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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Disgusted. . .
I am completely and undieingly disgusted with myself. the day isn't even half over yet and it has taken a turn for the worse. This morining in first period we were told that we had to do a creative dance unit for gym. We were to get into groups of four and start immediately. I had my group together and we were discussing our ideas when we were asked to be accompanied by one girl who no one particularly likes. We declined and my best friend got thoroughly offened with us all. The girl we rejected has very little friends, is a bigger girl, is not the smartest or pretiest and has low self esteem. And I rejected her! i was in the eyes of my peers and my best friend and I took the side of my peers instead of what I knew was morally right. Now my best friend won't talk to me, her respect for has dropped and I have made her cry in the middle of class. This is coming from me, the person who helps peopel with their problems. it's what I live for. And I couldn't do a simple favor to my friend. Some friend I turned out to be huh? I would respect myself either, and I frankly don't respect myself at all. My friend will no longer talk to me, let alone look at me. All because my foolish prode took over and I disgraced myself in front of her. But when pride is lost, what are you left with. Your friends. And one of my best friends is so disgusted that she won't come with in three feet of me. What does that tell you?

. . . Four hours later. . .

GUESS WHAT!?! MY FRIEND FORGAVE ME! We went the enitre afternoon without looking at each other, and then today after school just as I'm about ot leave she comes up to me and she hugs me! We talked, sniffled a little and made up. She understands now and I understand. We're going to be okay and we're still on for our plans this weekend. THANK YOU GOD!
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BTW, all the drama happened in the middle of the day and I was in computers so I posted about it but the day wasn't over so I din't know if I would have something left to put. Now I do and I can blog up my post! ^_^

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I'm begining to see a trend in how my days are going. Oh well, such is life. Anyway. Hey people, how was everyone's day? Well I hope yours was better than mine. It probably was by like ten-fold. We registered for highschool today and all the councillers came to help us register and to make sure we're not so stupid that we can't fill out a sheet so simple that the instrustions are right on the top and to make sure we're capable enough to choose our own options. Well it looks like I don't get to choose my own options anyway. I am entering the honors program for grade 10, it's the pre-internation baccalaureatte program and I was told be my health teacher that we could do partial honors courses so I designed my timetable to reflect the partial honors courses and then all of my options. I really wanted to take all the arts so i had Art and Design 10, Musical Theatre 15, Choral Music 10, and French 10. Well the couciller lady starts to help me with my sheet and tells me that I can't register for partial honors classes until grade 11 and so I had to bump up a few of my courses. No biggie right? WRONG!! Well because I had to be in the full honors program my options were laid out for me: Literature 35, Biology 20, and because the honors program requires you to take French 20 H and I didn't take French at all in junior high, I have to take two French classes because I need to be cought up for my second semester!!! So I have to live without a life next year and probably for the rest of my highschool life!!! The only option i got to keep was choral music because it takes place once a week after school! How much does that suck?!?!?! I mean honestly! I'm not even allowed to pick my own damned options!!!!! So my day sucked! How was yours??

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(I told you that my site would get more interesting ^_^)

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Boys. . .
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Monday, April 3, 2006

   I feel like how you feel after your flying high. . .
I think the title says it all. Today was my first day back at school from spring break. Yesterday was great! it was a sunny sunday and my family and I went to walk around downtown. I checked out the sites, was checked out by some hottie getting off the bus, it was great! But the day lasted too long; I didn't get to bed until 3:00 am this morning, and I wake up at 6:00 am! So I drag my sorry butt outta bed and get all dolled up for the first day back, cute little denim skirt and a shirt in spring green, very cute, and I haul my un-dead self out to the car where I almost fall asleep, just to be stuck in class with guys who are dumber than posts and girls who have their thongs pulled so far up their butt they forever look like they're gonna blow and have some old lady come and talk to us about Russia, which would have been rather interesting if I wasn't in a library full of idiots. I spent the whole day un-dead and sleepy. It was ridiculous. It didn't help that Carley 2 kept doing the "oh rly" thing for hours. For any of you who don't know what the "oh rly owl" says it goes something a long the lines of this: Oh rly? Ya rly! No wai? Ya wai! Seriously? Seriously! Oh rly? No, not rly. You do that for a few hours and your head really starts to throb! And then I had people trying to look up my skirt whilst I was oging up the stairs. It didn't help the fact that I was wearing bootie shoots and that this skirt has bilt in shorts so i had a major atomic wedgie! I'm home now, and wanting to retreat to my coffin in the depths of my solitary room. I'm un-dead, I shouldn't be out before 6:00 pm! *Sticks her arms out in front of her and groans.* Must relieve atomic wedgie!


