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Thursday, May 18, 2006

   hey peoples!
hey peoples sup? well school was really stupid today cuz i had 4 really big tests 1 in math 1 in language arts 1 in social studies and one in french but other then that today was pretty normal it's supposed to rain alot and there's supposed to be alot of storms coming this way so yeah i'll post 2 youtube vids now l8ters :)

ok i posted 2 songs today one is at the beginning with fruits basket and the other is like a toy soldier with fma P.S. none of the ones i've posted so far have been my vids but i'm thinking of making my own youtube account so yeah my username will probably be FieryWingedAngel anyways enjoy the vids!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

hello again people not really much to say exce3pt that we had stupid evil math test but other then that i can't think of anything so i'll just post a youtube vid for now l8ters :)

ok it's kind of funny it's a fruits basket one with just lose it by eminem enjoy! as usual

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

   hey peoples!
hey sup? well i'm kinda confused and bored it was a pretty ordinary day today except i'm confused sort of i can't dcide whether or not i want to go to the 8th grade farewell dance on friday All my friends want me to go but A i haven't bought a ticket yet and they r five dollars a ticket i dunno why they r so expensive and second i don't have a dress and i don't want to do something stupid if my crush is there plus i might be doing something else on friday but i'm not sure yet so yeah i dunno yet so anyways i'm going to post a youtube vid now l8ters :)

ok this one is kind of sad it's a fruits basket one with the song love is a battelfield enjoy!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

hey well school was boring as usual mr. Q must have been really mad today though cuz he kept yelling at everybody all day and i totally embarassed myself today cuz we we were playin matball and it was my turn to kick and my crush was pitching and i figure i must have kicked it pretty hard cuz it hit him in the stomach! my face was bright red. I was so embarassed i think he thought it was funny though so yeah anyway not much more to say so i will post a youtube vid l8ters :)

ok this one isn't an anime one it's some of the stuff from the spirit stallion of the cimarron movie it's kind of long but still enjoy! i'll probably post an amv too

ok i found one i'm srry to those of you who don't speak spanish again but i couldn't resist since it's the only bit of spanish i know well that and the spanish in gasolina and i like this song la totura with i think ceres celestial legend although i'm not sure anyways if you want to watch it you can. and i forgot to mention it yesterday but i had the record number of comments posted on my posts i got 10 comments on saturdays post yay! thx peoples

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

hey peoples well i'm really kinda bored right now stayed up until 2 last night waiting for my mom and bro to get back from the band trip got up at 6 i'm not tired though... maybe it will catch up with me later so yeah anyways we didn't go to church or anything cuz my mom doesn't feel good and stuff but anyways i can't think of anything else right now so i'll just post a youtube vid and a quiz that i did l8ters :)

What Kind Of Anime Fairy Are You?::anime girl pics:: by angel_drifter
Current Feelings:
Favorite Place:
What You Look Like:
Where Can You Be Found:Laying On The Lush Grass
Quiz created with MemeGen!

ok that's the quiz now for the vid

ok it's a tokyo mew mew one with the song 8th world wonder enjoy!

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

hey people *yawn* i'm still only half awake cuz i just got up like a half hour ago so yeah and now i am eating breakfast and being bored and listening to move it (i would dance but i'm too tired yet) and yeah not too much else to say at the moment so i will post a youtube vid and then go finish my brekafast l8ters :)

ok well i know i did one with move it already but it turns out that one was the one from madagascar so now i'm posting the original version of the song enjoy!
ok well me and my dad just got back from running some errands and we decided that instead of buying my mom jewelery were going to make her a cake so i'm going to go help with that now l8ters :) ok i changed the bg again but i'm not sure wat anime it's from so if anyone know's tell me ok thx
yay! i was just watching a national dog show and the dog i was routing for won best in show yay! it was a Australian shepherd so yeah

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Friday, May 12, 2006

hey peoples it's about 530 in the morning and i'm bored so i'm posting ok first off it's friday YAY! happy friday to everybody! plus my bro just left because he's going on a trip with the band to perform in virginia so he'll be in a whole other state until sunday woohoo! well other then that can't think of much to say maybe i'll come up with something after school. i'm gonna post a youtube vid now l8ters :)

ok i got one it's a tokyo mewmew one with the song sound the bugle from the spirit soundtrack enjoy!
ok and i also thought of something else i dunno why but i felt like posting a list of all the songs i think r good to dance to so yeah
1.Crazy Frog Axel F
2.Move it
3.Puretone addicted to bass
4.ppk resurection
5.my humps
6.pump it
7.Rabbit run
8.Role model
9.ass like that
and that's all i can think of right now hey well i just got back from school and i guess all that cramming for my science test worked cuz i got an A! woohoo!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

