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Monday, April 3, 2006

   I feel like how you feel after your flying high. . .
I think the title says it all. Today was my first day back at school from spring break. Yesterday was great! it was a sunny sunday and my family and I went to walk around downtown. I checked out the sites, was checked out by some hottie getting off the bus, it was great! But the day lasted too long; I didn't get to bed until 3:00 am this morning, and I wake up at 6:00 am! So I drag my sorry butt outta bed and get all dolled up for the first day back, cute little denim skirt and a shirt in spring green, very cute, and I haul my un-dead self out to the car where I almost fall asleep, just to be stuck in class with guys who are dumber than posts and girls who have their thongs pulled so far up their butt they forever look like they're gonna blow and have some old lady come and talk to us about Russia, which would have been rather interesting if I wasn't in a library full of idiots. I spent the whole day un-dead and sleepy. It was ridiculous. It didn't help that Carley 2 kept doing the "oh rly" thing for hours. For any of you who don't know what the "oh rly owl" says it goes something a long the lines of this: Oh rly? Ya rly! No wai? Ya wai! Seriously? Seriously! Oh rly? No, not rly. You do that for a few hours and your head really starts to throb! And then I had people trying to look up my skirt whilst I was oging up the stairs. It didn't help the fact that I was wearing bootie shoots and that this skirt has bilt in shorts so i had a major atomic wedgie! I'm home now, and wanting to retreat to my coffin in the depths of my solitary room. I'm un-dead, I shouldn't be out before 6:00 pm! *Sticks her arms out in front of her and groans.* Must relieve atomic wedgie!


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