even drew me KAKASHI! *fangirly scream*

Thus! I love her more!

I love reading her wacky posts which always includes Kaiba and other weird characters she includes in, it's just so typical Yuna2004!

That's her trademark ^_^

I always look forward to reading her comments on my post cause most of the time, her comments would plaster a smile on my face ^________________________^

That's not wide enough, just a sample XD

Katie! I'm so happy that I met you and our bond of friendship has gotten stronger even though I left for a year.

Thank you for comments, your wacky posts, your fanarts, your hugs, your smiles, your Kaiba loviness but most of all....


Seriously, I wouldn't make an effort to make this long post, bragging about you if you're not my friend and not worth the time.

Though Heero is my first love

Though Kakashi is my favorite bishi

Though Shun Oguri is always my no. 1

You will always be on the TOP LIST of my WACKY FRIENDSHIP!

So yeah...SUCK IT DUDE!

Happy Anniversary myO and theO!

3 years getting stronger, how about that? 3 years and still here, amazing. *claps*

It is great that I have made new friends this year and a bit last year but I will always miss and wish on the day when it all began.

Just a small community when everybody knows everybody. We were just 10 000 members below.

I even got rank #24 and those were the times that I was really popular and loved by all but now, I'm just a normal girl because I don't have the skills of an artist or the words of a writer.

Just plain me,hehe!

I've met great friends over the past, got into fights with them, created a group to keep the peace and a faithful member to Adam.

Like those times I caught those idiots posting porn here and I always report them to Adam. I thank my former Otaku Guardians members for reporting me that so I could report them to Adam and bring out the justice.

And I thought I was the weirdo in the entire world but I was SURELY mistaken. There are alot of weirdos like me and those weirdos are my friends,nyahaha!

But I'm not going into detail about my history with myO cuz I've done my part plus I was absent here for a year so I really can't make a history when there was no past XD

But as a request from the rest, here's the link of my History Post 2004!

Blue Hawk's myO History

Thanks to my friends and the weirdos here in myO! I wouldn't have stayed this long if it weren't for you guys ^_^

2006! More to go!

SomeGuy! Thanks for your share! You rule my black socks!

~Blue Hawk

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

   So TIRED!

My Love for adventaddict!

Since I came back here, I tried to get back to my old friends here but that doesn't mean that idea of having new friends didn't cross my mind.

Course it does! myO is about meeting new people and keeping intouch with the old

So I was progressing well then I decided to make new friends here and that's how I met adventaddict. I lover her site, the dark and blue colors hypnotized me XD

As I read her blog and read the comments for her friends, I was pretty sure that she and I would get along great!

So I signed her guestbook and she signed mine and we've been friends since forever! Hahaha! Though it's only been weeks yet but hey, I'm not leaving myO any sooner now and hopefully she won't either,hehehehe!!!

She's such a great friend to her, she is giving ^_^

She made TWO AWESOME BANNERS OF SHUN OGURI who I love to bits because he is so SUPER HAWT AND SMEXY, I would do anything to have him!


Anyway, she also made me a SHUN OGURI AVATAR! Which looks so cool and that's the avatar I'm using right now!

We even chat in my chatbox in my myO page and it is always fun to talk to her ^_^

And I will never forget the day when she thought THAT I'M A LESBIAN AND I HAVE A CRUSH ON HER! HAhahaa! Love that moment!

One of my funniest moments here in myO ^_^

One of the reasons why I'm inspired to visit more and be active more is because of her, she rocks my black socks!!!



Ah....so much love! Spread the love!

While I spread the CHOCOLATE HEARTS!

adventaddict! YOU RULE! NEVER LEAVE ME!


  • Badminton practice at 3-5pm
  • 12:30-2pm = BIBLE ENTHRONEMENT
  • After that, I went straight to the Sports Complex for Badminton practice until 5pm
  • Watching Legally Blonde 1 after this!

Tomorrow....History quiz again, gonna make this bitch perferct! Yeah!

Did the Love post for adventaddict, watch out on who's next ^_^


~Blue Hawk

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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Bringing over a meme from LJ...
1. Reply to this post if you want me to tell you how cool you are!

2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why you rock.

3. Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!

Because everybody loves getting a free ego boost.

Message to adventaddict:
Thank so you much for the avatar! Me LOVES YOU ALOT! With a vengeance! ^_^

~Blue Hawk

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