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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Hey guys ^^.

Long time no talk huh??

Well,a lot has certainly happend.

I've missed you guys so much!!^^ I understand if any of you guys didn't,I haven't been visitin sites afterall.(Which I feel like the guiltiest person in the world for x.x)

On the good side of things,I never did get grounded.I worked like mad and still didn't get my grade up to par,so my awesome science teacher just took all my 0's out the grade book like they didn't matter.I really owe him for that ^^.I'm lucky to have such a nice guy as a Science teacher ^^.

But of course I have bad news.(When don't I??x.x)

I guess I've just had trouble keepin myself together,it's kinda hard to explain...

Example: Yesterday-->Forgot to take almost everything to school,drifted off in all my classes,etc.

Today-->Got eliminated almost immediately in World Cup Soccer Game this morning (I have an overcompetitive problem,so it drove me nuts).Pulled a leg muscle,got my CD Player taken away,and still drifted off in class.

I guess all I can really say is,I have to try and find myself again.That's why I haven't been on in so long.I've been trying to reconnect with myself,because I spend so much time helpin others or something else-I guess I lost myself in all of that.It shouldn't be long before I can get myself back,but until I do,I guess I gotta keep searchin.

In the meantime:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes I know,it seemed like I already was on hiatus.But it seems like the best thing to do right now.I'm obviously out of touch with reality right now,so I think it'd be best to distance myself for the time being.It won't be too,too long,just until I can get my life back in order.

If you must contact me (cause I'll still check my mail and such),you can contact me by email (sweetypie369@hotmail.com),Gaia Online (Fruity Pancakes),or Neopets (stewiepower).

Be good while I'm gone guys!!^^


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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Good and the Bad

Hey guys ^^.Things have actually been goin better lately,and to help me post this month,please welcome,Daisuke Niwa!!^^

Daisuke:Hello there ^^

Dark:Ooooo a pretty lady....*tries to get out*

Daisuke:Hey!!We agreed that you can talk to the pretty lady after the post!!>.>

Oh...well...*is scarlet red*

*Daisuke and Dark start fighting*

---------Few Minutes Later---------

Ok,go on Daisuke ^^.

Daisuke:*has a big,red hand imprint on face*For the good news,Kaitlyn's risen her Science grade up by 21 points!!^^

*throws confetti around* ^^

Though...we have some bad news...

*Dark comes out*

Dark:Before I get onto the bad news...would you maybe uh.....like to go out later??

*squeals,then faints*

Dark:*laughs*Anyways,I'm sure some of you know about that other hurricane,Ophelia.(or however you spell it)Well,Kaitlyn is in South Carolina,part of the hurricane's projected path.And earlier,it's target.But the storm is starting to move north,though you can never be sure with a tropical storm.Either way,Kaitlyn's area (Berkeley County)is expected to get part of the storm that'll most likely knock the power out for 1 or 2 days.So she apologizes,but when the storm hits,sites will not be visited due to no power.But,she'll probably miss school!!^^

*is awake again*I still gotta raise my Science grade up more too,wish me luck!!^^

Dark:Ta ta!!^^

Daisuke:See ya!!^^

Dark,Daisuke,and Kaitlyn

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Saturday, September 3, 2005


Well before we do anything,it's time to say goodbye to our beloved Bankotsu....

Bankotsu:I hate leaving....I mean everyone here is so nice...

Don't worry Bankotsu,you can come visit anytime,besides,I'm keeping that huge Club Banner up,you'll always be on our minds ^^.

Bankotsu:Thanks for havin me here Kaitlyn ^^.And thank you guys for a fun time in this era ^^. *hugs everyone* See ya!!^^ *jumps into the Bone Eating Well*

He's the greatest ^^.Lemme know if ya want another special guest for this month's theme or not alright guys??

Anyways I'm afraid I must inform you all of some unfortunate news:

I'm not doing very well in school,and many other problems are arising outside of school.And because of such a low class grade in Physical Science, (that I won't be able to rise up by next Friday)I'm most certain that I'll be grounded from the computer till further notice.

I completely understand if you wish to take me off your friends list.I have a hard time gettin to sites as is,and I won't be able to when I'm grounded,so I won't stop any of you from removing me.