hey peoples well finally today was much better then all the other days yayness! and tomorrow is friday woohoo! i still have to thank my friend charles though because he made me feel better yesterday by making me laugh i'm gonna post the im conversation we had just cuz i think it's funny and well yeah and i missed gym today cuz we had pep rally yayness! so yeah hope you people r having a good day and now to post the im and a youtube vid l8ters :)
Angelicrebel13 [9:04 P.M.]: hey
Jiggly1059 [9:04 P.M.]: 'ello
Angelicrebel13 [9:04 P.M.]: sup?
Jiggly1059 [9:05 P.M.]: sup?!? SUP?!? YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT'S 'SUP'???
Angelicrebel13 [9:05 P.M.]: o come on charles
Angelicrebel13 [9:05 P.M.]: unless your mad about something
Jiggly1059 [9:05 P.M.]: what cant i be dramatic when I want to be?
Angelicrebel13 [9:06 P.M.]: cuz i'm not in really great mood today
Jiggly1059 [9:06 P.M.]: ...
Jiggly1059 [9:06 P.M.]: did you fail the french exam?
Jiggly1059 [9:06 P.M.]: did your brother NOT get sent to mongolia?
Jiggly1059 [9:06 P.M.]: did your mom yell at you until you died?
Jiggly1059 [9:07 P.M.]: did you know who move to the other side of the planet?
Angelicrebel13 [9:07 P.M.]: no yes yes and no
Jiggly1059 [9:07 P.M.]: HEY i didnt get hit with your invisible penne (pinne? excuse my spellling) this time!
Angelicrebel13 [9:08 P.M.]: my what???
Jiggly1059 [9:08 P.M.]: the weird gym thing
Angelicrebel13 [9:08 P.M.]: o wait you mean.... charles i didn't have one to hit you with and i was too mad to think about that most of tosay i'll get u tomorrow though
Angelicrebel13 [9:09 P.M.]: today*
Angelicrebel13 [9:09 P.M.]: but thx
Angelicrebel13 [9:10 P.M.]: have i confused you yet
Angelicrebel13 [9:10 P.M.]: i wanna do tha at least once before the end of this year
Angelicrebel13 [9:10 P.M.]: that*
Jiggly1059 [9:10 P.M.]: nope not yet
Angelicrebel13 [9:11 P.M.]: did you know what i was saying thx for?
Jiggly1059 [9:11 P.M.]: for reminding you to hit me with the evil red, blue, or green gym thingy?
Angelicrebel13 [9:11 P.M.]: no not really
Angelicrebel13 [9:12 P.M.]: for making me laughed when u typed that question about did my brother not get sent to mongolia
Angelicrebel13 [9:12 P.M.]: i hadn't laughed at all today
Jiggly1059 [9:12 P.M.]: YES I MADE YOU LAUGH!
Jiggly1059 [9:13 P.M.]: well now I have to get off, have pleasant thoughts of your brother, a crate, and mongolia! (and if your brother sees this tell him I am kidding, or he'd never stop bothering me in band tomorrow)
Angelicrebel13 [9:13 P.M.]: ok rofl l8ters
Jiggly1059 signed off at 9:13 P.M. ok theres the im convo now for the youtube vid

ok here it's yu gi oh one with the song i'm not exactly sure of the title so i just call it move it lol l8ters :)
hey i thought i neede a new bg for a while so i've changed it to a chobits one hope you like it

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

hello peoples as you can see i am not in a good mood today cuz it was even krappier then yesterday so anyway here we go again ok first off i didn't get any breakfast because my brother decided that last night was a good night to come in my room and turn off my alarm so i slept in late and nearly missed the bus he found out later that last night was not a good night to try that... his eye is still bruised then i went to school and it turns out that my friend's now deceased dog had a previous owner before my friend who goes to our school and apparently my friend told her that the dog had died and she got really mad threatened to beat my friend up and blamed the dog's death on my friend this is impossible because the dog fell out of the car and cut his lung or something and
A my friend was in school when this happened
B: MY friend cannot drive so yeah it was an accident i mean seriously apparently the dog was only 3 years old i thought it was older then that but still so i dunno where the previous owner gets the nerve to blame my friend for the dog's death! and then we had vocal and were singing a song called Allentown by billy joel if anyone likes that song i am srry but i hate that song! and now it's stuck in my head ARG! and i still haven't got my test grades back yet! i think i did really bad on the part of the french exam we did today and we had stupid testing again! i swear i want to take all those test and burn them in my fireplace! and i still have to cram in studying for science test tomorrow. and we have so much junk that's due it's freaking retarted and my mom just finished yelling at me too! cuz i was really mad so i went up to my room and turned my music up really loud and she started yelling at me for like no reason or maybe there was a reason how should i know? ok now anyways since none of you know french (and this was the only useful thing i learned in school today) what i put at the title of my post literally means i'm sick of it! which i am and i'm sure you r too since all's i have been doing is complaining about everything under the sun for the last 3 posts! and now to post a youtube vid before i forget again....I WISH IT WOULD BE FRIDAY ALREADY!

ok it is a tokyo mew mew with the song wrong l8ters

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

hey people well srry i didn't post yesterday or update or anything cuz i was going too and then i ended getting into this big fight with my mom and stuff so i'm not on really goood terms with her right now and my friends dog died yesterday and then of course this morning my idiot brother storms into my room at 5 oclock in the morning demanding to know what i did with his ipod well i could have slapped him because the idiot forgot i gave it to him the night before so yeah and then i came down for breakfast and i wanted like one of those bacon egg and cheese sandwhich thingy's but i couldn't find any so i found one without a label and it turned about to be brocolli turkey and cheese (whoever ate the last of the bacon egg and cheese ones shall pay) and i have freaking testing again today and i have a french exam tomorrow! i hate school it's so confusing .. so anyway i have to go to school so i'm done complaining and ranting now and i'll just post a youtube vid l8ters

ok it's the song fly with inuyasha to those of you who don't like hilary duff srry enjoy! ok i am updating my post today my since i just got back from school my crush's bday was today i didn't even realize it until i saw the decorations on his locker but once again i was too nervous to say anything and my science teacher said since apparently i'm very close to failing science if i fail the next test she will call my mom which will cause major trouble for me so hopefully i will not fail and well yeah this week has been really krappy so far

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