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Sunday, May 7, 2006

   ok i had to post this today too it's a quiz so yeah cya

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hey peoples well i missed adult swim yesterday grr! i was gonna watch but the stupid cable people changed the t.v. channels again! (they've done it twice before this already) so i couldn't find it last night but anyways i'm really bored right now and i just feel like posting a youtube vid so yeah l8ters :)

ok it's a fruits basket one with boulevard of broken dreams enjoy!

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Saturday, May 6, 2006

   hey peoples!
hey it's the weekedn yay! well i've been home alone almost the whole day cuz a bunch of the day i was babysitting cuz the neighbor across the street made his first communion today so i was like in charge of all the kids it was funny cuz brian kept trying to stick his fingers in the cake to steal the icing lol and then i watched that darn cat and that was really funny cuz i haven't seen that movie in a long time and i got super smash bros. melee finally! so anyways i'll just post a youtube vid now l8ters :)

ok it's funny it's a inuyasha one with ass like that eminem enjoy!

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Friday, May 5, 2006

hey peoples it's the weekend yay! school was really stupid today i had to play goalie for soccer during gym and sombody kicked the ball really hard and it socked me in the mouth! and we had thsi really long boring assembly about the stupid service hours we have to do for when we go into high school next year and junk and bla bla bla so i am glad to be out of there and having fun at home playing video games lol well only 28 or so more days of school woohoo!! i can't wait for summer!

i got a scratchy sticky note thingy lol scratch it off to read the message! l8ters :)
o and i found a cool vid too yay mostly fruits baskets one with the song american idiot it's funny!


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Thursday, May 4, 2006

   hey peoples
well school sucked again as usual it was really boring mr. james hasn't graded everyones tests yet so i have no idea how i did grrr! this is driving me crazy and i wanted to go help decorate my friends locker this morning in homeroom cuz it was her bday today and apparently someone in my homeroom did something they weren't supposed too or something like that no idea what it was and i'll probably never find out so anyways my homeroom teacher gave us this whole damn lecture and now they made a rule that no one is allowed to leave homeroom so i didn't even get to say happy birthday to my friend and my stupid fricking laptop wouldn't work so yeah ok i'm sure you've heard enough now so i'm just gonna go get a youtube vid l8ters

ok it's an fma one with the song switch i was gonna do another tokyo mewmew one but it was the same as the vid from yesterday kind of so

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

hey peoples well i'm really bored right now school was really boring and i think i failed my math test i hope i didn't cuz if i did i will be dead but there's nopthing much else too say right now so yeah i'm gonna post a youtube vid l8ters :)

ok it's tokyo mewmew with crazy frog i dunno why i like this song i just do so yeah enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

hey peoples srry i couldn't post yesterday the internet wasn't working again! this internet is really shitty seriously my dad was on the phone with the internet people for 5 hours! how can it possibly take 5 hours to get internet connection back? well yeah so anyways 300 people have now visited my site and i'm really close to 100 gb signings and well yeah right now though my question is it friday yet? Lol ok well anyways i'm gonna post more of my story cuz i have a new character and suff so yeah and if i can think of a song i'll post a youtube vid l8ters :)

Name: Rain
Age: 14
Height: 5ft. 2
Hobbies: Practicing her mage skills plays Harp
Special Ability: Can use magic
Likes: Nature Animals and music
Dislikes: People who try to destroy nature cities and Mages who use Dark Magic
Personality: Extremely shy hides her true feelings often she has no family or human friends lives in the forest but is slowly having to adapt to living in towns since people are destroying the forests. Has hidden bravery that only shows when she fights. Although she is unaware of it she is related to one of the other characterís.
ok there's her profile now for a short bit of the story
Arthos was awakened by a strange sound outside his room rubbing his eyes he looked at the clock it was only 3 in the morning. So what the hell was that?! He wondered. He heard the noise again. It sounds like someone is trying to get into my room he thought. He got out of bed and looked out his window and sure enough he saw a young girl sitting on his windowsill. The girl suddenly turned around and saw him Obviously shocked by this she tried to run away but since the roof was still slick she almost slipped. Wait! Said Arthos suddenly climbing out onto the roof. He wanted to know more about this girl and why she had been sitting on his window. The girl stared at him wide eyed obviously terrified. I wonít hurt you I promise said Arthos. The girl seemed to relax a little but still wouldnít come any closer. I wonít hurt you said Arthos again really. Here come in my room itís cold out here. At this the girlís eyes got even wider Arthos could not tell if it was out of surprise fear or both. Come on he said moving slowly closer to her. The girl backed away more but soon realized she couldnít go back any farther. Arthos realized it wasnít working and said Iím leaving my window open. You can come in if you like. Then he started climbing back towards his window. W wait! Said the girl suddenly. Arthos turned around IÖ Iím Rain she said quietly. Who are you? Ok that's all i'm gonna post of th story enjoy! and now for a vid before i forget again

