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Monday, April 3, 2006

Big-long-whopper-of-a-post-that-you-need-like-15-minutes-to-read-but-I-need-to-say-this-because-I-am-a-total-bum, Post.
Alright. I should have done this at the begining of the year but I was young and foolish and didn't care. I know what goes around comes around so if you don't visit anyone's sites, they won't come visit yours so you can't complain if your ratings are down and your friends won't talk to you anymore. As well you need to have something worthwhile to say. No one wants to listen to someone complain about absolute nothing, I know I don't. Unless you have a point, SAVE IT! Anyway I'm turning over a new leaf and I've started visting sites and posting worthwhile things on my own. If you want to come visit, GREAT! if you don't then that's alrifht too, just know that what goes around comes around and if you don't visit me, I may not visit you. It's just the way it works. I will visit you all as much as I can, promise. And I'll try to update my site everyday if possible so you have something interesting to read. So in a way, this post is both an explanation and an apology to all my MYO friends.

becauseof the new leaf that has just been turned over I have somethings you should note:
1) my posts will include things about my day, my life, my past, and all the people in it. Names to watch out for are:
i) Carley 1 ii) Carley 2 iii) Taylor 1 iiii) Taylor 2 iiiii) Keaton iiiiii) Marc iiiiiii) Jordan and a few others that will pop up periodically. Just so y'all aren't confused.
2)Also realise that I live in Canada so a few of the things I say or describe may seem a little off. All I can say is DAMN THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT!!!
3) I'll try to spice up my posts as much as possible. No one wants to read something that's totally boring!
4) With my new and exciting post, I won't just have comments on my day, but quote of the day, quiz result of the day, AMV of the day, song lyrics of the day, story of the day, etc.
5) I NEED NEW MANGA! I haven't read anything super great in ages. Give me some lists of your fav manga's/anime and I'll see if we have it in Canada and I'll dig into it. I NEED ENW MATERIAL!

That being said, I will begin my turning-over-a-new-leaf-ness.

Ciao babes!

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