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Friday, June 29, 2007

my b-day
yup today is my b-day.... i dunno what else to say cuz i'm kinda confused right now... i won't see anyone here till August cuz we're leaving for vacation tomorrow driving crosscountry from here to Seattle Washington and visiting some relatives along the way T_T as you can tell i'd rather not go ah well not much i can do about it... sayonara for now peoples cuz i have to go finish packing i'll try and get on a bit tonight though and i'm srry i haven't been on in awhile my mom has been banning me from the comp recently for some reason
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

   I'm back!!!
hey peoples sup? well i'm finally back yay!! srry i haven't been around much how are ur summer's going? mine is kinda boring right now except that i passed 9th grade yay!!! which means i get a Wii!!!! so yah anyway um not much else to say i guess i'm having and awesome party for my bday on wednesday and i invited my crush and he said he might come so i was happy about that umm not much else to say right now listening to the Naruto theme song kinda bored... yesterday was weird though cuz the kids i was babysitting for the younger one's bday was yesterday so he got a ps2 and guitar hero 2 so we were playing guitar hero 2 which was fun! so that was a bit bizarre usually when i babysit i'm forced to watch stupid kiddy cartoons ack! the horror well anyways i'm gonna visit peoples sites today too so yeah well until next time Sayonara and Arigatou to all my friends here o theo for sticking by me even though i'm not on very much Natsuki: yeah and we get pocky on Wednesday! Mizuno: yay!!!! me: lol yes we do ;)
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Friday, June 1, 2007

   hey peoples!
Hey everyone sup? how has everyone been?? srry i haven't been on in so long i've been studying majorly for finals Natsuki: adn you're finally done! yay! no more school for you! so i can have more fun with you and you can talk to your friend online more yahoo! me: yup Natsuki: hey enough typing i wanna go eat sugar and verse you on DDR!!! me: ok ok well guys i gotta go for now i'll be stopping by peoples sites most of this week so hope to talk to you all at some point well Sayonara
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Saturday, May 5, 2007

   I am back yay!
Konnichiwa my friends i have returned!! and it's almost the end of the school year woohoo!! summer here i come! (only thing is that summer will also mean my crush is leaving especially since Seniors get out earlier then we do) but yeah anyway enough about that how have y'all been? i've been ok i'm home alone all this weekend cuz my bro is on a band trip with my mom and my dad's on a business trip so i will be on and off today (mostly because i am going to try and play DDR as much as possible today to) so yeah anywho not much else to say right now except that i hope everyone else is doing good and that i will get to peoples sites today p.s. i'm not going to change my theme because i like the theme i have up i probably will change the icon though well until next time Domo Arigatou

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

   Hey peoples i'm so so srry!
oh my gosh!! i am soo sorry i haven't been on in so long i've just been really busy and the rest of this month is still going to be really busy so i dunno when i'll be able to get on after today... but since i'm here i'm gonna see how much of a months worth of news that i can tell you well let's see... um something good i guess would be that i managed to pull my french and math grades up for now so as long as i can keep them where they are until finals and hoping that i don't fail the finals i think i'll be ok umm anime club has been really good we've been watching an anime series called Samurai 7 which is really good so far i finally managed to buy myself a new ipod so i can see the dang screen lol um i got a bunch of new songs for it too and i have an obsession thanks to my friend Amber with L'arc En Ciel and the FMA theme song done by thme i also love the song Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson (i'm going to try and find a midi for that and post it on my site especially since i think it describes my crush really well) i also found out that my crush is a really good writer which surprised me but it's still awesome although i think he still has a gf so i really can't do much about it but anywho that's about it for now actually so ttyl and if not today then i swear over the course of this week i will get to everyone's and i mean EVERYONE'S site who has updated this month because i've lost several guestbook signatures and i don't want to lose any more plus there's some people i haven't talked to on here in ages so ttyl Domo Origato!
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

