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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I'm begining to see a trend in how my days are going. Oh well, such is life. Anyway. Hey people, how was everyone's day? Well I hope yours was better than mine. It probably was by like ten-fold. We registered for highschool today and all the councillers came to help us register and to make sure we're not so stupid that we can't fill out a sheet so simple that the instrustions are right on the top and to make sure we're capable enough to choose our own options. Well it looks like I don't get to choose my own options anyway. I am entering the honors program for grade 10, it's the pre-internation baccalaureatte program and I was told be my health teacher that we could do partial honors courses so I designed my timetable to reflect the partial honors courses and then all of my options. I really wanted to take all the arts so i had Art and Design 10, Musical Theatre 15, Choral Music 10, and French 10. Well the couciller lady starts to help me with my sheet and tells me that I can't register for partial honors classes until grade 11 and so I had to bump up a few of my courses. No biggie right? WRONG!! Well because I had to be in the full honors program my options were laid out for me: Literature 35, Biology 20, and because the honors program requires you to take French 20 H and I didn't take French at all in junior high, I have to take two French classes because I need to be cought up for my second semester!!! So I have to live without a life next year and probably for the rest of my highschool life!!! The only option i got to keep was choral music because it takes place once a week after school! How much does that suck?!?!?! I mean honestly! I'm not even allowed to pick my own damned options!!!!! So my day sucked! How was yours??

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