ok this is a kind of old song but i still like it complicated by avril lavigne enjoy!

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

ok i found videos to post yay i watched the high school muscial movie on disney channel and i really liked it and i found an amv with the song breaking free from the movie so yeah enjoy!

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hey peoples srry i haven't gotten to anybody's sites or anything yet today i was at my grandma's most of the day and my bro is using the other comp for his project so once he's done with that i'll try to visit peoples sites also i'm going to post more of my story now and i might post another youtube video l8ter so yeah enjoy the next story part
The next morning Arthos awoke to the smell of bacon eggs and sausage. So your finally awake said Angel come and get something to eat Streak says we get one more day off of practice for battling so well yesterday. Yes and tomorrow we get back on track Streak said looking up from his piece of Bacon. Whereís everyone else asked Arthos. Rona went to a rock concert with Lunette and Kamida is downstairs being mesmerized by my video games. So what do you want to do asked Arthos. Angel almost dropped the pan in surprise. Me? Well I hadnít really planned on anything. Unless you have something in mind she said hesitantly. No I didnít I was just wondering. Oh well I have to clean up this breakfast stuff anyway and I have chores that need to get done. Iíll help offered Arthos. Would you asked Angel thx. Your welcome. Okay well were going to need to start in the basement after I clean up these dishes so. A few minutes later Arthos and Angel were in the basement. Ok said Angel these boxes need to be moved first and with some effort she picked up a large box. Are you sure thatís not to heavy for you asked Arthos. No Iím okay said Angel but as she was walking across the floor she tripped over a wire and started to fall backwards. But her fall was cushioned by something. Arthos had caught her just in time. Thanks Angel said blushing. You know said Arthos you ought to let people help you with that stuff once in a while ok. Angel nodded her heart was pounding for some reason. But she gently got up and pushed herself away from Arthos and went back to moving the boxes Finally about 3 hours later they were done. Phew said Angel sitting down in a chair that was hard work. Arthos nodded. Kamida must really like video games he said she didnít even notice us. I know said Angel no wonder we had to drag her away last time. I wonder why Rona and Lunette arenít back yet. Those concerts are long said Streak emerging from the kitchen they probably wonít be back for another hour or so. Oh so what do we do until then wondered Arthos aloud. Nothing I guess said Angel o wait I know Iíll go practice my singing and with that she ran upstairs to her room. Arthos stared up after her. Streak noticed something then that he hadnít noticed before. Arthos he said you love herÖ donít you? Arthos hesitated a moment then said Yes I do but I donít think she realizes it and if she does I donít know how to tell her. I have the feeling she does like you but doesnít really know it yet said Streak thoughtfully just wait a little and see what happens. Ok said Arthos.
The next morning everyone was back at the park ready for practice. Alright everyone said Streak letís make this a good practice and remember all the stuff I told you. How could we forget? Rona whispered to Lunette. First IĎm going to pair you off and then Iíll give you a target that resembles the monster from the other day to hit/destroy your job will be to work together with your partner to do this. Ok Partners are Lunette and Rona Kamida and myself and Angel and Arthos. Alright now do you all understand what you are supposed to do? Everyone nodded. Good said Streak then on my mark 1Ö2Ö3Ö Go! Everyone set off after there Target. Angel and Arthos were the first ones done Having used Arthosís wings and Angelís new skill of archery hit the target with multiple arrows. Very good Said Streak Let us see who gets finished second. Lunette and Rona finished next and Kamida finished last. Well done everyone said Streak now letís keep going and so the whole day went by like this. They all learned new moves new ways to fight and had sharper senses then before. As they were all walking towards Angels house Streak stopped and said I think weíve been guests at Angelís house long enough we should go back to our own homes everyone else agreed. Angel on the other hand wished they would stay. I really donít mind you know. she said. But still said Streak we should return to our own homes. So Angel silently agreed to let them leave. She was disappointed because she had grown so used to having company other then Lunette often times she felt very lonely. What surprised her most was that out of all of them the one she missed the most was Arthos. She herself was puzzled by this. But thought about him often and enjoyed spending the day with him at practices. Now that Arthos was slightly more friendly she was able to have more conversations with him and get to know him better. Often times she would walk slower or talk about something that interested Arthos to get him to stay longer without even realizing it. But she found that each time even though she got to know him better she began to miss him more every time he left. She still did not know much about his past but he was never very willing to talk about it. Perhaps I can ask him about that tomorrow she thought. With that she sighed and lay down on her bed and stared up at the ceiling her thoughtís were all jumbled up and were very confusing her head was spinning but she finally yawned and fell asleep.
ok i posted a whole lot of the story today lol ok well hope you enjoy! l8ters :)

