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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Good and the Bad
Hey guys ^^.Things have actually been goin better lately,and to help me post this month,please welcome,Daisuke Niwa!!^^

Daisuke:Hello there ^^

Dark:Ooooo a pretty lady....*tries to get out*

Daisuke:Hey!!We agreed that you can talk to the pretty lady after the post!!>.>

Oh...well...*is scarlet red*

*Daisuke and Dark start fighting*

---------Few Minutes Later---------

Ok,go on Daisuke ^^.

Daisuke:*has a big,red hand imprint on face*For the good news,Kaitlyn's risen her Science grade up by 21 points!!^^

*throws confetti around* ^^

Though...we have some bad news...

*Dark comes out*

Dark:Before I get onto the bad news...would you maybe uh.....like to go out later??

*squeals,then faints*

Dark:*laughs*Anyways,I'm sure some of you know about that other hurricane,Ophelia.(or however you spell it)Well,Kaitlyn is in South Carolina,part of the hurricane's projected path.And earlier,it's target.But the storm is starting to move north,though you can never be sure with a tropical storm.Either way,Kaitlyn's area (Berkeley County)is expected to get part of the storm that'll most likely knock the power out for 1 or 2 days.So she apologizes,but when the storm hits,sites will not be visited due to no power.But,she'll probably miss school!!^^

*is awake again*I still gotta raise my Science grade up more too,wish me luck!!^^

Dark:Ta ta!!^^

Daisuke:See ya!!^^

Dark,Daisuke,and Kaitlyn

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