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Big-long-whopper-of-a-post-that-you-need-like-15-minutes-to-read-but-I-need-to-say-this-because-I-am-a-total-bum, Post.
Alright. I should have done this at the begining of the year but I was young and foolish and didn't care. I know what goes around comes around so if you don't visit anyone's sites, they won't come visit yours so you can't complain if your ratings are down and your friends won't talk to you anymore. As well you need to have something worthwhile to say. No one wants to listen to someone complain about absolute nothing, I know I don't. Unless you have a point, SAVE IT! Anyway I'm turning over a new leaf and I've started visting sites and posting worthwhile things on my own. If you want to come visit, GREAT! if you don't then that's alrifht too, just know that what goes around comes around and if you don't visit me, I may not visit you. It's just the way it works. I will visit you all as much as I can, promise. And I'll try to update my site everyday if possible so you have something interesting to read. So in a way, this post is both an explanation and an apology to all my MYO friends.

becauseof the new leaf that has just been turned over I have somethings you should note:
1) my posts will include things about my day, my life, my past, and all the people in it. Names to watch out for are:
i) Carley 1 ii) Carley 2 iii) Taylor 1 iiii) Taylor 2 iiiii) Keaton iiiiii) Marc iiiiiii) Jordan and a few others that will pop up periodically. Just so y'all aren't confused.
2)Also realise that I live in Canada so a few of the things I say or describe may seem a little off. All I can say is DAMN THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT!!!
3) I'll try to spice up my posts as much as possible. No one wants to read something that's totally boring!
4) With my new and exciting post, I won't just have comments on my day, but quote of the day, quiz result of the day, AMV of the day, song lyrics of the day, story of the day, etc.
5) I NEED NEW MANGA! I haven't read anything super great in ages. Give me some lists of your fav manga's/anime and I'll see if we have it in Canada and I'll dig into it. I NEED ENW MATERIAL!

That being said, I will begin my turning-over-a-new-leaf-ness.

Ciao babes!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fountains of Wayne.
I KNOW IT MIGHT BE WRONG BUT I'M IN LOVE WITH STACIE'S MOM! lol, no seriously. We have quite the fling going on. XD

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Brain Turning into mush right about. . . NOW!
It's official! I HAVE NO LIFE! I'm on spring break rightnow and I have the rest of the week ahead of me to do whatever I want. Well The last few days I"ve been at my friend's house wuite a lot, 3 sleep-overs in 5 days. And well out of all the things we could go out and do, where are we?? Sitting on our butts infront of her computers! I"ve been on the computer for a bout 12 hours over the last two days!! The other times we pretty much ate, drank, and slept infront of the computer. If you work it all out, over the past 5 days, 2 and a half of those days were spent on the computer! We're on from whenever we all get to her house, to about when our eyes start to screw up and we're falling asleep at the keyboard! My brain has turned to mush! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

   What goes on in my mind. . .
Oh man Am I ever a crreper! Not last night but the night before like the night of the 26th. . . *Checks the calender* yeah the night of the 26th, I had the weirdest dream. Okay I was like at my Grandparents house and it was this big family thing. For a bit of my dream I was just wandering aimlessly around their house and then I found myself at my dad's office in the city, but across the street where all the buildings were there weren't anything but fields and cows. But just on that one side, the rest of the buildings on the other side were still there. Anyway. And I'm with this woman and I have no idea who the heck she is but I'm trying to help her break into my dad's office to get some secret document thingie or something. And so she's in the front messing with the security codes and I'm trying to open the shop in the back. I find out that I can break the lock and that I can get in and I"m yelling that I got in and then sirens are going off and the police have this whacko woman and I'm running away and hiding behind all the crates in the back and I don't get caught. And then I'm back at my house, it's different from my grandparents house incase you didn't know, and I"m telling my mom about how I did all this and she's sitting on my bookshelf which is a pretty awesome feat considering it's tall and skinny and it's completely covered in crap, and she sitting there with her head against the wall with her tongue lolling out and her eyes are glazed over. . .

SEE WHAT I MEAN!?!?! I'm a total creeper! Maybe it was punishment for not going to church that Sunday. . .

But the other weird thing is that I credit myself with being a damn good theif. . .

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Monday, March 27, 2006

My Dentist is an EOSK!
AARRRGHH! It's Spring Break, so you know of course you have nothing better to do than sit in a dentist's office all afternoon which smells like Mr. Clean! And of course it makes it even more fun when you're waiting two and a half hours for your brother to be done because he hasn't brushed his teeth in seven years and has cavities out the whazoo and you're waiting all this time for a two minute appointment! 2 whole minutes to fix a small pit cavity that you got from your braces that they couldn't fix because you had so much metal in you mouth and they make you wait two ans a half hours just to be in teh chair for 2 minutes! *Mutters under her breath* Stupid dentist. . .

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

   Wow. . . That's never happened before. . .

What are You?

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

   Sometimes We all need to Crash and Burn. . .

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