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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Brain Turning into mush right about. . . NOW!
It's official! I HAVE NO LIFE! I'm on spring break rightnow and I have the rest of the week ahead of me to do whatever I want. Well The last few days I"ve been at my friend's house wuite a lot, 3 sleep-overs in 5 days. And well out of all the things we could go out and do, where are we?? Sitting on our butts infront of her computers! I"ve been on the computer for a bout 12 hours over the last two days!! The other times we pretty much ate, drank, and slept infront of the computer. If you work it all out, over the past 5 days, 2 and a half of those days were spent on the computer! We're on from whenever we all get to her house, to about when our eyes start to screw up and we're falling asleep at the keyboard! My brain has turned to mush! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
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