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Sunday, July 9, 2006

   hey! new theme
hey peoples ok well i have a new theme now galaxy angel cuz i just started reading the manga and i really like it and i'm obsessed with the white haired guy with the eye patch now too lol i think his name is lester i can't remember at the moment so yeah well tell me what you guys think l8ters :)
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Saturday, July 8, 2006

hey peoples sup? srry i haven't posted in 3 days i've been busy doing volunteering at the da vinic center for service hours and it's actually like a interactive science center type thing appparently da vinci was an inventor as well as a painter so they named it after him but anyways i spent the whole day at the touch tank telling kids a zillion times don't pick the creatures up just touch them we have alot of stuff in there we got a bunch of starfish hermit crabs spider crabs 2 pufferfish and 3 horseshoe crabs (i swear if the horshoe crabs had sharp pinchers and stuff i'd have no hand left) cuz i flipped them over a bunch of times to show kids the underside and they do not like that and then alot of times they bury themseleves in the sand on the bottom so the kids r all like we wanna see the horseshoe crab and it's like hold on i have to get one out first so yeah there's other fish in there too i just can't remember all of them right now well anyways not much else to say right now tomorrow i'll probably post more of my story and now i have to go to my grandmas i'll try and get to everyones sites when i get back though l8ters :)
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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

hey people i just got back from my gram's and i got this cool thshirt design thingy so i can design my own anime t shirts yayness! so yeah um.... i forgot what else i was gonna say... ah well it will come back to me i'll get to peoples sites today too l8ters :) oh yeah and happy 4th of july people
p.s. Thx Xanth for the awesome bday ecard

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

hey peoples i'm not gonna be in the next 3 days cuz i'm going to my grandma's to celebrate 4th of july and my belated birthday (since my relatives live in jersey) so yeah and she has no computer so i'll be back on tuesday but i will try to get everyones sites today before i leave so yeah but anyways onto my birthday it was pretty fun i got ddr ultramix 3 yay! and pokemone xd gale of darkness and a LOT OF manga i got inuyasha volumes 7-10 fushigi yugi volumes 2-7 the entire Mars series (i read up to ten at the library but i never finished so now i can read them all over again yay!) Galaxy Angel volumes 1-4 and fruits basket volumes 2-5 so yeah i'm gonna have to get a whole nother bookshelf for manga now lol oh yeah and inuyasha and fma tshirts and i got 100 bucks from my grandma! so yeah and then we had cake it was heart shaped and it was really nice except my brother being the crazy idiot that he is forgot how to spell my name so it said happy birthday Mari lol so yeah it was pretty fun and i am now going to go improve my skills on ddr l8ters :)


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

hey peoples srry i haven't been on for the past 2 days turns out i did have the stomach flu so i didn't feel like doing much of anything except laying on the couch and watching t.v. i feel much better now though and today is my birthday yay!! well not much else to say at the moment i'll try to get to peoples sites today and will probably post more l8ter cya! :)
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Monday, June 26, 2006

hey peoples not much to say today i'm not feeling very good today my stomach hurts alot but anyways does anyone know how to put pictures up in posts? cuz i have some pics and stuff i want to post but i'm not sure how so yeah l8ters
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Saturday, June 24, 2006

   Fire Emblem!
hey peoples ok i was playing fire emblem yesterday and well i can't believe how hot some of the guy characters are there i said it ok well anyways for watever reason i feel like making a list of all the ones i like the best
2.Marth and Ike (they look alot alike at least in my opinion)
ok that's all i can think of and obviously my favorite out of those 6 is Oscar although as i play more i probably will find more lol so yeah i'll post a youtube vid too l8ters :)

ok it's sailor moon with redneck woman by gretchen wilson enjoy!

yay quiz

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Friday, June 23, 2006

hey peoples srry i haven't been on in a few days i've been really busy with service hours and stuff so yeah i'm gonna be the only one home till 12 and then I have a doctor's appointment so yeah anyways i'll try to get to everyones sites today and now i'll post a youtube vid cuz i actually thought of a song finally lol l8ters :)

ok it's a yugioh one with let's get it started enjoy!

quiz yay!

You as an anime girl (with pics) by ayane isozaki
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

hey i had a great time last night but my stupid brother got in trouble with my mom cuz he got way hyper off of soda and he broke the clock that was sitting on top of the piano i dunno how but i was laughing so hard i know it was mean of me but that was payback for having to clean his room so yeah anyways not much else to say cuz i'm pretty busy with fathers day stuff i can't think of a song for an amv right now so for now i'll jusy post a quiz and be done and i may also post more os my story l8ter so yeah cya!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

hey peoples i'm soo happy right now cuz i'm home alone until 1:00 tomorrrow morning woohoo! it's gonna be soo much fun! well not much else to say i'll definitely be able to get to everyones sites today woohoo! l8ters :)
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