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Saturday, December 9, 2006

   I'M SO SORRY!!!
hey peoples as it says on my post title i'm really sorry that i haven't been here for two whole weeks i've been so busy with stuff so yeah anyways um let's see my thanksgiving was pretty boring i spent most of the time playing tetris on single player and my bro got mad at me cuz i wouldn't play a board game with him so yeah and then people at my house were like yelling at me cuz i didn't eat too much cuz i'm trying to get a little skinnier but then of course if i skip even one little thing they spaz out and there like no your not fat eat eat eat! and yet my bro is very overweight and they never try to make him eat less it's stupid so that was pretty much it on thanksgiving and then last weekend a friend of our famiy died so we had to go down to jersey and it was confusing cuz the funeral and all was in jersey but she got buried doylestown so we had to keep driving back and forth and it was boring and stuff and then i had to go play bells at christkindlmart (or however you spell it) to play bells and then i went babysitting for like 5 hours (which was ok cuz i got to watch trinity blood and most of bleach) and then I had stupid mandatory choir rehearsal that monday which was boring and our choir teacher was being a bitch as usual and then thursday and yesterday we had the concerts thank god they were over the robes were very uncomfortable and i was like dying of the heat literally and so yeah not much else to post right now unless i think of something i'm going to try to get to peoples sites today and tomorrow but i may not be able to cuz i have to go to some stupid christmas show at the theater at 3 today so yeah well anyways l8ters :)
p.s. at this current time in my opinion it's too early for christmas!

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

hey peopls sup? i can't believe how close it is to thanksgiving already lol anyways um let's see stuff that happened last week there's a bunch actually ok let's see i had alot of fun at the bookstore last weekend even though we didn't find everything we wanted cuz they skipped around with the volumes again but it was still cool and i bout nausicaa on dvd woohoo! monday was pretty uneventful tuesday we had to have choir practice on stage in the auditorium cuz our concert is coming up soon man is it hot on that stage! i was only on stage with evryone else for like 15 minutes and i was sweating bullets plus of course since the school colors are black and gold we have to wear black and gold choir robes! *i'm gonna die* although the teacher did say that we could just wear shorts and a tshirt since were not taking off the robes at all. but yeah and then wednesday and thursday we had tours of vo-tech wednesday the first half of the 9th grade went so we got to play typer shark *theonly educational game that is actually fun* all computer class and then we didn't really do too much else that day. then the group i was in went on thursday although it was also boiling hot there and i had to lug my bookbag around the whole time my poor shoulders were killing me! but at least i missed choir yay! i don't really like choir cuz it's messed up and boith of our choir teachers are fricking bitches but oh well and then yesterday was pretty uneventful although we were supposed to pick a movie to watch for tuesday cuz that's our last day before break and we wanted to watch princess mononoke but we got outvoted! and we were supposed to watch some movie called Media's Family Reunion but then people were getting in trouble and our teacher said he wouldn't let us watch so now were not watching anything but we did start watching howl's moving castle in anime club yesterday so i get to finish when we go back to school the friday after next cuz we only have school monday and tuseday next week and then we have wednesday thursday friday and next monday off so yeah well anyways i can't think of much else to say and i have to get off now and go back to studying for my chemistry test on tuesday and i have to go babysit tonight before my mom finds out i'm online instead lol l8ters :)
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Saturday, November 11, 2006

hello people how is everybody? srry i am posting kind of late i would have posted earlier but i was babysitting most of the day so obviously i couldn't but i'm on now and tomorrow yay! um lemme see not too much interesting stuff happened last week except for the first anime club meeting which was yesterday woohoo! everyone likes miyazaki's movie's alot so were going to watch a couple miyazaki's movie's first um oh yeah tomorrow i will probably get to go to the bookstore and hot topic with my friends yay! manga here i come! lol anyways i can't really think of much else to say right now so l8ters :)
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Saturday, November 4, 2006

hey people sup? not much happened this week except for the pep rally i had yesterday and i got a beta fish last weekend but it was sick and it died... and i got a ton of science homework from my teacher 19 fricking worksheets! well anyways i can't post much more now cuz i'm going to my gram's so i'll get to peoples sites and stuff later and tomorrow bye :)
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

   hey peoples!
hey peoples sup? hope everyone is having a good halloween so far trick or treat night was yesterday for me even though i didn't go trick or treating (i didn't want to so) yeah so i bascially handed out candy for a little bit (not too many people came last night cuz it was raining) and then my other friend who didn't go trick or treating called and she was bored so she came over and she was here till about 1130 and we were just doing random stuff (my bro's friends were over too but they went trick or treating and left at like 11) and we played ddr in the total darkness it was fun cuz we had those glow stick things that light up when you snap them and i actually broke one open by accident so everything was glowing blue it was cool my dad said nothing bad would happen and it eventually dissappeared anyway so. it was really funny though cuz it got on the ddr pad too so i was playing on it and then my socks got blue spots all over them and stuff. and then we had brownies and cookies. so that was basically it and i have to study now grrr! cuz i have 2 tests next week on tuesday one right after the other cuz 3rd block i have my health final exam ( so on wednesday i start evil gym! nooo I hate gym!) and then 4th block i have a history test so i'll go do that now and i will be back on later so i can visit peoples sites well cya :)
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

   hey... posting only one day a week is gonna take some getting used to and happy one year myo anniversary to me! lol thx everybody
hey peoples well as my title says posting only once a week is gonna take awhile for me to get used to it cuz i keep wanting to go on and comment on peoples posts but i'm too busy and then i feel bad about not posting comments on some peoples sites! lol i'm pathetic i know so srry if i haven't been to some peoples sites in awhile i'm not mad at you or anything. anyways um yeah not much to say right now i didn't do anything really interesting this week although i do have to finish this stupid project so i can go to Hot Topic and i'm thinking of changing my theme again soon (it will probably be Roy Mustang themed since i've had an obsession with him lately) well l8ters :)

ok i am stupid I just realized about 5 seconds ago that today is my 1 year anniversary here on myo! thanks to all my friends here for a great first year well l8ters!!!
and i have now officially changed my theme mustang! yayness! lol

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

hey well i wans't going to post today cuz i'm not supposed to be on right now but i decided to post quick not much to do right now but anyways i have to study for tests now and i'll try to get to everyone's sites l8ter on or tomorrow bye :) p. s. i finally found music for my site yay!
hey i'm still not supposed to be on but i took a quiz i feel like posting

Which Full Metal Alchemist man is your true love?

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roy mustang yayness!

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Saturday, October 7, 2006

hey peoples sup? anyways not too much to say right now i get to be home by myself later cuz my bro has a band competition or watever so i'll be able to get too peoples sites today p.s. i've decided that during school i'm only gonna update and go to peoples sites on the weekends. i'd love to be on more then that but i'm just too busy so sorry if i don't get to visit some peoples sites well l8ters :)
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Monday, October 2, 2006

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Well not much to say my friends were here most of the day and we mostly played video games and we swam in my pool. well not much else to say l8ters :)

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

   hey peoples!
hey i am back well this week was much better then last week i managed to finish all my projects early so i don't have to do any this weekend and i can read my manga again yay! so that was good my grade went up in science and yesterday my friends came over and we made cupcakes and cookies for like no reason and some of my friends r comin over tomorrow cuz we have off tomorrow woohoo!and i feel like posting a song but so i will think about that and then post it well l8ters :)

ok this is a bit random but this is a vid with my favorite song from ddr on it this version is a little different then the version of it on my game and i'm not that great at this song yet well enjoy!

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