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Sunday, September 24, 2006

   really mad right now...
hello people i'm really mad right now so um if you don't feel like listening to me rant and rave about it please come back tomorrow thx ok now to those of you who r going to read this anyway here goes ok well obviously last week was really krappy monday was ok (except for the evil projects) but then tuesday mr. Rivera said we had a test which i had forgotten about the next day so i was like oh krap i have to study! so i go home and i start trying to study well earlier during the week i had moved my manga into my room for more convenient access and my bro had been annoying me all day and he was like can i borrow your rurouni kenshin books? and i said no! leave me alone! so anyways i kept trying to study but it still didn't make any sense so i went to bed at like 11 and i figured i'd probably fail. but then of course the next day we had a stupid frickin assembly 2nd period about damn standardized tests and how if we don't get higher then average on the tests we have to come in for 45 hours of mandatory tutoring either after school every day or on saturday mornings and if we don't go then we can't do any extracurricular school activities and a whole bunch of other krap (i don't give a fuck what they say cuz even if i do get average on the test i'm not going to any stupid fucking tutoring cuz they can't tell us what to do!) so i had one more day to cram even though i knew it wouldn't help any so yeah then i came home and i said i have an extra day to study so my mom was like well then go study bla bla bla. so i go up to my room to study and the first thing i notice low and behold some of my manga were missing i knew my bro had stolen them so i got really pissed and i was like greg where the fuck are my books and then my mom got really mad and said you know what just take all that damn manga and put it in my room! so being the stupid idiot i am i did. (of course after that i couldn't concentrate enough to really study cuz i was too pissed at my bro and my mom wouldn't let me take it out on him.) so anyway yeah i decided to give up at about 1030 and then i was listening to my ipod trying to relax and i was almost relaxed and my mom comes in at 1100 at night and starts talking about chobits (she read it and she really didn't like it she thought it was offensive and all this stuff.) so yeah anyway then she said that she was gonna read the 2nd one and then tell me whether or not i could read them well here's the thing she still hasn't told me! i've been waiting and she says she hasn't read it yet and she said she's gonna read all my manga to see what there like gah! and the worst thing is i still failed the test i was trying to study for and now i have a c minus in that class. so here i am cursing my brother and hanging in suspense on whether or not i can read chobits and well yeah anyways i can't think of a song right now cuz i'm still pretty mad and thx to everybody who reads this well l8ters
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

hey peoples well i managed to finsh my projects yesterday so now i can do other stuff yay! oh before i say anything else i have quizzes to post

What Kinda Angel Are You? (With coolio anime pics ^_^)

Shy Angel: You're a very shy person, or so it seems. Youre probably very quiet as well. Your friends have to push you into doing certain things. You get embarrassed easily, but thats ok, Im sure youll grow out of it ^_^ Cool pic, no?
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What Kinda Kitty Are You? (with coolio anime pics ^_^)

Silent Kitty: You're quiet and shy. Not very outgoing at all, you have a natural beauty. People are very curious about you, maybe you should open up more? Ok well thanks for taking the quiz hope it was ok... message me or something =^.^= cool pic, no?
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so yeah um let's see what happened last week... nothing that i can remember that was really intersting so yeah um oh yeah i'm on the finla mission on fire emblem the sacred stones (which is really hard if anyone has some tips to help me beat it that would be appreciated) my mouse is acting up for some reason so it's kinda difficult to move my cursor to the right places oh yeah and i got a song off of limewire but i can't get it into mny itunes library does anyone know if there is a way to do that? anyways can't think of much more right now so cya :)

