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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Disgusted. . .
I am completely and undieingly disgusted with myself. the day isn't even half over yet and it has taken a turn for the worse. This morining in first period we were told that we had to do a creative dance unit for gym. We were to get into groups of four and start immediately. I had my group together and we were discussing our ideas when we were asked to be accompanied by one girl who no one particularly likes. We declined and my best friend got thoroughly offened with us all. The girl we rejected has very little friends, is a bigger girl, is not the smartest or pretiest and has low self esteem. And I rejected her! i was in the eyes of my peers and my best friend and I took the side of my peers instead of what I knew was morally right. Now my best friend won't talk to me, her respect for has dropped and I have made her cry in the middle of class. This is coming from me, the person who helps peopel with their problems. it's what I live for. And I couldn't do a simple favor to my friend. Some friend I turned out to be huh? I would respect myself either, and I frankly don't respect myself at all. My friend will no longer talk to me, let alone look at me. All because my foolish prode took over and I disgraced myself in front of her. But when pride is lost, what are you left with. Your friends. And one of my best friends is so disgusted that she won't come with in three feet of me. What does that tell you?

. . . Four hours later. . .

GUESS WHAT!?! MY FRIEND FORGAVE ME! We went the enitre afternoon without looking at each other, and then today after school just as I'm about ot leave she comes up to me and she hugs me! We talked, sniffled a little and made up. She understands now and I understand. We're going to be okay and we're still on for our plans this weekend. THANK YOU GOD!
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BTW, all the drama happened in the middle of the day and I was in computers so I posted about it but the day wasn't over so I din't know if I would have something left to put. Now I do and I can blog up my post! ^_^

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