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

hey peoples ok as a of right now i'm not going to post a youtube vid but i mgiht later on what i am going to do is post some more of my story because my comp upstairs is finally working yay! ok 1 sec
Angel ran upstairs to her room to change clothes wrapped her hair in a towel then got some towels for the others and came back downstairs. Here she said handing them all a towel each and Arthos I can dry those clothes for you with mine if you want she said noticing he was still wearing his wet clothes. I have my dadís bathrobe and pajamas you can borrow. Arthos was slightly surprised but agreed and went up to change. When he came down he smelled the scent of chocolate chip cookies wafting from the kitchen and found Angel baking. Lunette was there too staring at the sheets of cookies in the oven and trying to eat some of the dough that hadnít been made into cookies yet. You know Lunette said Angel there wonít be as many cookies for you if you keep trying to eat all the cookie dough. Immediately after she said this Lunette stopped trying to steal the cookie dough Angel laughed. She then turned around to see Arthos standing there. Oh hi she said. Arthos said nothing for a moment then replied hiÖ I didnít know you could bake. Yeah my dad taught me how said Angel. He must have been pretty good then said Arthos. Angel said nothing for a few moments then said Arthos IÖI wanted to thank you for saving me the other day said Angel rather quickly turning slightly red. That doesnít matter now we are even now because you healed me after the battle. Angel just nodded then turned back to her cookies. Angel? Asked Arthos hesitantly he knew now would be his best chance to ask her about some things and get to know her better as Streak had said. You remember when Rona and Kamida were arguing? Yes she said slowly but what does that have to do anything? she asked dreading the answer for some reason. WellÖ you just looked awfully upset andÖ what I guess Iím trying to say isÖ what was wrong? Angel gulped she needed time to think on how to answer so she said let me finish these cookies and then Iíll tell you. All right said Arthos. He waited for about an hour before Angel came in with a huge plate of warm chocolate chip cookies eat up she said they just came out of the oven. Lunette was the first to grab cookies off the plate and began eating them. Angel grabbed a cookie munched on it thoughtfully took a deep breath and said ok Arthos Iíll tell you but you better be paying attention. Arthos was of course. I was upset because I hate it when people argue because it reminded me of how much my parents argued before they got divorced and my dad died. I never knew what they were arguing over or why they were but they were always yelling at each other for something and then they got divorced and they still argued finally my dad died. I was sad but I had to go with his parents because my mom wouldnít take me too his funeral. So Iíve always hated when people or animals argue with each other because it brings back all those memoriesÖ. and I donít want to remember them. She suddenly realized that everyone had been listening. We didnít know that before Arthos said all of us are sorry. Weíll try not to argue too much anymore okay. Angel smiled okay thank you. Arthos smiled back and went back to eating his cookie realizing that he had fallen in love with her.
ok really short part of it but still i hope you enjoy it l8ters :)

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