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

   projects are evil!
yes as the title of this posts says projects are indeed evil and they are part of the reason i have not been able to post since the 6th (i'm really sorry about that) but anyways i should be done by this afternoon so i can finally visit peoples sites well i gotta go back to my projects now l8ters :)
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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

current time: 6:56 Pm
current mood: kinda bored (mostly i just have a craving for chocolate and i want to play ddr after i post)
Cureent song i am listening too: Pon De replay
ok so yeah today was kinda mixed boring and funny anyway we had a bunch of tests today which was pretty boring ( but i'm pretty sure i did good on them) and then the funny part was we were at lunch and chris (shadowchris here on myo) had like one of those small cans of diced peaches or watever and he was trying to open and the metal that's on top (like what's on a soda can) snapped off so then Amber took it and she tried to open it for chris and she must have pressed it too hard or something cuz it burst open and it got all over her shirt and jodie's hair. it was really funny chris and me just started laughing (amber and jodie laughed too chris just felt kinda bad about ruining amber's shirt) so yeah and then i had to go and pick up the kids i babysit for at the bustop (they live right across from me so) but still they were acting like wild maniacs. (honestly it's like they unleash all there wackoness on the first person they see after school which happened to be me today) so that was kinda weird but other then that it was good and now i can't think of anything else to say so yeah l8ters :)

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

   hello peoples
current time 3:56 pm
current mood half bored half thinking about my crush
current music i am listening to Rabbit Run(Eminem)
hey people we had testing today it was really stupid but anyway not much to say right now ( although commenting bluestar101's post made me remember that my 1 year myo anniversary is coming up soon) (it's at the end of the month sometime i've forgotten at this current moment)
Anyway my bro is pestering me to burn some of my eminem songs onto a cd for him so he can put them on his ipod (i'm thinking about just doing it to get him to leave me alone cuz he's giving me a headache but i dunno) i have a sudden idea for my story and i'm going to type it up now so i don't forget so yeah i'll go get a youtube vid l8ters :)
p.s. hope everyone likes my new theme(it took me 3 hours to find a good bg and stuff so)

ok i found one it's a fruits basket one with the song bad day (i'm going to assume you all know who it's by) some of the pics r blurry but it's still pretty good so enjoy!

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Monday, September 4, 2006

hey i am back for now and i have changed my theme to fire emblem yay! hope you like it anyways not much more to say i have to go back to school tomorrow so that's gonna suck oh well l8ters :)

ok i haven't posted vids in a while so here's a tokyo mew mew one with the song vertigo (i've had an obsession with slightly older songs for some reason lately so) p.s. i'll try to get to everyones sites today

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

   hey peoples
hey peoples school was better for me today except for the boring assembly we had on the code of conduct (we have the same assembly and they go over the same rules every freakin year)
but other then that it was good me and my friend Amber decided were gonna start up an anime club at our school we just have to get a list of all the people who want to join and get the principal to approve it (we hope he does) so yeah um i can't think of anything else to say right now l8ters :)
p.s. i'm gonna change my theme again soon any ideas?

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ok well school sucks but i'm not gonna get into that right now first off i'm sorry i haven't been on in a bunch of days yet again (it will probably be like this alot now that school has started so yeah) but anyways hope anyone who has started school already is having a better time of it then i am well um i can't think of anything else to say right now i'll try to get to peoples sites today so um yeah l8ters :)
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

hey peoples i'm so sorry i haven't been on in like 10 days (i think)i just was really busy (especially yesterday i was basically gone the whole day)Cuz i had freshman orientation and then we had to go to the newark airport to drop my grandma off (that place is confusing)( i bought a bunch of video games and manga this week too) and our pool is almost done yay! so i can finally have a very belated birthday party with my friends! but anyways um i can't think of much to say right now Oh yeah does anyone know where i can get the original version of i like to move it at? cuz i got an itunes music card so i could get a bunch of songs but i couldn't find the original version of that song in the music store so yeah i'll go get a youtube vid now (and try to fix my comp cuz my stupid bg dissapeared again (agh!) (actually most of my electronic stuff was on the fritz today i think i jinxed it or something ah well) L8ters :)

ok it's an amv with a bunch of different animes with pon de replay by rihanna P.S. I'll try to get to everybody's sites today i might not be on much soon though cuz i start school the tuesday after next (oh joy... i'm so happy....)

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

hello people i'm extremely bored and i can't think of anything to say except that i've been listening to 1,2 step by ciara all day (it is one of my favorite songs) anyways i'll go get a youtube vid l8ters :)

ok it's a funny fma with 1,2 step enjoy!

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