   oh my gosh it's been so long i'm soo sorry!!
hey people i'm so so sorry i haven't been on in like...forever if i count how long i think i might pass out....i've had so much work and stuff to do though what with trying to pull my french and math grades up cuz i am currently failing both classes and having several major porjects (i still have 2 yet for english)and finding out that my crush is a senior and will be leaving in April and i still haven't even talked to him yet not to mention his gf is a freshmen like me so i'm just really confused about a lot of stuff right now and we haven't had anime club for 2 weeks now gah! i need to go to youtube later or i will die of anime deprivation the good side though is that my friend is having a party tomorrow and i'm going to one later today too so anywho enough about my time how have you all been? better then me i trust anywho i gotta go out and help shovel cuz it snowed alot last night so i will get on to visit your sites that i haven't visited in forever and changing my theme later on until then Domo Origato (not even sure if i spelled it right lol) oh yeah p.s. happy st patrick's day people
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

   hey! new theme
hey i am back peoples srry this post is kinda lte i know i've just been so damn busy thes past few weeks well stuff here has been going all right we had 2 hour delays 3 days in a row this week cuz it was too cold for us to be waiting out at the bus early in the morning and stuff plus we have off this coming firday and the monday after um we had a pep rally on friday which to me was boring cuz i don't really pep rally's but it was all right cuz i got to see my friends and stuff and i can't think of much else right now except that i am going to go change my theme cuz it needs to be changed lol well hope you all have a good rest of the day and week l8ters :)
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

hey peoples i am back i'm so sorry i haven't been on in like forever i've been so busy this month especially with midetrems and everything i'll try to get to everyone's sights today and make sure that if i can't get on tomorrow i will post next saturday too. um... let's see i had so many things that i could tell you people but the post would go on forever lol but i have some cool stuff so hmm let's see i almost got into a fight with one of my friends and the teachers were being retarted (they didn't notice anything was wrong until i said the f word loud enough for them to hear even though my other friend was restraining me from punching him because i had instructed her to do so) I got in trouible for cursing 3 times that week which really annoyed me most of my friends are in a different lunch then me now I have a new crush although he's at least 2 yeras older then me My math class is very very boring i almost fell asleep in my french class yesterday in the middle of a quiz which i think i failed i actually updated my fanfic but i have to fix it so that you people can read it and then i can post it (i haven't posted it since the middle of last year i think) so yeah um, i can't think of anything else right now so i'll try to get to peoples sites today and i'll ttyl l8ters :)
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Monday, January 1, 2007

   hey happy new year!
hey peoples happy new year!!! srry i haven't been on lately i've been pretty busy with christmas stuff. I got alot of neat gifts i got a bunch of anime stuff including porco rosso and grave of the fireflies on dvd the first 8 episodes of the FMA anime on dvd and some fruits basket and FMA manga there was alot of other cool stuff too a pair of electronic drumsticks and an awesome pair of pants from hot topic and we got pets yay! the kitty which my bro picked out is named Costello and is very happy on my bed at the moment the doggy i am getting is named mustang and it's coming here tomorrow yay! so yeah i would list more stuff but it would take quite awhile anyways i got the rest of today and tomorrow off before i have to go back to school so i will try to get to peoples sites either today or tomorrow either hope everyone had a merry christmas and a happy new year l8ters :)
also thank you to all my friends who sent me christmas ecards and i am going to try to go to my friends sites alot more often this year either way i will be changing my theme within the next few hours (i love mustang but it's a new year so i need a new theme to celebrate)and i got 1000 hits too my site too yay!

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

   Hey what's up?
hey people sup? i'm glad I can get on (if it weren't for the fact that the girl i'm babysitting right now has her own laptop i wouldn't be able to lol) and only 5 more days of school until i have break yay! anywho let's see what happened this week. Um i actually didn't have much this week tuesday i had a presentation due for science i think that went pretty well and we have another one due soon Yesterday at anime club we finished up watching Castle of Cagliostro i liked that movie alot. But then again we have to work really hard this coming week cuz i have a major project due in history oh yeah we had stupid standardized tests this week which i hated there supposed to determine whether or not we have to go to mandatory tutoring (my friend already knew she's supposed to be in it but she's not going and i'm portesting against it with her) but yeah anyways we went to my gram's today to put up her christmas tree it's huge! but yeah and then when i left my parents were putting up ours so anyways i can't think of anything else right now so i will stop writing and I hope everyone has a very happy holidays cuz i will most likely not be able to post next saturday. well i'll cya later and i'll probably get to peoples sites tomorrow too
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