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Monday, February 1, 2010

   I'M BACK!!!!
yeah, so deviantart is not gonna be here anymore. I really like it too, with the ability to sell and copyright all your stuff. I'm going to try and repost everything here again so I have it somewhere on the net that's not photobucket. Cause that place you have a certain amount of free stuff and it's not exactly like the community feel you have on like forum places. So yeah!

I'm sorry for leaving this site to die. I was having code problems and got frustrated and gave up. But it looks like it got fixed!! Hurrah!! = D So I'll be on a lot more now. *Sighs/breath of fresh air* This place was kinda like my first on net journal/interacting with others site. So it's very much like coming home after being at college for me.

I've got my B.A. in art with concentration in education and minor in communication. Overall GPA is 3.2 something, in my major 3.8 close to 3.9 But i got a B!!! <8[] No big deal to anyone, but I prided myself on getting all A's in my major until then. lol, yeah crazy I know.

Argh...I've done so much and looking at old art here...*SWEATDROP* I'm kinda embarrassed by some of it. ^__^;; Ever get that feeling?

So what's up with old friends and what's happening for new ones. = ] Feel free to add me if you like and please comment on anything whether it's a simple "nice" or something you think I should work on. Advice more than welcomed I really do appreciate it. Thanks!

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