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Saturday, August 20, 2005

   another weeka school...

Bankotsu:Guess who's feelin better??^^

Hey guys ^^,and ya I am feelin better.But guess what??^^ My bro JZ is
postin this up for me,by the time this is put up,I'll be on my way to
Myrtle Beach to see Aaron Carter in concert!!^^

Bankotsu:But she won't be able to get to sites,she apologizes.

But I will on Sunday and such,so don't worry ^^.

Bankotsu:Well Kaitlyn wrote me another note for each day,so I'll read
it off.Here goes ^^:

Monday-Still felt bad,but had rest over the weekend,so I managed to
stay away from the nurse.But I got called up to the Guidance Conselour
for some kinda shedule change.She wanted me to get outta Gym,but I
refused.I signed up for Track to run,and that's what Im'll do,sick or not.

Tuesday-Managed to get a doctors appointment at last!!Got a free day offa
school,but it was just what I needed ^^.Got some Zyrtec for my stomach pain
and to help me get to sleep a bit faster,and it helps alot ^^.I also got
blood drawn and all that,it was awesome!!^^

Wednesday-My first good day!!^^ I was actually able to stretch and exercise in Gym
and I felt like I could run a million miles ^^.Thank you Zyrtec!!^^

Thursday-Felt good ^^.But it was scorching hot outside,the kinda heat that
makes your clothes stick lol.It was also an Early Dismissal day,so I got
out at 1:20,I went home,watched some D.N. Angel,and took a nap!!^^

Friday-Got hit with a few tests,I think I bombed one or two of em.But hey,
I haven't had the easiest week,so I guess it was to be expected lol.
I also found out we start runnin in Track Monday,I'm so excited!!^^

Bankotsu:*takes deep breath from talking for so long*

Oh cmon it wasn't that long was it?? *reads it over*

Bankotsu:Well Kaitlyn wishes you all a good weekend!!^^

Sure do,see ya all again on Sunday!!^^


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