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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

   Posting Art
Oi, I forgot you could only post 3 things at a time here...not sure what I'm going to repost, but hopefully I'll get it all in here. ^__^

K, as for today I'm in the middle of reapplying for Michael's Arts and Craft store. I was seasonal help and worked mostly at the cashier. O__O Thank God I didn't work Black Friday, but I did work the day after Thanksgiving and it was a bit busy. I really did enjoy my time working there. ^__^ Hopefully I can work there from time to time for the major holidays. That would be nice and I could actually SAVE money for once.

Really cold in the house, my hands feel like ICE!! ; __ ; I've been considering joining the snuggie cult. (Inside joke) My niece got one for Christmas and i'm always wearing a small throw blanket around my shoulders I think, why not?

Then I remember the whole rise of the snuggie cult and the commerical for the snuggie for your DOG and then I think Nah! It's ridiculous!! I don't know, it's a bit frightening how the snuggie cult emailed me a few days back too. O__O How the HECK did they get my email?!! O[]O BEWARE THE SNUGGIE CULT!!!

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