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Monday, February 1, 2010

Old random stories: Andrea

"I am not beautiful." Casually, Andrea pushed her stringy hair out of her face pulling out silver lighter to relight the glowing amber of her cigarette. The way Andrea tilted her head back to release the cigarette's smoke momentarily reminded Devin of a dragon recuperating after a long night of plundering innocent villages in flames.

"Now that's a lie if I ever heard one." Andrea sat down with her back against the wall. Quickly she reached into the back of her pockets and pulled out a stack of cards.

"Why are you wasting shit trying to flatter me?" The backs of the cards were a dark midnight blue and silver lining in the design of a crescent moon with a star overlapping the sign of the Egyptian cross.

Devin watched as Andrea quickly shuffled the cards comparing her skill to that of a card dealer in Las Vegas he once saw while on a family vacation trip.

"I do what I want." Andrea hesitated her motions and gave a short bitter laugh.

"Don;t give me that crap. If I was beautiful then why aren't there people bowing at my feet? That's the beauty about being beautiful. No matter how nasty you are or how bitchy you act, there's always someone just begging to sleep with you."

"You sound so angry. I wonder where all that anger comes from." Devin dared to look directly across the hall into Andrea's hazel eyes. She openly greeted his stare and gave him what seemed to be a smile.

"Don't tell me you're always sunshine and rainbows?"

"Excuse me! Are you insinuating?" Devin stood up and playfully shook a fist at her. Andrea looked him over and turned her concentration back to her cards.

Devin gave a sigh and sat back down on the dusty cement. He disliked talking about himself to anyone. He could easily discuss friends, families, social events, music and other issues, but never about himself as a person. Devin looked back at Andrea.

"Yeah I got anger, but it's not like your anger."

"Not like mine? What do you mean by that?" Andrea paused placing the last card to complete her card formation on the cement while raising a curious brow. Devin gave a smile while leaning forward to speak to her.

"Well for one thing," Devin looked up at her mischievously touching the back of the blue and silver card. "My anger doesn't involve witchcraft."

Devin turned over the card and Andrea looked down.

"The Hermit card is in the sixth position representing the allies in which you need to seek. A spiritual mentor is needed, however, the person whom is seeked is incapable of interaction with another person. They fear they will be discovered for they are a possessor of many secrets."

Andrea looked up at Devin with a reflective glare of a cat. For a brief second Devin felt fear for his soul. "I don't believe in this stuff. So you might as well stop with the voodoo."

"I was telling my reading, not yours jackass." Andrea looked back down at the seven cards and proceeded to read her tarot reading. She levitated her hand over the cards before choosing to turn the card to the upper left. Devin watched in awe unable to tear himself away.

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