I only hope that the time I am grounded will help me to solve my problems in and out of school,and give me a break from this stress that I've had for a while.

I will get to sites until next Friday,but it'll still only be half of the list....I apologize.There's no point in tellin you about my week,most of it was bad anyways.

I'll try to get to sites soon,but I have to go out and run some aruns now,please forgive me....


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Saturday, August 27, 2005


height="0" colspan="112">

*is runnin around everywhere*

Bankotsu:Kaitlyn's a bit busy getting ready for her aunts wedding today,so looks like I'll be doing all the talking again ^^.

Ooooooo!!But guess what??!!^^ ^^ ^^

Bankotsu:*rolls a drum* ^^

AARON CARTER TOUCHED MY RIGHT HAND!!^^ ^^ ^^ *squeals a million times*

Bankotsu:It's true,she pushed herself to the front row and actually felt his hand ^^.

It felt like heaven.....*glittery eyes* -^^-

Bankotsu:Anyways Kaitlyn wrote me another letter,so I'll read it. Here we go:

Monday-Ranted to everyone about the Aaron concert!!^^ ^^ ^^ Rest of day was good ^^.

Tuesday-Ran a mile in Track,legs were killin me afterwards.Time it took to run mile-12 minutes and 43 seconds ^^.

Wednesday-Could barely walk,legs feel like jello x.x.....But day was good ^^.

Thursday-Wobbled the whole day instead of walkin >.> Got a lot of work,but I survived!!^^

Friday-Legs are much better!!^^(but still a bit sore) Mel went home in Physical Science cause she felt naucious after runnin the mile.But she missed alota work lol.Watched Monsters Inc. to end the day ^^.

I stayed at my dad's place too,it was pretty awesome ^^.We had pizza and all that ^^.

Bankotsu:Well we gotta go and get ready for the wedding,so we'll visit sites a bit later!!Sorry we couldn't get to sites yesterday,we were busy then too.But sites will be visited today!!^^

Bankotsu:Oh!!And sorry we've been forgetting!!

Random Fact:By feeding hens certain dyes they can be made to lay eggs with varicolored yolks. (I want a lavender one!!^^)

See you guys later!!^^

Kaitlyn and Bankotsu

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

   another weeka school...

Bankotsu:Guess who's feelin better??^^

Hey guys ^^,and ya I am feelin better.But guess what??^^ My bro JZ is
postin this up for me,by the time this is put up,I'll be on my way to
Myrtle Beach to see Aaron Carter in concert!!^^

Bankotsu:But she won't be able to get to sites,she apologizes.

But I will on Sunday and such,so don't worry ^^.

Bankotsu:Well Kaitlyn wrote me another note for each day,so I'll read
it off.Here goes ^^:

Monday-Still felt bad,but had rest over the weekend,so I managed to
stay away from the nurse.But I got called up to the Guidance Conselour
for some kinda shedule change.She wanted me to get outta Gym,but I
refused.I signed up for Track to run,and that's what Im'll do,sick or not.

Tuesday-Managed to get a doctors appointment at last!!Got a free day offa
school,but it was just what I needed ^^.Got some Zyrtec for my stomach pain
and to help me get to sleep a bit faster,and it helps alot ^^.I also got
blood drawn and all that,it was awesome!!^^

Wednesday-My first good day!!^^ I was actually able to stretch and exercise in Gym
and I felt like I could run a million miles ^^.Thank you Zyrtec!!^^

Thursday-Felt good ^^.But it was scorching hot outside,the kinda heat that
makes your clothes stick lol.It was also an Early Dismissal day,so I got
out at 1:20,I went home,watched some D.N. Angel,and took a nap!!^^

Friday-Got hit with a few tests,I think I bombed one or two of em.But hey,
I haven't had the easiest week,so I guess it was to be expected lol.
I also found out we start runnin in Track Monday,I'm so excited!!^^

Bankotsu:*takes deep breath from talking for so long*

Oh cmon it wasn't that long was it?? *reads it over*

Bankotsu:Well Kaitlyn wishes you all a good weekend!!^^

Sure do,see ya all again on Sunday!!^^


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